Friday, November 30, 2012

People are Awesome

Check out this amazing video of the Earth and people who call it home. As the title suggests, people are amazing and this video proves that. Watch the video and be in awe, but not of what you see, but because that could be you. What is stopping you from being awesome? What is stopping you from being amazing? Nothing. Your whole life is in front of you. Learn, improve, and strive to be awesome and maybe one day you will be in a YouTube video called "People are Awesome."


9jordynns said...

oh my gosh this is so awesome!

3 Jacob R said...

Amazing. How do they do that.

9SydneyR said...

I never thought it would be this awesome! :) I love the stars in the sky at the beginning, and somewhere in the middle! Hey the pig on angry birds! hehe! People ARE awesome! cannonball! This sport stuff is sooooooo cool! I can't describe how awesome it is! Wow, us humans, can be risky. I mean very risky! I'd never do risks like this! Or fall off a cliff! I'd be scared to death!