Tuesday, May 1, 2012

The Manor System

The Manor system was a very important aspect of the Medieval Times. It set the stage for farming and land-owning. It wasn't just a farm. It was basically its own complete unit. Above, is video of me taking you through the Manor system and explaining what the components are and showing you a diagram of its layout.
STUDENT EXPECTATION: Watch the video, write down the components of the Manor system, and understand what each item is/does. In class on Thursday, we will work on sketching out the Manor system of poster paper so we can get a better idea of what they look like. 

IMPORTANT: You need to watch the VIDEO before Thursday's class period! 
How to view the Video: It will be posted on Water for Sixth Grade. It will also be in the Apps drive under the folder: "Klumper" If you do not have computer/internet at home, you need to watch it at school (before school, after school, during lunch, during study hall etc.)
The video is only 7 minutes long. 
Good Luck and make sure you are prepared for Thursday.

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