Monday, March 19, 2012

Blog Book #1: Roads

Roads? Aren't roads kinda boring? Don't they just sit there on top of the earth and do nothing but provide a path for people to travel? Yes, that's basically what a road does. However, in Rome, that seemingly simple task was extremely important. Because of the vastness of the Roman Empire, roads were extremely important because the military, emperor, and others needed to be able to travel throughout the empire easily. With roads, the entire Roman empire was connected. The Romans built a lot of roads. Not only did they build a lot, but they also built GOOD roads. They revolutionized the way roads were built, taking it from a dirt path, to an actual road. For this blog book activity, you are going to learn about how the Romans made their roads. Simply click the link to see what the layers of the Roman road were, then label the activity in your blog book.
The picture you see is an image of the Appian Way, the most famous Roman road ever made.

In your Blog Book, you will complete two tasks for the "Roads" section.
1. *Click Here to see the different layers of the Roman Road. Use the picture to label the layers of the Road in your blog book.
2. Somewhere else on the Roads page, write down the following information:
*Appian Way: most famous Roman Road
*Roads important because they connected the huge Roman Empire.
*Romans needed a lot of roads so their military could travel quickly.
*Roman roads had a modern look: gutters and road signs.


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Hey, I think the gladiator thing is really cool. I know who Timmers is. I am really excited to see what all the gladiators will look like.

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