Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Roman Numeral Battle Preparation

Roman Numerals are used in many places in today's world. The picture attached to this blog post shows one example. Each year, the Super Bowl logo uses roman numerals to show what number of Super Bowl it is. This is a logo from Super Bowl 42. Roman numerals are also used on watches, clocks, chapter numbers, are in movie credits. Can you think of other examples of how roman numerals are used in our world? In social studies, we are going to attempt to learn how to write and read roman numerals. On Friday, we will have a Roman Numeral battle for our Social Studies league. You will work as a team to try to get the highest percent correct. Your job is simple: do your part to help your team by learning how to translate roman numerals. The more students in your class that answer roman numeral questions correctly, the better your classes chances are. Below, I have attached some practice for you. Go through them and then check your answers with the answer key. I have also attached a website that will help you figure out the translations. For the battle, you will have no translation help, just what you know in your brain. So, put in the practice time. Get prepared. Do your part to help your team. They are counting on you.
1. 56
2. 32
3. 98
4. 411
5. 609

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