Tuesday, February 12, 2013

An Interview with a Mythology Character

This week you will be interviewing the Greek Mythology character you chose. This interview will be made up by you. The interview will be between you and your Greek mythology character. One question you might have is, "What is the interview about?" Well, think of it as more of a conversation between you and whoever you are. Ask them questions, have dialogue, talk about their symbol, job, story, etc. This task is going to help us with our writing skills, thinking skills, and creativity. So, have fun and be creative! Try to come up with a humorous/interesting interview. Pretend your 'audience' knows nothing about your character and this is your chance to teach them. There should be information in your interview about your character, so at the end, the reader will have learned something. 

Task: Create and write an interview between you and your greek mythology character. 
Details: In your interview, you should talk about your characters symbol, job, and at least 1 other thing about them. 
DUE DATE: February 19th, 2013. Midnight. 
Points: 20

Me: "Hi! What's your name?"
Artemis: "Hello sir. My name is Artemis."
Me: "Wow! That's a cool name. My name is Dan."
Artemis: "Wow, that's a plain name."
Me: "That's not very nice. Plus, it has three versions: Dan, Danny, and Daniel. So there."

Artemis: "Whatever."
Me: "Why do you have that silver bow?"
Artemis: "Well, I am the goddess of the hunt and moon. So I take my special bow with me at all times."
Me: "It kinda looks like the silver bow Katniss Everdeen uses in the Hunger Games."
Artemis: "Katniss who?"
Me: "Katniss Everdeen. From Hunger Games. She's way cooler than you."
(Artemis draws back arrow with bow right at me)
Me: "Hey now!!! Wait!!! What are you doing???"
(Artemis pulls back arrow further...)
Me: "Okay, okay!! Stop!! You are cooler than Katniss! Way cooler!!"
Artemis: "That's what I thought, you weak mortal."
Me: "So, do you have any siblings?"
Artemis: "Yes, I actually have a twin. His name is Apollo."

Me: "Oh, that's cool. Good for you. Well, I gotta go. Bye."
Artemis: "Ok. Whatever. Bye."

(As I'm running away): Me: "Katniss is actually cooler!!!!!"
(Artemis zings an arrow at me and barely misses)


Trey r said...

me: So what are you?
Hydra: Roar.
me: Do you have a name?
Hydra: Roar.
me: Is that all you can say?
Hydra: ROAR.
me: i don't like your tone. (while taking out a sword and chopping off one of the hydra's heads.)
Hydra: ROOOOOOAAAAAAAARRRRRRR!!! (while two new heads grow back.)
me: well it was nice meeting you and all but I have to run.

6ashley a said...

me hello what god are you
hera i am the god of child birth and wife of zues
me well what simbol is yours
hera my simbol is the pecoke
me what is your husbands name
hera zues
me what god is he
hera he is the god of the gos
me cool
hera thanks
me so how many kid did you have
hera i had 3 ares hebe etheithyia hephaestus
me that is alot
hera well i am the god of child birth
me how do you feel that your husband was the powerful god
hera great
me well got anything to say
hera my sweet zues is calleing me bye
me well bye then

4CierrahT said...

Me: "AGHHGHGH! It's so hot over here! And I'm in Antarctica even!
Apollo: "Of course it's hot here, im here.
Me: "O_O.... *silence*
Apollo: "Well, I am the God of the sun... Of course im hot in both ways!"
Me: "What else is so good about you?"
Apollo: "Hmm...I shouldn't have to think so hard about this! My sister is Artimis..." *Half smiles*
Me: "Like that is so great?"
Apollo: "Atleast im hotter than you!"
Me: :(
Apollo: "I didn't mean it that way, oh gosh I better leave, might as well just shoot myself with my silver bow"

6kendra k said...

Me:Hi I am going to have a game today I am going to have to guess who this is.
cerberus:Hello I am the contestante.
Me:Who is this?
Cerberus:I cant tell you or that will be defeting the point of the game.
Me:Ok what do you do?
Cerberus:I gaurd the underworld.
Me:Are you a pet?
Cerberus:I am hates pet.
Me:What do you look like?
Cerberus:I have 3 heads, I am black, sharp teth, and 2 tails.
Me:Are you a monster creature?
Me:Can I take a guess now?
Cerberus:Of course you can.
Me:Are you a cerberus?
Cerberus:Yes I am. How did you guess that?
Me:I ask importent questions.
Cerberus:well thanl you so muxh for having me and I hope to be here agian.
Me:Bye go protect that underworld.

8samk said...

me:sup whats your name? posiden:My name is posiden. me:cool what are you leaning on? posiden:my symble of power THE TRIDENT. me cool can I try it out. posiden: of course not im not cruel. me: what? posiden: if a mortal touches my trident they slowly turn to dust. me: ouch.

3Marlie T said...

Me: Hi, my name is Marlie. It is nice to meet you!
Hera: Hello, my name is Hera and it is nice to meet you too!
Me: Well, I heard that you are a goddess.
Hera: Yes, I am!
Me: Well, if you wouldn't mind then I would like to ask you a few questions.
Hera: Yes, that would be fine.
Me: Ok the first question is Your symbol.
Hera: Well, I have 3 and they are the cuckoo bird, peacock, and the pomegranate.
Me: That is very interesting!
Hera: Yes, but I was also wondering what your job is.
Hera: Well, I am the protector of marriage and take special care of married women.
Me: I was also wondering about your family.
Hera: Yes, of course, Well my brother is Zeus and he is also my husband.
Me: You got married to your husband! Who does that!
Hera: Well, doesn't everyone?
Me: NO!
Hera: O yes you are not from Olympia! That is why you are freaking out!
Me: Yes I am and here it is not ok to marry your brother.
Hera: Yes well is there any more questions that you would like to ask me?
Me: Nope, I think that we are do here.
Hera: Ok well it was nice meeting you!
Me: Yes it was a pleasure! I hope to see you again soon!
Hera: Yes you too!

4jenessa s said...

Jenessa hi who am i talking to
zuesthis zues i am the ruler of the god
jenessa o soo are you kinda likea king
zues a what is that
jenessa it is a person that kinda bosses people around
zues a kinda
jenessa soo what do you do in your life
zues i do ummmmmmmm...... i help peaple with their jobs what about you
jenessa o i get to go to school and learn about stuff
zues o that sounds way more fun then what i do
jenessa actually it is not most of the time you just sit there and listen like in science we did a project and i had to sit there in listen to the other peaple
zues o that does not sound fun i would rther do my job then just sit there and lister
jenessa well ibetter go and work on my homewrok maybe we can talk later
zues okay bye

8NevaehM said...

Me: Hi.
Eros: Hi, I'm Eros, son of Aphrodite.
Me: I used to have a friend named Aphrodite!
Eros: Really???
Me: No, I lied.
Eros: I might just shoot you with my arrows for being so mean!
Me: Well, can you blame me? You're the "god" of love.
Eros: I'm still going to shoot you.
Me: With an arrow?
Eros: It is my symbol.
Me: Well...
(I run away.)

8colep said...

Hi my name is cole.
Cyclops Hi young man my name is Cyclops.
Me that's a great name and I'm not a young man
Cyclops ha ha what ever you say.
Me by the way that's a awesome name.
Cyclops yours is not to bad either.
Me so I see you only have one eye.
Cyclops I was born with it.
Me I see.
Me I heard you uses to carry a fork.
Cyclops It is not a fork it is a weapon called trident.I gave it to poseidon why you want to now any ways.
Me Im just saying grouchy
Cyclops No one calls me grouchy.
Me I didn't mean to say that sorry .
Cyclops better be.
Me do you cause volcanoes.
Cyclops yes we do.
Me Do you think or really strong and beat everyone hear.
Cyclops Yes I can beat everyone hear.
Me I beat you can't beat Zeus.
Cyclops Yes I can try me.
Me forget it I won't.
Cyclops Ya I thought so.
Me while he was laughing I walked quick I said I have to leave .While I walked away I sayed fast I don't think he can beat Zeus.

6Jackson F said...

Me: Who on earth are you
posiedon: im posidon the god of the sea
Me: thats cool
Poseidon: Yeah im also zues's brother
Me: I never knew that
Me: are you maried thats sorta of a weird question
poseidon: yeah her name is Amphitrite
me: thats nice you are kinda of ugly though
Poseidon: what did you say you little squirt
me: you heard me
(he grabbed out his trident and got me good im in the hospitol right now writing this blog post0

8cade p said...

me hi how are you doing
cronus i ate my children
me that is gross
cronus shutup you would not know how it would feel to eat all your children so they would not kill me
me well you will die anyway so wat are your childrens name
cronus zues hades poisden and thats all i know
me zues he is famous i heard he killed you
cronus no
me yes
cronus no
me yes{creonus took a lightnig bolt and threw it at me i doged it and therw a rock at his head it hit his eye}
cronus owe kidding i felel no pain
me {itake a featheer and brush it against his leg
cronus owe owe owe owe woe woe stop it that hurts.
me what a baby no wonder his job was a ruler he is a wimp.

8AlexT said...

Me: What are you?
Hydra: I'm a dragon.
Me: Why do you have so many heads?
Hydra: Why do you only haave one head?!?
Me: Good point.
Hydra: I am half maiden and half serpent.
Me: Cool, what is your symbol?
Hydra: It's a dragon with many heads, what did you think it was going to be a twinky.
Me: No.
Hydra: Now get away from here before I eat you!

8Hailey B said...

me: hello whats your name
Athena: my name is Athena
me: whats your symbol
Athena:the owl
me:whats your favorite city
Athena:Athens they named it after me
me:what goddess are you
Athena:handicrafts and agriculture
me:who is your dad and mom
Athena:Zeus and Hera
me:whats your job
Athena:watching over the Athens
me:are you anybodies favorite in the family
Athena:yes I am my dads favorite daughter
me:is there anything else you would like to tell us
Athena:no I am past my curfew I have to go or my dads going to kill me no literally.

9Amanda W said...

Me: Hey, what is your name?
Hestia: I am Hestia.
Me: Cool what are you?
Hestia: I am a god.
Me: What are you the god of?
Hestia: I am the god of the hearth.
Me: Ok, who are you related to.
Hestia: I am Zeus's sister.
Me: Really, because I don't think he talks about you much.
Hestia: I think he talks about me a lot.
Me: Not many people have heard of you so he must not talk about you.
Hestia: I got to go change that. Bye.
ME: Bye.

6RileyO said...

Me: Hello What's your name sir?
perseus:My name is Perseus young sir
Me: are you a god
perseus:no i am a demigod iam also a slayer of beast or monsters
Me: wow thats cool
perseus: Cool? What is this word is it a new language?
Me: No nevermind. So what Monsters did you kill?
perseus: I killed many monsters i can name some they where medusa, and other monster.
Me: Well i got to go bye

3madisonm said...

Me: so who are u
Aphrodite: I am the goddess of love and of course desire of beauty as u can tell.
Me: ok so who r u married to then.
Aphrodite: Hepatheus the ugliest god
Me: so then what god or goddess is ur son or daughter
Aphrodite; Eros who is just mostly Cupid
Me: what r ur symbols then
Aphrodite: I have a couple my birds are the dove,swan and my tree is the myrtle tree
Me:ok I got it now I have one More question.....
Aphrodite: sorry not right now so please get away before I make u desire me with my magical girdle ok
Me: ok sorry bye

9SydneyR said...

Me: Wow! Am I dreaming? Or are you a flying horse? My little sisters would DIE to have some horse like yourself!

Pegasus: Thanks, I'm a Pegasus. I don't think I want to be treated like a toy. I would surely become angry.

Me: I agree, I've heard of a Pegasus, how come your called a monster child? Your so majestic! Greek mythology does have such mysteries, but still.

Pegasus: That is because I am the offspring of Medusa and Poseidon, Bellerophon tamed me but as he flew me to Mt. Olympus, it was a big mistake, Zeus struck him and you could say, he died. Zeus took over and now I serve for him by carrying his thunderbolts.

Me: That sounds like slave work. But I guess you have wings and that it can't be that bad. What's your symbol?

Pegasus: Well, I can name quite a few, such as inspiration, for inverting evil to good, energy of the mind, and some symbol me as the symbol of strength, lust, and even virility.

Me: Wow, you are well known.

Pegasus: Thanks.

Me: So, anything interesting besides that you're a monster.

Pegasus: Hey! I can't help I'm a monster! I'm going to get you for this.

Me: Uh oh, not on my watch! I'm going to run! Ah!

(Pegasus chases me everywhere)

Me: Help! There's a monst... I mean, Pegasus chasing me! I don't think they believe me! I'm sorry Pegasus! Calm down!

(Pegasus stops.)

Me: Just to let you know you are technically a monster.

Pegasus: Oh! Right. Sometimes I have short term memory loss.

Me: You sound just like Dorothy on Nemo. Greek mythology is so unnatural!

Pegasus: No. Because I'm in Greek mythology! Now, what were we doing? Besides fighting.

Me: (sigh) Never mind. Well Bye!

Pegasus: Bye! I wonder WHAT we were talking about.

(Pegasus keeps walking, and I turn around towards her)

Me: Hey Pegasus! Did you know I loooooooooooooooooooove unicorns better than you!

Pegasus: (Pegasus turns red with anger) What did you just say??!!

Me: Uh..... NOTHING! Except, unicorns are better! Pegasus' aren't! Gotta go bye!

(Pegasus charges after me again, and I run out of her sight, while Pegasus tosses one of Zeus' thunderbolts at me, causing it to explode and I fly in the air)

Me: I'm a better flyer than you!

(flop I'm on the ground.)

Pegasus: How weak.
( We both walk away.)

6 Mallory P. said...

me: Hi, Artemis
Artemis: Hello
Me: soo, whod you bring with you.
Artemis: Just my dumb brother, just ignore him.
me:oh ok so why do you have a now kinda scary!
Artemis:oh! sorry!!! (puts it down)
Im the goddess of hunt and moon, all the wildlfe is scared of me, exspecially deer!
me: so what are uour parents like?
Artemis: well...my dads a boss,his name is Zeus, My moms name is Leto.
Me: whats so great aboyt your dad?
Artemis: Hes only the supreme ruler of the gods.
Me:Oh...well...gotta go...Bye.
Artemis: bye

3Colleen R said...

Me: Hey, what’s your name?
Hestia: I am Hestia.
Me: Who are you related to?
Hestia: I am Zeus's sister.
Me: Really, because I don't think he talks about you much.
Me: Not many people have heard of you so he must not talk about you much.
Hestia: I think he talks about me a lot.
Me: Are you a god or a goddess?
Hestia: I am a goddess.
Me: What are you the goddess of?
Hestia: I am the goddess of the hearth.
Me: Cool.
Hestia: I have to go change that he should talk about me more. Bye.
Me: Bye.

3carter o said...

me "hello my name is carter i will be interviewing you today ."
zeus " sounds good."
me " first question, when you were born were you taken to some island so your father would not eat you?"
zeus " yes that is true, your in sixth grade right?"
me" ya why".
zeus" because you look like your a little young to be an interviewer."
me" yes, yes i am."
me" who was your father?"
zeus " my fathers name was Cronus. he ate all of me siblings because he was afraid that they would overrule him and take over, but my mom fooled him when i was born."
me" that is all that i needed. THANK YOU ZEUS.''
zeus " you bet pal any time."

9Rachel D said...

Me: Hi! Whats your name?
Rhea: I'm Rhea, Cronus' wife.
Me: That cool. Do you have a symbol?
Rhea: Yes, my symbols are the lighted torch, brass drum, and double ax.
Me: What is your sacred animal?
Rhea: The loin is my sacred animal.
Me: Why are you so important?
Rhea: I was mad at Cronus for swallowing all of my children, so when he was about to swallow Zeus, I gave him a rock instead.
Me:... Why did he want to swallow all of his kids?
Rhea: He saw a prophecy that one of his kids would overthrow him as ruler.
Me: That's a little weird... got to go finish my other homework now, Bye!!
Rhea: Bye!

4Rose K said...

Me: How is life in the underworld?
Persephone: It's terrible!
Me: How is Hades?
Persephone: He's really creepy! He's got this whole Mick Jagger look going on now! It's so weird!
Me: So... Did he really force you to marry him and live in the underworld?
Persephone: Yes!! Isnt that just cruel?!
Me: Very! What's your symbol?
Persephone: It's more of a sacred hint... It's the mint and the pomegrante! Don't you read Greek mythology!? You should know this!
Me: Sorry, just trying to make a nice conversation. Gotta go now, bye!

3 jared c said...

Me I whats your name
Hydra you idiot Im hydra
Me hay no so how many siblings do you have.
Hydra Roar 7 I kell you
Me do you think mr.Klumpers cool.
Hydra no
Me what? he is awsome
Hydra no he isit shut up
me so what up with your heads
Hydra if someone chops off my head it grows backs dont you know that
Me ok mr.klumpers way cooler than you.Hydra get back here you idiot
Me why im an idiot
Hydra no Mr.klumper is
Me no he is not Im running Mr.klumper if your hereing this your the best theacher ever!!!!!!
Hydra Im dying
Me I dont care.

3raymondg said...

Me:hi what is your name?
Hades:Im Hades the god of the underworld.
me:Im the god of my video game world.(way cooler)
Hades:Wooop de do.
Me:Well your nice,I've heard you kidnapped your wife and forced her to marry you.
Hades:I'm going to leave now
Me:Yeah.I thought you never leave the underworld.
Hades:So do I.
Me:Can I come?
Hades:NO! Only if I can kill you, because only the dead can came into my inner santum.
Me:I'm going to leave now
Hades:It's about time
(then he vanishs when he puts his magic crown on)

3 Julia A. said...

me: wow!! who are you?
dionysus: my name is dionysus.
me: oh.... thats a really weird name.
dionysus: um.... thanks i guess...?
me: hey arent you the god of wine?
dionysus: yeah i am how did you know?
me: i guess im just that smart...
well in school we are learning about all of these really cool gods and goddess its really fun.
dionysus: oh ok! so i bet you have learned about mt dad Zeus.
me: yes! we have learned about you dad zeus. and we also know that your mom is semele!
dionysus: yes! she is my mom.
me: ok so do you your parents are mortal right?
dionysus: yes! wow you know alot about me and my parnets what else do you know about me?
me:well i know that you can bring a dead person out of the underworld.
dionysus: yes! i can. ok well i have to go get someone out of the underworld so i will talk to you later. bye!

3Nicole H. said...

me: hey Demeter thanks for helping me grow my crops and harvets them.
Demeter: No problem, as you know, I'm the godess of corn, grain, and harvests.
me: you sure are. So tell me some other facts about yourself.
Demeter: well every year, the first loaf of bread is sacraficed to me.
me: WOW, that really cool and weird, but cool
Demeter: thank you
me: your welcome
Demter: OH, I am also the godess of Earth, ferility in general, and agiculture.
me: thats very interesting
Demeter: Also, i sacred to me are livestock and agriculture products, poppy, marcissus and the crane. Thats all I can tell you right now, so BYE!!
me: thank you for telling me more about you Demeter!!
Demeter: your welcome!! See you later.
me: bye!!

Kyarra W. said...

Me: hey who are you? Athena: I'm Athena the wise who are you? Me: i'm Kiyarra the student i really like your bird the owl.

3 Jacob R said...

Me: "What's your name?"

Hephaestus: "My name Hephaestus. what's yours?"

Me: "My name is Jacob."

Hephaestus: "lucky, you have the most popular boy name."

Me: "So, your name is 10 letters long and it sounds cool. Hey how come you are sitting in a chair and you havent moved in this conversation yet. Wow I haven't got good look yet but woof your ugly."

Hephaestus: "It sucks. I am the only god to lame and ugly. Why did it have to be me?"
Me: "what kind of lame are you talking about?"

Hephaestus: "I cannot walk."

Me: "Hey, now I remmeber. I read about you in Social Studies."

Hephaestus: " Social what?"

Me: "Social Studies. It's a clas that I take in sixth grade and how come your so down in the dumps? Your married to Aphrodite, the most beautiful goddess in greece."

Hephaestus: "Yeah, that's about the only thing good in my life."

Me: "Well if you make me a replica of Posiedon's trident I'll give you 1,000 greece dollars.

Hephaestus: "Deal!"

Me "See ya."

4Zach I said...

Me: Hello, what would be your name uhhh, one eyed creature
Cyclopes: Cyclopes.
Me: uhh nice to meet you cyclopes... whos a cyclopes...
Well what have you done in your life?
Cyclopes: I help zues.
Me: Help him how?
Cyclopes: Help him defeat Cronus, a titan.
Me: Ay thing else you would like to add uhhh whats your name again?
Cyclopes: Cyclopes...
Me: Uhh yeah anything else you'd like to add?
Cyclopes: Zues get lightning from me.
Me: thats kind of cool...
Cyclops: You call me boring little person?
Me: maybe...
Cyclopes: I CRUSH YOU
Me: that all the time we have today gotta go! Ahhhhhh!

4maryn d said...

me: what is your name
Hstia: my name is Hstia
me: nice to met you Hestia tell me one thing anbout yourself
Hestia: I am Zeus's sister
me: ok what are you the goddess of?
Hestia: i am the goddess of the hearth
me: okay tell me one more thing about you
Hestia: i don't have a distinct personality
me: okay thank you that is all i need you can leave now

4Dylan P. said...

me:hi whats your name.
Cerberus:my name is Cerberus.
me:what is your job.
Cerberus:I protect the under world.
me:wow that's pretty cool.
Cerberus:it's not very fun.
me:so are you a monster.
Cerberus:yes I am a monster.
me: I knew that because I've learned about you.
Cerberus:well i'm a three headed dog.
me:that's pretty cool.

4Ethan T said...

Me: hey thats an awesome statue you got there.

Medusa: It's not a statue it is a person who is now stone you nitwit.

Me: okay sorry I thought you were an artist or something.

Medusa: (scoff)

Me: nice hair dy, green looks good on you.
(Medusa turns around)

Medusa: you really think so?
(her snakes try to bite me)

Me: whats with the snakes?

Medusa: I am a Gorgon I was born with them.

Me: don't they get annoying.

Medusa: nope because they help me scare babies like you.
(trying to get off the topic)
Me: What were you doing with that body.

Medusa: long story short he looked me in the eyes so I turned him into stone.

Me: well I am gonna go now, bye

4TyJonD said...

me: hi my name is TyJon.
Rhea: hi TyJon.
Me: I have heard so much about you.
Rhea: what have you heard about me?
Me: I have heard that you got married to Cronus the childed exterminator.
Rhea: that is right I did get married and he did eat my kids, but did you know that tricked him into eating a rock instead of my son?
Me: no, I did not know that!
Zeus: Im right here dad and you are going down.

4carterl said...

Anouncer: Hello and welcome to interview with a god

Dionysus: Marvelous would you like some wine?

Me: No Im under 21

Dionysus: Pff When I was a boy kids mariied at 14 now they cant even drink wine.

Me:Sorry but They changed it to 21,
So Dionysus do you have any special powers?

Dionysus:Yes indeed I do, I have the power to make people go insane...kind of like wine

Me: Wow thats awesome, will you show me?

Dionysus: No Im sorry, my father Zeus prevented us to showing are powers to weak mortals.

Me: Yeah I can go get security>

Dionysus: No No lets just set down and have some wine.

Me: I said No and No means No.

Dionysus:Fine ......how about now?

Me: Whats with you and wine?

Dionyus: I created wine, Im the god of wine, even my symbol is a wine cup.

Me: So your eally not that special?

Dionysus: How dare you I am one of the few Gods and Godesses who went to the Under world and brought someone back!

Me: Who did you bring back ...Your Mama

Dionyus: Why yes I did and I will smite with one swipe of my staff

Me: is it bow staff like the ones in ancient china?

Dionysus: You mortals disgust Me

4KevinH said...

Me hi do yo live under the sea
Poseidon yes i do in atlantis
Me can i sea your house
Poseidon sure but how are u going to brethe
Me ive got a plan
Poseidon what?
Me lets go scuba diving
Poseidon here we are Hold it dont kill him he's a guest
Me this place is awesome BBBBBBBBB!
Me i need to go up im running out of air !BBBBBBBBYYYYYEEEEE!

4kylak said...

me:what are u
pegasus: a pegasus duh
me: OMG i met a real pegasus
me: (*faint*)
Pegasus: wake up WAKE UP WAKE UP!!!!!!!!
me: are you really a ill fated mating of medusas and posiedon?
pegasus: yes are u a litte young to be doing a interview
me yes yes i am
pegasus oh okay
me what is your special powers?
pegasus: i carry zueses lightning bolts
me neat
pegasus yeah
me 1 more questin what is your symol
pegasus oh that a hard one to explain it a upsidown l with a line going right out of it it gets a lot more complacated so BYE
me awww that pegasus was really neat i forgot to get its phone number!

4tristans said...

me:why am i going so fast!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hermes:i am the fastest of all the gods and i am the messenger of zeus i also am the god of commerce and stealing. i also guide people to the underworld.me: but i thought you were on zeus side and not on hades side. hermes: i am kind of on both sides i help other gods go to the underworld and i bring messages to zeus. me: i did not know that i also have another question to ask you how fast can you run and how do you run so fast?! hermes: 1 i dont know how fast i can run but i can run pretty fast. i also have this magic wand and a winged hat and shoes that also have wings on them. me: can i try on those things? hermes: no now i have to take you to the under world. me: why? hermes: zeus can not see a human nor can medusa she is around here somewhere. me: how can you tell? hermes: i must go take you somewhere else. me: is that her!? hermes: yes ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!me: seeya later!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4amanda l said...

me:who are you?
hera:im hera i help with marriges
me:so you plan them?
hera:no i just help families get back together.
me:so you dont have any cool powers besides that
hera:its inportant because dont you want all families to stay with each other
me:i guess.oh i wanted to ask you what your favorite animals are.
hera:the cow and a peokock.
me:really why well my favorite animal is a dog.
hera:oh i hate dogs.
me:why are you to scared.
hera:NO its just because
me:fine well i have to go nice meeting you.

4peytond said...

peyton: hay centaur my name is peyton

centaur:hi but i'm not to talk but bomb bad chief can speak to you if you want.

Peyton: okay that's fine but what is your job

Centaur:well my job is to send messages through out our tribe the other jobs are fishing, hunting and WAR!!!! we start wars with every one even you!
Peyton: WOW!! but are goin to war with me? right now?!
Centaur: no no its only if you tick us off now for you meet chief you ready?
Peyton: ya sure send him in!
ME THINKING: Man this is so cool but scary at the same time! oh no i know whats going on here comes the big scream!
peyton: * plugs ears *
centaur:* big call of the chief scream*
peyton: geese man cant you just walk up to his tent and say peyton wants to talk to you?!!
centaur: NO! that's the only way to get his attention.
peyton: oh.
ch-iron: i am here i am here but who are you?
centaur: well sir he is peyton of middle school and he wants to talk now i must go deliver a message to them.ugh!
peyton: hi ch-iron nice name it suits you but honestly not even mother earth would love that face.
ch-iron: hi and i'll take that as a complement.
peyton: okay um so a who is your enemy and why did the messenger say UGH!
ch-iron:well you see we are the blood hoof centaur and they are well the black sun centuar and boy do we hate them they keep steeling our drinks and food!!!
Peyton: wow!! hard-nok life for you huh *giggle*
ch-iron: hay that's not nice we'll continue this later

4jazmyn l said...

Me:It's nice seeing you today.
Demeter:Why thank you.We better hurry I have to make sure the flowers are in bloom to welcome my daughter.
Me:ok.Why do you think you could right for this job?
Demeter:Well, I am the goddess of corn,grain,and the harvest. Man im getting hungry just talking about it.
Me:I can help you with that! Heres a loaf of bread! You it is sacrificd to you in the harvest.
Demeter:(gobbles it all down)
Me:Wow I thought you were more of a nice eater!
Demeter:I am!!! Dont make go all Medusa on you!(stares crazily and walks out the door slowly)
Me: I thought that would go better.

6nikkir said...

me:hi my name is nikki.
persephone:hi my name is persephone
me:what do you do for a living???
persepone:i am the goddess of nature.
me:who are your parents??
persephone: zues and demeter.
me:are you married??
me: to who??
persephone: to hade the god of the underworld.
me: so doesnt make you the queen of the underworld.
persephone: yes i am
me:well im going now thanks for the interview bye.
persephone:bye you will get good weather soon.

6connork said...

Me: Hi there my name is Connor Knecht what is yours
Apollo: Hi there my name is Apollo
Me: Well nice to meet you Apollo
Apollo: Do you know who i am?
Me: i really have no clue, but i know your a greek god?
Apollo: Correct but do you want kind of god i am?
Me: No could you tell me!
Apollo: Oh well most certianly i'm the god of music, light, and one of my most important daily jobs is to harness my chariot with four horses and drive the sun across the sky.
Me: Wow i didn't know someone could drive the sun across the sky!
Apollo: Yep and i also have a twin sister named Artemis and my dad is Zeus, do you know who he is?
Me: Is he the one with a lighting bolt for his symbole?
Apollo: Yep your smart, how do you know all of this?
Me: Well having the best Social Studies teacher in the world is one reason
Apollo: Oh cool, hey i got to go drive the sun across the sky again!
Me: Okay, well nice meeting you Apollo
Apollo: Hope we can talk agian sometime!
Me: Okay bye!

6Zach D said...

me:sup whats your name.
Centaur:im a centaur who are you.
Me:im Zach dykstra.
Centaur: Cool name.
Me: thanks you to.
Centaur:so whos your favorite god.
Centaur:cool whos your favorite monster.
Centaur: thanks whos your favorite....Sports team.
Me:Miami Heat (basketball).
Centaur: cool mines the Chicago Bulls.
Me: cool so what do you do for a living.
Centaur:whats that suppose to mean.
Me: what do you do.
Centaur: I have a bow and the cyclops and i go and kill somethings for the gods.
Centaur: thanks well i got to go the cyclops and i have to go see you later maybe.
Me: ya see ya good bye.

6kateh said...

me-"omygosh!!!! It is Demeter!!!
Demeter-"Yes the one and only."
Me-".....so....um....are you the goddess of corn grane and harvist?"
Demeter-"You did not know that???Everyone should thank me, I help with the crops!!!!
Me-"ok,ok,are Cronus and Rhea your parints, rite?"
Demeter-"oooo, give the girl a prize."
Me-"rude.....are your siblings Hera,Poseidon,Hades, and Zeus?"
Demeter-"wow you are on fire."
me-"hay I got to go..... my uncle is a farmer can you help?"
Demeter-"ok bye."

6Javier A said...

Me:So what are you the god of?
Hades:What do you think I'm Hades I'm the god of Wealth and lord of the underworld!
Me:Well you didn't have to be a jerk about it.
Hades:What did you say?
Me:So how did you and persophone meet?
Hades:Well, long story short I kidnapped her and forced her to marry me you know same old same old.
Me:I have a dog do you have any pet?
Hades:Yes, I have a three headed dog named Cerberus who could swallow you whole!
Me:Well, thanks I guess.
Hades:I don't want to talk to you anymore.
Me:You're mean!
Hades:Well I'm rich and I'm a god so I don't care about what you say.
Me:Well that doesn't make up for kidnapping your wife.
Me:Are you really that forever alone?
Hades:(Gives me a mad stare) So that's how you want to do this, I'll just put my helmet on to make me invisible.
Me: Where did you got?
Me: Ummm...Well I gotta go. Bye!

6 Allison R said...

me:hi my name is Allison.
Hermes:hi im Hermes nice to meet you.
me: Nice to meet you too. So whats your job?
Hermes: I am an olypian and im the messenger of Zeus.
me: Cool I like your winged sandals, those are cool
Hermes: Thanks.
me: Your welcome so do you have any talents?
Hermes: yes I do, I am the fastest of all the gods.
me: oh thats cool.
Hermes: yeah, im also the guide for the dead underworld.
me: oh wow your really busy.
Hermes: yeah and I invent things too.
Me: cool what do you invent?
Hermes: I invented the lyre,the pipes, the musical scale, astronomy, weights and measures, boxing, gymastics, and the care of olive trees.
me: wow, thats lot of things to invent!
Hermes: yeah
me: well, I have to go now nice meeting you!
Hermes: yeah you too!

6colinS said...

ME:Hi chimera
me:it looks like you are a combination of three animals what are they
chimera:well I have the head of a lion the body of a goat and theres a goat head comingout of my spin,and the tail of a smake.
me:do you have any siblings?
chimera:yes I have two siblings the cerberus and the hydra
me:do you breath fire?
chimera:of corse
chimera:see you later

jordanh6 said...

me:hello my name is Jordan whats your name.
Hercules:my name is Hercules.
me:Is it true you killed 2 serpents when you were an infint.
hercules:yes after my mother tried to kill me.
Me:wow tough childhood huh
hercules:yah but the cool thing is I now wear a magic lions coat as armour that is inpenitratable.

6nate k said...

me: who are you?
zeus: i am zeus god of the sky and the ruler of the gods.
me: cool do you have any weapons.
zeus: yes i have a thunderbolt.
me: my fists are stronger than that.
zeus: this is stronger than anything you have you weak mortal.
me: ya well i bet posiden could beat you up.
zeus: he is my brother he can not defeat me.
me: yes he can.
zeus:i am going to shock you.
me: well then got to go.

6micahm said...

me:hi cyclops

cyclops: hey whats your name?

me: micah

cyclops: o thats a cool name isent that name a name in the bible.

me: ya how would you know that i thoght you where greek mythology

cyclops: I am i ike to study oter religens to like you are with Mr.Klumper

me: o cool why do you only have one eye?

cyclops: i dont know i was just born like that.

me:o i have two you are a relly good smith making zues lighting bolt

cyclops: thanks

me: well have to go bye

cyclops: bye

8wyattk said...

me: Hi what is your name
Zeus: hey get off my throne you twerp o hey my name is Zeus
Me: Hi Zeus my name is wyatt
Zeus: that is a cool name wyatt.
Me:how did you become a god?
Me: o sweet well how did you become the ruler of the godes?
Zeus: well my cronus over throwed his dad and became the king so he did not want to have is chiled over throw him so when the baby was born he would eat the baby well after a cople of times my mom got tired of seeing her children get eaten so when I was born she sent me to a camp and gave me dad a rock in stead. then when i got older i came back and over throw my dad and got my siblings out of his stumak. and that is how i became the ruler of all the gods.
ME:ool but how did your dad eat your siblings?
Zeus: he was hug.
me: cool.

9Cadenv said...

Me: Hello

Chimera: grrrrr

Me: What????

Chimera: GROWL!!!

Me: .... Ok so i hear you have 3 heads one a goat one a snake and one a lion


Me: Ok, If you wont talk im out of here

Chimera: RAAAAAWR! (chases me)

Me: AAAARRRRRRRGGGG!!!!!!! (slams door on chimera)

Me (opens door a little) By the way i know you and your kind are all girls. (Slams door again)

9kayla wolfe said...

Me: "Who in the heck are you?"
Demeter: "I am Demeter the goddess of harvest, corn, and grain, and I am the daughter of Cronus and Rhea."
Me: "Cool, what else do you do?"
Deneter: " Well, So you know how you have bread for brecfast, Lunch, and dinner sometimes. Every year the very first loaf of bread is sacrificed to me."
Me: "That is really cool. But what happens when your sad?"
Demeter: "When I am sad the crops all die. Thats why all the gods and mortals try really hard to keep me happy."
Me: "I learnd alot of things about you thank you."

9Issy d said...

me: Hello, my name is Issy what is your name.
Athena: My name is Athena. I am the godess of the city, handicrafts, and agriculture.
Me: Cool, what is your favorite city?
Athena: Athens, also my tree i the olive.
Me: You have your own tree! Sweet!
Athena: Ya, also my bird is the owl.
Me: Wow! I love your name, did your mother name you that?
Athena: I do not have a mother I sprang out of my fathers forehead in full armor.
Me: Isn't that kind of disgusting.
Athena: There are a lot of things you don't know anbout me kid. I'm a grownup and grownups have jobs. Mine is to protect Athens.
Me: I am a lady FYI. I also have a jod working at my mothers daycare for 25 dollars a day. Ha!
Athena: LOok lets settle are differences and be friend. If you ever need a gardian call.

9Eric D said...

Me: Hello there. Your a tame centaur right???
Centaur: Yes dont worry im not going to kill you.
Me: ok good I was getting scared.
Can i ask you a few questions?
Centaur: Sure.
Me: Ok... well first of all what animal are you?
Centaur: well Im a musular man... and half horse!
Me: Ok. Thats pretty cool!
Centaur: its not cool... its amazing!! hahaha
Me: alright next question, how are you not wild and savage like the other centuars out there?
Centaur: well,I was tired of killing people and going crazy so I stopped.
Me: alright. Ok last question. What is your favorite weapon that you carry?
Cenatuar: Well... i have enjoyed carrying a spear. But some of my old friends used bows and arrows
Me: Ok! thank you for your time Centaur! :D

9Dylan K said...

me: what the
Hydra: what you lookin at pipsqueak
me: a 8 headed oaf
Hydra: I lookin at a 1 headed idiot
me: who are you
Hydra: im the Hydra the coolest of the monsters
me: thats cool
Hydra:if you try to cut my heads off two more will grow back
me: then ill burn them
Hydra: my middle head is immortal and cannot be deffeted.
me: then ill be on my way creep
Hydra: what you call me pipsqueak
me: you heard me. Besides ill just get my friend hercules to take you down again.
Hydra: you better leave
me: make me
(the hydra opens its 8 mouths and breaths fire on me.thats why im in the hospital with 3rd degree burns)

9Caden J said...

me:hello whats your name.
Hermes:I am hermes god of thief and commerce.
Me:wow you sound bad
Hermes:NO i am also the messenger of zeus.
ME:really thats pretty cool
Hermes:Ya my symbol is i wear winged sandals and a winged hat which makes me go faster.
Me:that would be awesome
Hermes: i know i am also the fastest out of all the gods.


9sarah k said...

me: Hi what your name?
Persephone:"My mane is Persephone."
me: "Thats a cool name so like are you a goddess.
Persephone:"Yeah I am the goddess of spring."
me: "So does that mean that you are mother nature."
Persephone: "No I just make thing grow in the spring time."
me:"That is awesome, so what else do you do."
Persephone:'Well I am
also hte queen of the underworld."
me: "That would be really cool to be a queen."
Persephone:Well it is not cool to be the queen of the underworld."
me: "Why"
Persephone:"because it is not cool when you are forced to be one."
me:"I never forced youto be it did I?"
Persephone:"No my husband Hades did."
me: "Thats too bad."
Persephone:(Hades calling Persephone in the distance)"Yeah well i gotta go my husband is calling me."
me: "Ok bye."

9sarah k said...

me: Hi what your name?
Persephone:"My mane is Persephone."
me: "Thats a cool name so like are you a goddess.
Persephone:"Yeah I am the goddess of spring."
me: "So does that mean that you are mother nature."
Persephone: "No I just make thing grow in the spring time."
me:"That is awesome, so what else do you do."
Persephone:'Well I am
also hte queen of the underworld."
me: "That would be really cool to be a queen."
Persephone:Well it is not cool to be the queen of the underworld."
me: "Why"
Persephone:"because it is not cool when you are forced to be one."
me:"I never forced youto be it did I?"
Persephone:"No my husband Hades did."
me: "Thats too bad."
Persephone:(Hades calling Persephone in the distance)"Yeah well i gotta go my husband is calling me."
me: "Ok bye."

9tylers said...

Me: Whoa dude thos biceps are huge how long do you workout?

Hercules: Oh, I don't thats natural
I'm Hercules i was born with these guns.

Me: I remember you from a book that I read your awesome.

Hercules: Thanks.

Me: So what do you use as a weapon other than your strength?

Hercules: A club.

Me: So what is your importance in Greek Mythology?

Hercules: I kill monsters and stuff like that, like I captured Cerburus Hades pet.

Me: That would be a cool job. Tell me a random fact about yourself.

Hercules: Oh ok, umm..... Oh yeah when I was a baby somone sent snakes to kill me but I strangled them befor they could kill me.

Me: Awesome, but back to your biceps will you tell me how to get some like yours.

Hercules: Ummm........... probaley not gonna happen

9olivier b said...

Me: What is your name?
Poseidon: Poseidon, God of the sea.
Me: What do you do all day long?
Poseidon: "watch over the sea"
Me: cool, sounds boring.
Poseidon: (starts pulling out his trident)
Me: I didn't mean to offend you.
Poseidon: What do you mean, seamen worship me am not going to have a kid offend me.
Me: (runnig as poseidon is throwing his trident as hard as he can.

9cullen h said...

cullen. hi hephaestus
hephaestus. hey did you know im the king of forge and fire
cullen. yes i did i also know that you have no special power
hephaestus. i kind of do i can make weapons better than anyone else
cullen. i know that your symble is the tongs
hephaestus. yes and did you also know that i married aphrodite
cullen. yes and that another one of your symbles in the hammer
hephaestus. that is correct
hephaestus. i have to go
cullen. wait cn you make me a sword and shield
hephaestus. when your 16
cullen. fine

3Gunnar S said...

me. so wy do you have 3 heads?
cerbers. bark.
me. I have 1 head because I'm a humen.
me. no I'm not ded.you arnt ether are you?
cerbers. bark
me. ok new topic. How did you get this job?
cerbers. bark
me. you cant arguw with that wate coden't you have ate him?
cerbers. bark
me. well thank you with for of that good info.

8StephanieK said...

me:What in the world of I don't know are you thing?
Pegasus:They call me a Pegasus
Pegasus:a horse with a pair of wings
me:so..... kind of like a unicorn
Pegasus:What's that?
me:You don't know what a unicorn is when you look like twins??? Anyways a unicorn is a horse with a horn in the middle of its forehead
Pegasus:Oh were similar
me:(interrupting) besides the thought that I didn't believe that either of you were real until today now I know Pegasuses are real but I still don't believe that unicorns are real.
Pegasus:I believe that those horned horse are real
Pegasus:Well I don't believe it. If they actually think that about me, i will KILL them!!!
(a unicorn enters the room)
Pegasus:COOL! Are you a unicorn!!!
unicorn Yes, yes I am.
unicorn:well I'm very glad that I make your day.

3 Savonne G said...

NIKE: Who r u
ME: your researcher fo the WIZ
Nike: oh yeah i rember you
Me: i have a couple questions for u
Nike: ok
Me: what is your weapon.
Nike: the check mark
Me: what can it do.
NIKE:sure stand back though.
Me: how does it work.
Nike: when i think of a weapon it apperars.
Me: cool.
Me: who was your beat friend.
NIKE: Athena.

8Riley Poppenga said...

Me: Hi what is your name?

Artemis: Well my name is Artemis

Me: Oh I have never heard of you what do you do for a living.

Artemis: I am the goddess of the hunt the moon. People call me the lady of the wild things. And I have a special bow and arrow.

Me: So, do you have a special tree?

Artemis: Yes, I do, its the Cypress tree.

Me: I have never heard of that. Is that a Cypress tree over there.

Artemis: (Runs over to the tree)

Me: I did.
(Turning to run)

Artemis: I am going to KILL YOU!!

Me: AHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

4Ryleigh J said...

Me: Hello person I don't know. My name is Ryleigh. What brings you here?

Aphrodite: I am Aphrodite and you wanted to interview me.

Me: I did. Well know that we're back on track are you a goddess?

Aphrodite: Yes I am a goddess and I am the most beautiful and loving goddess.

Me: Ok.

Me: Do you any symbols? ( please say yes so you won't be lame)

Aphrodite: I do have symbols and it is a swan, sparrow, dove.

Me: Well I guess you aren't lame and that is a lot of symbols.

Aphrodite: You thought I was lame?

Me: Sort of...

Aphrodite: Do you have any more questions before I leave?

Me: yes I do, do you have any weapons?

Aphrodite: No

Me: Ok ( very disapointing)

Aphrodite: Well, I got to go.

Me: Wait I have one more question.

Aphrodite: What now

Me: I'm just kidding.

Aphrodite: now I'm going. Good bye

Me: Good bye.

3 Sierra C. said...

Me: Hi my name is Sierra what is your name?
Pandora: My name is Pandora.
Me:That is a cool name but aren't you the one who opened the box and let evil into the world?
Pandora: Well yes but that is because they said that I should not open the box but that just made me curious.
Me:Well if someone told me to leave the box alone I would want to open it too so I understand what you are going through.
Pandora: Well there is one other thing I was married to Promtheus.
Me:So what I know about your little box thing is that the only thing that was not in there was the spirit of hope and the rest are all evil is that true?
Pandora:Yes that is true but if I would have know that it was all evil I would not have opened the box.
Me:Well that is all I needed to know so that means that this interview is over.

8riley p said...

Me: so who r u

Artemis: my name is Artemis

Me: what god or goddess are you

Artemis: I am the goddess of the hunt and the moon

Me: oh what kind of treedi you represent

Artemis: I represent the cypress tree. Why

Me: is it like the one over there?


Me: no (slowly walking away)

Artemis: did you do this


6GraceW said...

Me: Hey, whats your name?
Hestia: Oh hello,i'm Hestia
Me: Neat
Hestia: Thanks
Me: So Hestia, do you have any siblings?
Hestia: Yes, my brother is Zues
Me: Cool! My brothers are not famous
Hestia: Hahaha
Me: What are you the Goddess of?
Hestia: The Hearth
Me: Well gotta go! Nice meeting you, Hestia
Hestia: You too!

per8wil said...

Me: "Hi.My name is Will. What is your name?"
Cerberus:"My name is Cerberus."
Me: "What do you do for a job"
Cerberus: "I guard the gate to the underworld Hades."
Me: "Cool. I see you are a dog with 3 heads but you have the tail of a snake. How did that happen?"
Cerberus: My mom was half-woman half serpent."
Me: "How did you end up with 3 heads?"
Cerberus: "I don't know. My brother only has 2."
Me: "So you guard Hades. Are you trying to keep people in or out?"
Cerberus: The rules are only the dead can enter Hades. I keep the living out."
Me: "Has anyone ever gotten past you?"
Cerberus: "Just once. Orpheus lulled me to sleep with sweet music and sweet treats. I have a weakness for sweets."
Me: "I hear Hercules kidnapped you once by putting you in a headlock. Did that hurt. He is strong."
Cerberus: "I don't want to talk about it. I'm done with this interview."
Me: "OK. OK. I'm going. Thanks for your time"

9 Andrew R said...

Me: I'm looking for someone to interview. Hey look there's Medusa! Medusa come over here.

Medusa: My name is Medusa and I'm a gorgon.

Me: That's really cool. Why do you have snakes?

Medusa: I was cursed by Athena.

Me: Why did Athena curse you.

Medusa: Because I was desired by many men.

Me: Is it true that you can turn people to stone if they look you in the eyes.

Medusa: Yes! Let me show you.

(Medusa looks at a dog. It turnes to stone.)

Me: I'm not going to invite you to a party any time soon!

Medusa: I get that a lot.

Me: Well, I only have one more question for you.

Medusa: What's that?

Me: Do you like being a gorgon.

Medusa: I hate it! You are the first preson to talk to me since I was turned into one.

Me: Well, thank you.

(Medusa looks me in the eye and I turn to stone.)

8Caden R said...

Me: Hi my name is Caden whats yours.
Me:Well its nice to meet you.
Perseus:I am a demigod, did you know that.
Me:Yes I knew that. Im sure your not a god.(said in a very aggitated tone)
Perseus:You mad at me bro?
Me:What? Im not your "bro".(Says loudly)
Perseus:I killed Medusa.
Me: Im sure you did.(says obviosly)
Perseus: >:l
Me:Why do you think I asked you to come if I already knew who you were!
Perseus:Thats it your tiking me off.(pulls out Medusas head. Ten seconds later he puts it back)
Perseus:How are you still alive?
Me:What? Hey did you notice that thing out there. Iv'e been staring at it for the last 30 seconds and it looks weird.
Perseus:Argh.(Pulls out sword and swings it at me)
Me:Oh cool look 1 dollor on the ground.(Reaches down to pick it up and blade nearly hits me)Well cya later Perseus. Also Percy Jackson is way better. :D

6 Moss J said...

Hephaestus: Hello.
Me: What is your job as a god.
Hephaestus: I am the god of fire and gorge and I make all the weapons for the other gods.
Me: What was your weapon.
Hephaestus: I really dident have a weapon but i made the lighting blot for Zeus.
Me: That sounds fun to make.
Hephaestus: Not really they take a lot of energy to make.
Me: well that's all the time we have now to talk.
Hephaestus: Thats good Zeus wants me to make more lighting bolts for him bye.

3loganl said...

me:hey is your name cupid ?
Eros:no, its eros
me:oh,can you help me I need help
Eros: For what?
Me:MY freind needs a date.
Eros:I can Help
(I put my freind next to a girl)
(misses and hits a sandwich)
Me:hey dude you missed
Eros:At least he has a sandwich date.

6EmilyE said...

Me: What are you the the god of?
Athena: I am the god of intelligence, handicrafts, agriculture, and cities.
Me: Who is your father?
Athena: Zeus is my father.
Me: Do you like ice cream?
Athena: Only cookie dough.
Me: What is your bird?
Athena: The owl, and I need to go.(climbs on to a horse)
Me: Okay well bye!!!

3 McKenna G said...

Me:hello? Who are you
Artemis:I'm Artemis the god of the hunt moon and childbirth
Me:Nice do you always carry that bow with you?
ArtemisYes at all times how else am I going to hunt if I don't have a weapon (she says angrly)
Me: cool down it was just a question (I start to back away as she pulls up her bow to shoot and then shoots)
Artemis yes got it!
Me why did you shoot me I don't even know where you hit me.
Artemis ( rolls her eyes) I didn't shoot you I shot that deer behind you.
Me O that's why it didnt hurt.
Artemis(rolls her eyes again) a yah !
Me: A Artemis there is someone behind you
Artemis: (turns around quickly with her bow up to shoot) o that's just my brother Apollo.he likes to sneak up on like that all the time.
Apollo: hey what's up sis
Artemis: don't you have anything else to do like take the sun down or something.( Apollo leaves)
Me: awkward well got to go by.
Artemis: see you later by.

8Anthony A said...

Hercules: Greatings mortal!!
Me: Hey no dicrimination Herc your not fully god, ya thats right your a demi-god burn.
Hercules: (grunts)but i am just as powerful as any god!!!!!
Me: that explains the lion skin cap on your head.
Hercules: Yes I killed Leo the lion for he was ransacking villages.
Me: ya normaly people these days just use .375 mag rifles when hunting lions.
Hercules: Oh whatever! it takes a real man to kill a lion with a sword!
Me: Samson killed one with his bear hands.
Hercules: Why are you so mean to me!!!!
Me: Hey it could be worse your step mother hera could try to kill you.
Hercules: She did!! She put snakes in my crib. I strangled them to death.
Me: ha stinks to be you (laughing)
Hercules: (charging at me)
Me: oops thats not good (Runs away)

8david f said...

Me who are you.
Dionysus i am god of wine and fertility.
Me whatdo you do.
Dionysus I make wine and fertility.

8RobbieW said...

Me: Hello Mr. Minotaur
Mr. Minotaur: (blank stare)
me: Um mr minotaur
me : ok mr minotaur
me: ok mr minotaur calm down
me: that must have been a bumber
Mr. Minotaur
Mr. Minotaur: yes it was luckily I was in 3 movies to make up for it
me: Really?
Mr. Minotaur: Yes and I was also a playable charecter in 1 video game
me: Oh I have those arent those the Narnia movies?
Mr. Minotaur: Yes
me: (starting to quitly back away)
You're not evil anymore are you
Mr. Minotaur: I wasnt in the 2nd Movie
me: (starts running) Alright then well gotta go!

9Jordynn S said...

Me: "hey"
Me:"so umm who are you exactly."
Aphrodite:"im the goddess of love desire and beauty."
Me: 'wow guys must be all over you."
Aphrodite:"no only when i use my gurdle to make them."
Me:"cool, what are your birds?"
Aphrodite: "the swan dove and sparrow are my birds."
Me: "So whos your husband then?"
Aphrodite: "I married Hephaestus."
me: "the ugly one who cant walk."
Aphrodite: "who u calling ugly?"
Me: "sorry got to go see you later."

8annah said...


8SterlingO said...

Me:Hello who are you
Me:Keep it down a little I am Sterling
Me:Whats that jagged glowing thing in your hand
Zues:Its a lightning bolt cant you tell by how it glows and looks
Me:O_O, cool but strangely hiptnotic
Me: Well it looks like a glow in the dark jagged stick to me
Zues: Its a lightning bolt
Me:Ok whatever I got to go cya, looks like a glowing stick to me *while running away I turn around and see him pull his arm back and throw s lightning bolt at me and wizzes by my face*.

8jasminel said...

me:hello Hera how are you today
Hera:good still the wife of Zeus and i am his sister
me:oh isent that illigil
Hera:no of course for you maybe me no
me:oh what was it like wen Zeus hung you from the sky
Hera:well what do you think
me:it hurt
me:*rolls eyes*
Hera: OK whatever
me:what god do you hate
Hera:he was the son of her husband Zeus and a mortal woman
me:ok then i love your bird
Hera:i know the peacock is soo pritty
me:well i have to eat dinner
me:well bye

6danielles said...

Me- hi your name is Eros right
Me- Eros what god are you
Eros- im the god of love
me- so what is one type of love
Eros there is uncontrollable love
Me- so what is magic about the arows
Eros- yes the tips have benn madgically treated to controll the love.
Me-Thank you for talking with me.

6ashleym said...

me: hello how are you today Miss...
Aphrodite: Aphrodite, the goddes of love
me: and beautiful
Aphrodite: well of corse I'm beautiful!
me: do you ever do anything else besides making people fall in love with you?
Aphrodite: no, that's really all I do. Why would I want to do anything else?
me: ...ok...
Aphrodite: well I have to go over there and make those guys like me. Bye!

8ethanr said...

Me: Hi my name is Ethan what are you
Centaur: I am a Centaur a half man half horse, what are you.
Me: I am a normal human.
Centaur: I am to normal.
Me: Sure
Centaur: Ha ha ha ha you are funny!
Me: thanks.
Me: Well, what is your symbol.
Cemtaur: My symbol is a man and a horseman combined.
Me: Cool!
Centaur: Ya other people make fun of us.
Me: well thats mean well, what do you do for a living.
Centaur: I Kill and look for fights all the time thats why people dont like us.
Me: Wow!
Me: Are you Chiron the wise Centaur.
Centaur: No but I hate him, I have to go I have to go kill some things.
Me: Bye!

Anonymous said...

6 Alanna B
Pegasus: "naaayy"
Me: "hi horsey"
Pegasus: "I am not a horse."
Me: "What are you then?"
Pegasus: "Umm obviously a Pegasus!"
Me: "What is a Pegasus?"
Pegasus: "I was born when poiseidon cut off medusas head."
Me: "Well that's nice, I think."
Pegasus: "Well any way I am a horse with wings and I carry his lightning bolts for him."
Me: "Wow that must be difficult."
Pegasus: "Well it's not as hard as it sounds, but I do guard it with my life."
Me: "Cool!"
Pegasus: "Well anyway I gotta go check in with Zues and stuff so bye. Nice meeting you."
Me: "Bye, nice meeting you too."

8constancec. said...

me ok so aphrodite lets talk.
a. i know im pretty and is the godess of love.
me ok i do the talking ok/
a. bequiet im pretty than you!
me hey girl wach your mouth god made us allequal.
a.yeah my ugly husband probally made you.
me uhhhh! ok so your symbal is like a heart or something?
a. you could say that.
me ok good chat bye! 9start walk fast but slowly out.

8ruth k said...

ME: Ah... hello... exactly who are you?
DEMETER: What, you don't know who I am, you crazy.
ME: I'm not crazy about not knowing who you are, but otherwise I am pretty crazy. Well anyways are you like some kind of magician or something?
DEMETER: No you are really crazy you don't even know that I'm a goddess! Do you know anything about me?
ME: Yes, I know your name is Demeter and that your a goddess.
DEMETER: Well of course you know that, I just told you!
ME: Well I do know that now don't I?
DEMETER: You made a good point. Well anyways do you want to learn more about me?
ME: I guess I would rather listen to you than do other chores or homework.
DEMETER: Good, well I am the goddess of corn, grain, and the harvest. Did you know that the first loaf of bread from the harvest is sacrificed to me.
ME: Cool, do you have like some kind of fact or something that's very interesting about you?
DEMETER: As a matter of fact I do, my favorite colors are green, dark brown, gold, navy blue, and pink.
ME: Well that's interesting, my favorite color is orange, I am kind of getting tired of pink because that is my color of my room. Well got to go bye.

3sebastion w said...

Hi I am hermes.
hi hermes how is or day.
how fast can you send a mesige.
faster then a bullet.
how is your perent.
my perent are zuse and mimi.
see you in a little bit.

9zoie hite said...

Me: HI whats your name?
Aphrodite: Aphrodite
me: oh, well how are you?
Aphrodite:good! you?
me:fine well what do you do?
aphrodite: oh well im the godess of love and beauty?
me:oh thats cool! so do you enjoy that if not why not?
aphrodite:oh i like it beacause im the most beautiful godess of all. and i enjoy making things beautiful.
me:oh well what if that want your job what if you were artimus. and then what?
Aphrodite:um i dont i would probably like it but i dont know because thats not my job so its a lil hard to tell.

8gracieh said...

Me:hi my name is gracie what s yours?

Perophone: My name is Persophone where do you live?

Me: I live in south Dakota

Persophone: Oh I live in Ancient Greece

Me:Is that where the gods of ancient Greece live?

Persophone: Do you know where al of them live?

Me: Is it Mt.Olympus?

Persophone: Correct!

Me: And Zeus is the leader of the gods.

8braydenb said...

Hermes. Hello, my names Hermes

Me. Cool, story bro tell it again.

Hermes.Okay. Hello my names hermes messanger of the gods particularly Zues i also guid souls to the under world.

Me. And I hunt and kill Mammoths for a living.(slowly walks away)

Hermes. Thats pretty cool if i say so myself.

Me. Shut up. (walks away)

8franka said...

me:hi my name is frank.
hephaestus:hi my name is hephaestus.
me:weird i have never herd that name before.
hephaestus:well you can call me hephy!
me:ok hephy thats a lot better.
hephy:how old are you?
me:im twelve how old are you?
hephy:i dont know im so old that i lost track.
me:what are you the god of?
hephy:im the god of fire and the forge.
me:cool im the god of awesomenesssss!
hephy:NOT well i got to go by>

4kiley m said...

me: hi my name is kiley.
artemis hi im artemis do you have any special powers
me: no i dont im not a goddess but i heard you are
artemis: yes i am my special powers are the hunt the moon and chidbirth
me o thats cool and what do you hunt with
artemis: i use a silver bow
me: cool any sybols
Artemis yes my sybol is the cypress tree and i have one twin brother apollo daughter of zeus
me: well thats all i need to know thank you artemis
artemis: your welcome

3FrearsonSean said...

me: Hi! Whats your name?
Poseidon: Its very nice to meet you my name is Poseidon!
Me: OH COOL! You are my favorite Greek God did you now that?(thinking he can probably read my mind.)
Poseidon: Yes.
Me: Did you read my mi..
Poseidon: yes
Me: what number an I thinking in of?(tacos)
Poseidon: Tacos.
Me: your are pretty awesome you now that? Anyway... your the God of The Sea, am I correct?
Poseidon: Yes to both questions.
Me: You seem self-centered. But anyways you created the horse for Demeter because you thought she was hot, were you hit by 1 of Logan from 3rd periods arrows? whoops I mean cupids arrows?
Poseidon: No.
Me: I gotta go(jerk)
Poseidon: Did you just have a thought that I am a jerk?
Me: Uuuuuummmmmm no i don't think so bye.(RUN!!!!!)

RasheedH said...

me: Hi my name is rasheed ,what's yours.
Eros: the names Eros god of love.
me: cool cupid
Eros: Actually that is my roman form so please call me e-
Me: so what's your symbol
Eros(while looking at me with an exasperated look): it's two arrows on gold one lead
me:well don't you think that kind of bland.
Eros: Ugh why are you so thick headed.
me: Genes. Now what is your hobby or what do you do.
Eros: I use my arrows to make people fall in love.
Me: that really proves my point, zeus is much better than you.
Eros(Now shouting and red with anger and putting an arrow in his bow) That's it . I'm gonna make you fall in love with the ugliest person in the universe.
Me: (getting on my pegasus and riding off) uh gotta ,see ya. oh one more thing. what kind of loser god wheres a diaper.

8Barbara.L said...

Me:Hi im bBarbara
Apollo;Hi im Apollo
Me:May I ask some questions
Apollo:of couse you can Barbara
Me:What are you the god of
Apollo:I am the god of healing,music,and light
Me:Do you have any brothers or sisters
Apollo:Well I have a twin sister
me:Who is your father
Apollo:My father is Zeus
Me:He is the god of gods right
Apollo:Yes thats wh my brothers and sisters are gods too
Me:What is your important daily tasks
Apollo:My important tasks are to harness my chairot with four horses and drive the sun acrossed the sky
Me:That sounds fun
Apollo:It is
Me:Well thank you for coming to this interview
Apollo:THank you for inviting me
Me:Your welcome Bye
Apollo: Bye

4alyssa d said...

Me:hi my name is Alyssa you must be Athena right?
Athena: yeah your right.
Me: I heard that you where Zues's favorite child, is that true?
Athena: yes he even let's me use his weapons including his thunderbolt!
Me: WOW!! Thats cool! What's your job?
Athena: I'm the goddess of the city, handicrafts, and agriculture.
Me: cool!
Athena: yeah I even invented things like the bridle, the trumpet, flute, pot, rake, plow and more!
Me: REALLY!! I play trumpet! Whats your symbol?
Athena: My symbol is an owl or armor.and my tree is olive.
Me: cool glad I could meet you!
Athena: me to bye!😃

Saral8 said...

Me: hey no offence but who the heck are you?
Hestia: I'm Hestia!!!! Haven't you heard of me?!?!?!
Me: um no should I know who you are??
Hestia: YES!!!! Im the godess of the hearth, the symbol of the house around which a new baby is carried before it is recived into the family!!!!!!! Are you sure you don't know who I am??
Me: oh duhh! Your Zeus's daughter! The one with no distinct personality!! I don't know why I couldn't think of you!
Hestia: probably because I don't play any part in the myths.

9emili w said...

Emili Widrig said,
Artemis:HA!!! BULLS-EYE for the 100th TIME!!!

Me:WOW! your amazing!

Artemis:oh well,i am the goddess of hunt so, but that's so sweet of you :)

Me: want to go to the meadow and find Bigfoot?!

Artemis:ya then we can eat him

Me: ok,i don't think that's legal but we can go find him and then leave him alone.

Artemis:that doesn't sound as fun but ok!
(10 minutes later)
Me:well that was fast you tracked him like you were a blood hound well i better be going.

Artemis: ok, i better be getting to work with my brother Apollo hes the god of the sun, music, and archery bye!

sydneyh4 said...

me: "Hi my name is Sydney. Whats yours?"

Athena:"Hi my name is Athena."

Me:"So what do you do?"

Athena:"I am the Greek virgin goddess of reason, intelligent activity, arts and literature. I am also Zeus's daughter."

me:"That is so cool! So I heard that you invented the bridle thing that goes on horses."
Athena:" Yep."

Me:" What is your symbol?"

Athena:"I have four symbols
1. Owl its on my coin.
2. Aegis cloak with the head of Medusa.
3. Round shield.
4. A helmet.

me:"Do you have a anything that I should know."

Athena:"yes my tree is the olive tree."

3siegfried said...

hi my name is cole wut is ur name
my name is centaur
wow nice so u r a half man hlaf horse
so i can ride a man and a horse that is so coll
ikr wow but i iwsh i was a man because i could go hunting and fishing and stuff
ya i get to hahahahahahahahahhaaha
wutever g2g fight some dudes goodbye
ok bye i am going 2 go fishing hahahah
wutever bye

6cierrah said...

me: What the heck are you?
hydra: ummm what do I look like?
me: I dont know like some kind of monster or something?
hydra: well i am a monster
me: oh well thats kinda weird?
hydra: ya and whenever someone trys to cut off one of my heads two more grow back.
me: well I guess thats a little unusual...
hydra: yes it is now walk away you weird lookinh alien creature!
me: (walks away slowly.. then runs)!!!

6Thomas C. said...

me, hows it going.
Dionysus, um hi I guess
me, what are you the god of?
Dionysus, wine, next please!
me, can you do something interesting?
Dionysus, I can bring people back from the dead, second I can drive any mortal mad.
me, wow your cool can you drive my brother mad?
Dionysus, so what about you.
me, no thank you.
Dionysus, bring him here
(I bring him)
brother, why am I here
Dionysus, 3 2 1 there
brother, ****** you, you *******
me, bye.

9jellis ross said...

Me: Why are the lights turned off?
Hades: Because I turned them off.
Me:My name is Ross
Hades:My name is Hades.
Me:Who Are you?
Hades: I am the god of the underworld and the god of wealth.
Me: Cool im the god of awesome.
Hades: I kidnapped Persephone and forced her to marry me.
Me: I didnt do that.
Hades: I have a pet Cerberus its a 3 headed guard dog.
Me: Well I have to go help some friends take over Mt.olympus see ya.
Hades: Ok thanks for coming.

4matthew j said...

me hi how are on the earth
hades im hades
me how did you get up here
hades im invisible
me then how do i c u then
hades i dont know how do you see o wait whos your father
me i dont know he abandenned our family before i was born
hades wait whos your mother
me persephone
hades o golly jee no wonder you can seee me your an immortal
me and whos my father
hades your looking at him
me then take me to your underground layer type thingymobbober whatchamacallit o ya underworld
hades um i guess
me but how will i get there
hades here take this marble think of where you want to go and step on it ok (im thinking im thinking o ya i want to go to the under world)
hades welcome there is my cerbercus he knows not to attack you
me ok good wheres my mom
hades good question probably in the fire room
me ok can we go see her
hades sure we can after you get your bident
me huhuhuhuhu whats a bident
hades uhhhh duhhh its your weapond and symbol
me o i c
hades heres your bident good luck getting past the hydra
me hay you said they would not attack me
hades ya i said the cerburus wouldnt attack you nothing abi=out the hydra
me heres my deal
hades ok what is it
me wait for it ................
hades you keep doing that and i will personally stab you with my bident
me what the heck is a bident
hades its a bident with two prongs instead of three
me ok heres my deal you let me see my mom without dying or getting attacked i will help you defeat zues and peosiden
hades deal deal its a deal
me ok lets go
hades o you meant right now i thought you meant later rigth now is our bident sharpening
me fine after that we will
24 hours later
me ok how sharp do they have to be
hades o thats what i was supposed to be doing thanks for telling me ive been wondering for 24 hours
me ok hurry i hear from a friend that there they have many den=migods coming to join them but good thing there my friends and are willing to help us overthrow zues
hades ok there were ready
me ok lets go
2 years later
me finnally that toook long enough at least we won
hades wohoooo were the rulers of the gods and we are going to send everyone to the underworld to eb slaves
me deal we its time for bed now bye bye bye bye bye bye bye

9dylanS said...

Me: "Hey Apollo."
Apollo: "Hey Dylan."
Me: "I bet you I can guess your five things god of."
Apollo: "ok".
Me: (thinking) "ok I got it truth,light,music,anrcher and,healing".
Apollo: "good job Dylan did you know that I am the son of Zeus and Leto."
Apollo: "you know my job is to bring the sun across the sky."
Me: "Cool"
Apollo: "I am going to go practice my bow here take one of my arrows."
Me: thanks bye."

3brads said...

Hi whats our name mine is Brad you must be cyclops your very scary you only have 1 eye.
Ya ido i like to scare snd eat people i mean i am scary arn't I. Yes you are my friend plaease dont't eat me. ok cyclops said.
I am blinded in 1 eeye so i cant see you very good so it is going to be hard for me to eat you
What I said
O sorry i didnt say anything.