Thursday, February 6, 2014

Monster Spotlight

Greek Mythology is packed with many fascinating gods and goddesses. Greek Mythology also has many weird creatures to learn about. This blog post is going to put the spotlight on some of the weird monster creatures of Greek Mythology. Use the links below to navigate through some Greek mythology monsters. The picture shows each of the five monsters in the spotlight. Can you identify each monster before looking at the links? Good Luck. 

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caleb klatt said...

The Forbidden City was built for the powerful Yongle Emperor. The city was built out of golden bricks and had steps to ward off evil spirits. There were guard towers on each of the four corners to look for enemies. The palace served for a fortress for the Emperor and his family. The roof was black to symbolize water to keep books from burning. the palace served for 24 emperors in the course of 500 years.