Monday, March 14, 2011

Rome Blog Book #4: "Daily Life"

Time to focus on Daily Life. In class, you will explore the Roman's daily life of entertainment, education, and housing. For your blog book, your Roman daily life focus will be on clothing. Using the attached website, read about the clothing of the ancient Romans. The article will talk about clothing style for men, women, and young people. The article will also discuss hair styles, jewelry, etc. For your activity, you will compare the clothing style of the ancient Roman's to the clothing style in 2012. You will point out similarities and differneces with a Venn Diagram. On the "Roman" side, simply list things about Roman's clothing style that is different than ours in 2012. In the "Clothing in 2012" side, list things about our clohting style that is different than the Romans. In the middle, under "similarities," list things that we have in common. You can compare your clothing style to theirs or just clothing style in 2012 in general.

Quantity: For each section of the Venn Diagram, you MUST list at least 3 things.
***Important: If you put "wore Toga's" for the ancient Rome side, you can NOT put "do not wear Toga's" for the clothing in 2012 side.


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