Sunday, February 9, 2014

Interviewing Greek Mythology

You have all selected a character from Greek Mythology. Before you "become" that character and practice your speech giving skills, you are going to interview the character you selected. This is going to be an informative interview. You are pretending that you are interviewing your character in front of a large audience who came to listen and learn about the character. You will be asking the character questions, but it is okay for the character to ask you questions, if you want. The interview needs to be written like a dialogue, with quotation marks and correct punctuation. Also, make sure you show who is talking. Below, is an example for you to use as a guide.
Task: Write an interview dialogue between you and your Greek Mythology character. In the interview, your character needs to share at LEAST 3 things about themselves. Make sure you have your character introduce themselves so the reader knows who is talking. The name does NOT count as one of the three facts. 
Me: "Hi! What's your name?"
Artemis: "Hello sir. My name is Artemis."
Me: "Wow! That's a cool name. My name is Dan."
Artemis: "Wow, that's a plain name."
Me: "That's not very nice. Plus, it has three versions: Dan, Danny, and Daniel. So there."
Artemis: "Whatever."
Me: "Why do you have that silver bow?"
Artemis: "Well, I am the goddess of the hunt and moon. So I take my special bow with me at all times."
Me: "It kinda looks like the silver bow Katniss Everdeen uses in the Hunger Games."
Artemis: "Katniss who?"
Me: "Katniss Everdeen. From Hunger Games. She's way cooler than you."
(Artemis draws back an arrow with bow right at me)
Me: "Hey now!!! Wait!!! What are you doing???"
(Artemis pulls back arrow further...)
Me: "Okay, okay!! Stop!! You are cooler than Katniss! Way cooler!!"
Artemis: "That's what I thought, you weak mortal."
Me: "So, do you have any siblings?"
Artemis: "Yes, I actually have a twin. His name is Apollo."

Me: "Why do you have a picture of a Christmas tree on your shirt?"
Artemis: "It's called a Cyprus tree, you maniac, and it's my symbol."
Me: "Oh, that's cool. Good for you. Well, I gotta go. Bye."
Artemis: "Ok. Whatever. Bye."
(As I'm running away): Me: "Katniss is actually cooler!!!!!"
(Artemis zings an arrow at me and barely misses. Yikes!)


3Cassidy H said...

Me: "why do you have bumps in your arm?"
Hercules: "They're called muscles you wouldn't know that because you don't have any."
Me: I do too!
Hercules: "I have them because I am the god of strength."
Me:" why do you have a bat with spikes were not playing baseball?"
Hercules: it not a bat it's a club. Jeez!! Now get lost before I show you how to use it!"
Me: "fine, fine I will leave just don't hurt me!"

3brandon said...

my name is brandon whats yours?
cronus: my name is cronus.
Brandon: are you the father of some gods.
Cronus: yes i'm the father of gods for example zeus.
Brandon: are you child of the titans.
Cronus: yes i'm the ruling titan.
Brandon: Are the god of time
Cronus: yes i am
Brandon: thanks for your time cronus

3Caleb K said...

Me: "Hi, who are you?"
Hades: "I'm Hades."
Me: "why do you have so much money?"
Hades: I am the god of wealth."
Me: "Oh...well, why don't I see you much? I'm pretty sure you don't come here."
Hades: I'm lord of the underworld, I rarely leave the underworld."
Me: "okay, whatever you say."

3Brianna P said...

Me:"Hello, my name is Brianna what mythological goddess are you?"
Hera:"My name is Hera, the wife and sister of Zeus."
Me:" Do you think its weird that you married your brother?"
Hera:"When you think about it yes, but I did try to poison him so we have a pretty abnormal relationship."
Me:"what was it like being held by the arms connected to gold chains hanging from the sky?"

3Landon S said...

Me: Please tell me your name.
Apollo: It is I, The Great Apollo.
Me: That's a big name;The Great Apollo.
Apollo:It's really just Apollo.
Me: So what are you god of?
Apollo: I'ma god of music,light , and truth.
Me: Oh, so you're like George Washington and can't tell a lie but like Mozart too.
Apollo: I don't know those people.
Me: Oh. So do you have a job?
Apollo: I take the sun across the sky with my chariot.
Me: That sounds like a hard job.
Apollo: No.
Me: What about your family?
Apollo: I'm the son of Zeus and Leto, and I have a twin sister, Artemis.

JD said...

jd: hellow my name is JD.
Zeus: my name is Zeus your name is short.
JD: So what did you know you are my faverit god.
Zeus: yes I know every thing. I also know that you are christen, is that right.
JD: yes you are right. what are some of your powers?

Emily Mpd3 said...

Hestia- Whats up human!
Me- Actually, my name is not a human its Emily.
Hestia- Oops (ha ha)!
Emily- Whats so funny,
Emily- is it ok if i ask your some questions.
Hestia-Fine, human being.
Emily-(uh)why cant you just get my name right, lets get started.
Hestia- what kind of questions?
Emily-Are you the god of hearth.
Hestia- yes, yes I am.
Emily-Do you have any symbols If so can you tell me them?
Hestia,Yes the house around which a new born child is carried before its recieved its family.
Emily- Are you the sister of Zeus?
Hestia-Yes, you almost done.
Emily- see ya.

3Tara A said...

Me- Hi Artimis.
Artimis -Hi who are you?
Me- My name is Tara.
Artimis- Why is the cypress tree your sympol?

3caleb k said...

Me: Hi i am Caleb what is your name.
Poseidon: my name is Poseidon.
me: what are you the goddess of
Poseidon: Do not insult me you mortal. I am the god of the sea and earthquakes.
Me: I am the god of nothing so we have things in common right.
Poseidon: I said I was The god of the sea and earthquakes not nothing.
Me: Do you have any sisters or brothers.
Poseidon: I have three brothers. Zeus and Hades.
Me: cool i have three brothers and one sister.
Poseidon: I am an awesome god and sailors worship me so they can have good travels.
Me: That is cool I got to go see ya Poseidon.
Poseidon: ya see ya.

3Victoria R said...

Me: What is your name?
Pandora: My name is Pandora.
Me: What would you say you are mainly known for?
Pandora: I would say I am known for Pandora's Jar.
Me: What is Pandora's Jar?
Pandora: Pandora's Jar is a jar that was given as a present to me and after a while I got curious and opened it.
Me: What did the jar unleash?
Pandora: The jar unleashed evil.
Me: Wow that is scary how did you close it.
Pandora: It took a while because the lid did not want to go back on but after a while I finally got the lid to go on.

3Calvin S said...

Me: who are you?
Eros: I'm Eros
Me: you look more like cupid
Eros: Do I really
Me:yes you do

Me: so what is your job?
Eros: I don't have a job
Me: so you do nothing
Eros: no, I spread love
Me: by doing what exactly
Eros: shooting people with my magically tipped arrows
Me:so if you were in war you would shoot people and make them have uncontrollable love for each other
Eros: that or they get severely wounded

Me: so you got any family
Eros: yes, my mother is Aphrodite and my father is Hephaestus
Me: sounds like those two sound like they don't match up

3Calvin S said...

Me: who are you?
Eros: I'm Eros
Me: you look more like cupid
Eros: Do I really
Me:yes you do

Me: so what is your job?
Eros: I don't have a job
Me: so you do nothing
Eros: no, I spread love
Me: by doing what exactly
Eros: shooting people with my magically tipped arrows
Me:so if you were in war you would shoot people and make them have uncontrollable love for each other
Eros: that or they get severely wounded

Me: so you got any family
Eros: yes, my mother is Aphrodite and my father is Hephaestus
Me: sounds like those two sound like they don't match up

3dominic m said...

me:hi whats your name
posiden: Posiden, whats yours guy
me: my name is dominic, beat that
posiden: ok then throw any guestion at me
narrator: dominic writes a question on a piece of paper and throws it at him
posiden: ha ha very funny
me: ok fine then whats your symbol then
posiden: the pitch fork lookin thingy, whats yours
me: well ummmm, oh i got it! a domino :)
posiden: ok then how old are you
me:11, how about you
posiden: i cant tell you that info, where do you live
me: like you told me i cant tell you

3Blake t said...

Me:Hi Mr:Pegasus and what brings you hear.
Mr:P :

3Madison N said...

Me:Hi! What your name
Athena: My name is Athena
Me:cool name mine is Madison Its just a boring and plain name.
Athena:Ya it kinda is
Me: so what kinda pet is that you have on your shoulder
Athena: its a owl it also my symbol
Me: thats really cool cool do you have anything else that is cool about you
Athena:ya I sprang full grown in armor from his forehead
Me: that is cool and a little disgusting
Athena: ya I also invented a lot of things like the rake and bridle
Me: ok i have to go now bye and I had fun talking to you
Athena:bye have a nice day

3laabsmacklin said...

Macklin: hi I am Macklin and I will interview the chimera.
Chimera: roarrrrrrr!
Macklin: what did you say you are a hybrid of three animals lion, goat, and snake.
Macklin: so you say you are bigger than a normal lion way bigger.
Chimera: roar

Jimmy widrig 3 said...

Me: Hi! what is your name.
Hermes: Hi! my name is Hermes, what is your name.
Me: My name is Jimmy.
Hermes: So what am i here for.
Me: I am going to ask you a few questions.
Hermes: k what first.
Me: Why do you have winged shoes and hat.
Hermes: I am Zuses messenger.
Hermes: I am also the fastest god.
Me: cool.
Me: What weapons do you have.
Hermes: I have a magic wand.
Me: it looks like a bat holding a sick.
Hermes: I can turn you into a frog you know that right.
Me: ya but i am just saying.
Me: It does not look cool.
Hermes: abracadabra.
Me: rib-it change me back.
Hermes: Fine.

4Jared V said...

Me: Hey what's up Chiron.
Chiron: Well just being a centaur.
Me: It is fun, isn't it.
Chiron: Well it is but...
Me:But what.
Chiron: I'm mad i'm not as famous as Achilles, Aesculapius, and Actaeon, I mean, I was their tutor.
Me: Well, good luck with everything I guess.

4zach B said...

Me:Hello!my name is Zach, what is yours?
Hercules:My name is Heecules.
Me:I like that name!
Hercules:Thank you.
Me: Who is your father?
Hercules:My father is Zeus.
Me:How many labors were you told to do by King Xerxes?
Hercules:I was assigned 12 labors because my mother wanted to kill me!
Me:How did you kill the Hydra?
Hercules:I shot the 1 of the heads and then lit it on fire so it wouldn't grow back.
Me:Cool, good talk, keep killing monsters.
Hercules:I will bye.

4Zach M. said...

Me: Hello Mr. Hydra
Hydra: Hi...
Me. Is it OK if i can ask you a few questions?
Me:So i heard when somebody somehow cuts of on of your heads i grows back as two?
Hydra:Yes, that's why i have eight heads.
Me:Cool, so i also heard that your middle head is the most power fullest.
Me:So when you got defeated by Hercules you still had your middle head.
Hydra:Yes but then i got squished by a giant rock.
Me: Then hurcules had a bow and dipped it in your blood and shot at someone and they died.
Hydra: Thats because by blood is very poisines.
Me: Ok last question.
Hydra: Ok?
Me: How am i talking to you if your dead?
Hydra: MAGIC!!!

4AllyFoss said...

Me "What are you goddess of."
Aphrodite "I am the goddess of love,desire, and beauty.
Me "Who were you married to."
Aphrodite "I was married to Hephaestus."
Me "What is your tree."
Aphrodite "My tree is the myrtle tree."
Me "What are your birds."
Aphrodite "My birds are the dove, swan, and the sparrow are her birds."
Me "What are your gifts."
Aphrodite "My gift is the magical girdle that compels anyone she wishes to desire her.

Gracelyn said...

Me: Hey dude! Whats up..?
Artemis: Im a dudet! Whats a dude..?
Me: Are you kidding me you dont know what dude means! I think you need to go to English class!
Artemis: Your nice! I think you need to go back to the counselor.
Me: Yeah I think I need to too.
Artemis: Well can I ask you a question...?
Me: Sure?
Artemis: Who are you?
Me: My names Gracelyn. Whats yours?
Artemis: My names Artemis.
Me: That a weird name.
Artemis: So is yours Ive never heard it before.
(Artemis is taking a break and starring at the moon)

4mandy e said...

me:HI what is your name
Hera:my name is hera
Me:how many sons or daughters did you accually have with zuez

4LizziB said...

Me: Hi, who are you? I'm Lizzi.
Hera: I'm Hera, are you married?
Me: No way!
Hera: Then I can't protect you. I am the protector of marriage and I take special care of married woman.
Me: You don't have to protect me.
Hera: Fine.
Me: Why are your wrists red?
Hera: My stupid brother/husband hung me from the sky with gold chains just because I tried to poison him.
Me: Okay, wow. Well you did try to poison him.
Hera: So what!?!
Me: Um, I'm just saying that maybe he had a reason. By the way, can I have the gold chains? After I sell them I could use the money to buy a car with a hot tub. :)
Hera: Fine.
Me: Yay! So I heard that you like the cow and the peacock. Is this true?
Hera: Yes, they are my sacred animals.
Me: Okay, thanks for the gold chains! I have to go install a hot tub into a giant car! Goodbye!
Hera: See ya!

4EmilyW said...

Me: Hi! I'm Emily.
Athena: Nice to meet to you. My name is Athena.
Me: Oh I know who you are! You're a goddess! Not just any goddess you're Zeus's favorite child.
Athena: Yes, yes I am. He even lets me use his thunderbolt.
Me: So what are you the goddess of?
Athena: I am the goddess of the city, handicrafts and agriculture.
Me: Oh that sounds pretty cool. So I heard you don't have a mother... Why?
Athena: Well I was born full grown in armor from my dad's forehead!
Me: Wow I've never heard of that! I guess that's pretty cool.
Athena: Yeah!
Me: Well thanks for letting me ask some questions!
Athena: Anytime! I had fun. Your really nice maybe we should hangout sometime!
Me: Of Course!

4Nick Roby said...

Me: HI!
Hermes: man your sure energized.
Me:well thank you, by the way whats your name??
Hermes:Well my name i Hermes im the fastest god and also the messenger god.

4Matthew said...

Me: "Hello, today I am interviewing Poseidon!"
Poseidon: "Hello everyone!"
Me: "So Poseidon I have some questions for you today."
Poseidon: "Alright what are they?"
Me: "Well we will start out with your weapon, the trident."
Poseidon: "Alright lets do this."
Me: "Well does you weapon have any powers."
Poseidon: "Yes it actually does!"
Me: "Sweet! Could you tell me what they are?"
Poseidon: "In fact I can. My Trident has the power to shake the Earth!"
Me: "WOW! That's amazing. It that all?"
Poseidon: "Well no that's not all, my weapon can also destroy any object their is!"
Me: "Wow that is very cool!"
Poseidon: "Thank you, I honor that."
Me: "Well under the rulers of Olympians, how much power to you actually have?"
Poseidon: "Well I am glad that you actually asked that question. I actually am the second ruler under the Olympians."
Me: "Wow! So you can take great charge and orders, right?"
Poseidon: "Well you are very correct I am able to give off many orders."
Me: "Who would be the overall ruler of the Olympians?"
Poseidon: "Well that would be my brother Zeus!"
Me: "Okay that makes very sense now. Well now I am going to ask my last very question now."
Poseidon: "Alright, try me out."
Me: "What are you the god of?"
Poseidon: "Wow! you are on FIRE! for question tonight. Well great that you asked that. I am actually the goddess of the Sea!"
Me: "Dude! That is so cool. So can you like control the whole sea, and like what happens in it."
Poseidon: "That's very correct my sir."
Me: "Alright well that's going to rap it up for now so thanks for listening to my talk with...Poseidon!"

4colterE said...

Me:Hi what is your name?
Demeter: My name is Demeter. And you?
Me: Colter, what are you the god of?

4ashlie lohr said...

Me:Hi Medusa, I'm Ashlie, im going to ask you a few questions.
Medusa: Ok.
me: How did you end up with snakes for hair?
Medusa: Athena and I don't get along very well, I told her I was prettier than she was and that made her very upset.
Me: okay but that still doesn't answer my question about how you got snakes for hair.
Medusa: well she didn't like that i said i was prettier so she turned my hair into snakes.
Me: Ok, how come when people look you into the eyes they turn into stone.
Medusa: because now I'm so ugly that they turn into stone.

4alex D said...

Me:Hello there, what is your name?
Demeter: I am Demeter the most important goddess in the world I think
Me: Hello Demeter, why do you think your the best, I mean there are a lot of great goddesses.
Demeter: Well I know I am the best because I am the goddesses of harvest. I am the reason mortals have food and Zeus has people who follow him so yeah i'm pretty important.
Me: Okay, lets get started. Do you have any children perhaps.
Demeter: Yes...
ME: What are there names:
Demeter: Oh you want answer well I only have one, her name is Persephone.She is my best friend but sadly I don't get to see her everyday because of Hades!
Me: What about Hades?
Demeter: He one day saw my daughters beauty and abducted her! The only way I could get her is if she married Hades and had her in the underworld for six months and I have her for the other six months.
Me: That sounds terrible.
Demeter: It was definatley, right now she is with Hades, that's why its really cold, because I miss her
ME: Could you tell me one interesting thing about you?
Demeter: Well Poseidon once actually had a crush on me but I really didn't so I told him to make a horse. He tried, and tried, and tried but by the end he had no feelings.
Me: Thank you very much.
Demeter: Your welcome.

4Dylan N said...

Me Hi my name is Dylan whats yours?
Cerberus:My name is Cerberus, I am a three headed dog.
Me: that is sweet, so you can look three different ways at the same time.
Cerberus: Yup I bet you cant do that.
Me: So, I don't care but another question is what do you do for a living?
Cerberus: Well I'm a pet and I guard the underworld.
Me: Who's pet are you?
Cerberus:I am Hades pet dog, and he isn't even mean to me.
Me: That's pretty cool well I better leave, bye.

4tyler.L said...

Me:hi whats your name
Atlas: my name is atlas
me: is atlas is zeues son
atlas: yes zeues is my dad
me: are u zeues faveir child
atlas:no i am not his faverite cild

4WillL said...

My post got deleted.

4Dabria B said...

Me: Hello whats your name.
Helios: My name is Helios.
Me: Is that like a god type name.
Helios: Yes of course it is.
Me: Well sorrrrrry, I didn't know. GOSH! What god are you anyway.
Helios: I'm the god of the sun.
Me: Well ok, whats UP god of the sun.
Helios: Soooo funny. Plus I have a name.
Me: I know already Helios it was a joke. GOSH!
Helios: My symbol is the sun, you know.
Me: Cool!
Helios: Yeah it's pretty cool. But it's just a symbol.
Me: Oh.
Helios: Well off to Mt. Olympus. See ya.
Me: Wait whats Mt. Olympus?
Helios: it's where I live.
Me: Sweet see ya.
Helios: Bye.

4TytenL said...

Me: So are you a god, Titan, or a Monster. Prometheus!

Prometheus: I am a Titan.

Me: What rare feature do you have.

Prometheus: I am the wisest Titan.

Prometheus: Why do you need to know this junk about me.

Me: It's for school and I just got one more question.Why were you chained to a rock with a bird pecking at your liver.

Prometheus: I was chained to a rock because I tricked everybody into sacrificing the bad part of the animals for Zeus.

Me: Thank you now I will ace this assignment.

Prometheus: Peace!!!!!!

4Riley S said...

Me: Chimera do you have a husband?
Chimera: I have no husband.
Me: Do you have siblings?
Chimera: Yes I do have siblings.
Me: Can you breath fire?
Chimera: Yes I can breath fire.

4 kenzie b said...

me:hello my name is Kenzie what is yours?
Eros:my name is Eros why am i here?
me: you are here because i have some questions.
Eros: okay so what is ur first question?
me:my first question what god or goddess are you?
Eros:i am Eros the god of love.
Me: wow that's cool so why do u have arrows are u like cupid or something?
Eros: sorry i don't know who cupid is, but i have arrows because that is my weapon.
Me:oh okay so why do you have 2 like swirly looking things?
Eros:because that is my symbol
Me:oh well is a heart one of your symbols
Eros: yes it is
Me:okay well your done and i got to go bye
Eros: bye

4maddie M said...

me: What's your name
Hephaestus: My name is Hephaestus
me: oh well that explains why your so ugly and lame sounding.
Hephaestus well that's all Zeus's fault he threw me off Mt. Olympus and I brake my legs.
me: you don't have very good grammar.
Hephaestus: yes I do.
me: anyway I have only a couple more questions like who are you the god of.
Hephaestus: oh well that's oh yeah i'm the god of fire and forge, crushed it
me: um OK next question, are you married and to who if so
Hephaestus: Aphrodite and its amaze, ing.
me: ok then I kinda am confused why and how that happend but ok bye
Hephaestus: but
me: I'm done

4macymm said...

me: Hi whats your name?
Persephone: Mine name is Persephone.
me: Cool what are you the goddess of?

9Jade s said...

me: what's your name?
Cyclops: hi my name is Cyclops.
me: cool I like that name my name is Jade can I have you a questions?
Cyclops: sure
me: ok what are your special powers?
Cyclops: my special powers are that I am very strong and im a giant
me: ok thank you for talking to me I gtg now bye!!
Cyclops: bye nice meeting you

9jacksonb said...

Jackson: Hello Nike my name is Jackson.
Nike: Hi, Jackson why did you come to see me?
Jackson: I wanted to know cool and interesting things about you!
Nike: Okay, well first off I'm the god of victory!
Jackson: Oh, cool tell me more about yourself.
Nike: Another thing is that I can change how a war ends, who will win, and also make it more interesting!
Jackson: Wow, so if I had an army and all my people were the best in the world and he other team was could make me lose!
Nike: Exactly, so if you want to win a battle, praise me if you want to win.

9Cecilia P said...

Me:Aphrodite, what are you the goddess of?
Aphrodite: I am the god of love,desire, and beauty.
Me:Oh that explains why your so pretty.
Aphrodite: Oh, why thank you.
Me:What is your symbol and your favorite animal?
Aphrodite:My symbol is the myrtle tree and my favorite animal is a bird.
Me:Then what is your favorite birds?
Aphrodite: I actually have 3, the dove, swan, and the sparrow.
Me: Do you have any other gifts rather than being pretty?
Aphrodite:I have a magical girdle that allows me to make anyone i like desire me.
Me: You dont have to have a magic girdle for people to like you everyone would already like you.
Aphrodite: OMG you are so nice i definity dont have to use the magic girdle on you :)

9Quinn G said...

Me: Hi my name is Quinn whats yours.
Hercules: My name is Hercules son of Zeus.
Me: Hey umm whats that club.
Hercules: Hmm oh my club that is my weapon I use to fight monsters.
Me: What monsters did you fight.
Hercules: Well I have the cyclops the Hydra and a few others.
Me: Hey weren't you from that Disney movie
Hercules: What are you talking about.
Me: Never mind

9Hunter Marso said...

Hunter: hi what is your name?

Perseus: my name is Perseus, I must ask yours.

Hunter: my what?

Perseus: your name you idiot!

Hunter: my name is Hunter and as I can see you are a very adamant young man.

Perseus: what do you want from me.

Hunter: I want to know you better.

Perseus: well, I am the son of Poseidon, and everybody think that I stole Zeus's lightning bolt but I didn't really do it.

Hunter: Well, I think your life is boring so that wraps up this interview.

9Noah L said...

Me: Hi, What is your name sir?
Atlas: Hello, my name is Atlas.
Me: Oh, I know you! You're the titan of astronomy!
Atlas:Yes I am the titan of astronomy, that means I control the stars and planets.
Me: Aren't you also the titan of navigation?
Atlas: Yes, I am, but I didn't invent the compass as many have thought.
Me: Yeah, I know that the Ancient Chinese Invented the compass.
Atlas: Good, you do know some of your social studies smarts!
Me: Didn't you hold up the celestial sphere?
Atlas: Yes, I did hold up the celestial sphere because I was punished by Zeus.
Me: Oh, sorry I asked.
Atlas: Oh it's fine.

Me: That's all Folks!

1Darius M. said...

Me:Hi, what is your name.
Hades:My name is Hades, whats your name.
Me:That a awesome name, and mines Darius.
Hades:That a lame name.
Me:Hey,that not nice ,I am named after many professional football players.

9Brett C. said...

Me: Hi my name is Brett
Dionysus: Hello my name is Dionysus

Me: wow that's a interesting name!
Dionysus: that's a pretty cool name to!

Me: what god are you?
Dionysus: I am the god of fertility and wine!

Me: who is your father?
Dionysus: My father is Zeus!

9Fiona w said...

Me: Hi whats your name?
Artemis: Artemis, whats yours?
Me: My names Fiona.
Artemis: I've never heard that name before.
Me: what are you the goddess of?
Artemis: I'm the goddess of the moon and hunt.
Me: cool, I remember learning about you in school. You were my favorite goddess.
Artemis: thanks
-whispers- along with Athena and Aphrodite.
Artemis: what was that?
Me: nothing
Artemis: Oh
Me: Your brother is Apollo right?
Artemis: Yep, don't forget.... twin brother.
Me: right I almost forgot.

9Ethan E said...

me-Hi my name is Ethan what is yours
Medusa-mine is Medusa i'am a monster
me-ahhhhhhhhhhh you are scary get don't look at me in the eye
Medusa- sorry sometimes i get carried away

9taylorc said...

Me: Hi, what is your name?
Eros: My name is Eros and I am the god of love.
Me: Do you have arrows like cupid or something.
Eros:I don't know who cupid is but I do have arrows.
Me: Do they have some sort of magic power.
Eros: Yes, the tips of the arrow
have a magic power that makes people fall in love.
Me: Who are your parents?
Eros: My parents are Aphrodite and

9maia a said...

ME: Hello their who are you and what are you doing here?!
Persephone: bringing spring why who are you:
ME: I asked you first :( Maia
Persephone: as in the greek goddess oh yah my name is Persephone :)
ME: bring spring a I dont like spring it .
Persephone :(:(:(
ME sorry what are you the goddess of .
Persephone spring
ME Any thing else .
Persephone . well iam marreid to hadies the god of the under world

9makiamanke said...

me:i am makia
Athena: my name is athena and what do you want.
me: i just want to ask you some questions.
Athena: ok what is your first question .
me:What goddess are you
Athena:i am goddess of wisdom and military victory.

9makiamanke said...

me:i am makia
Athena: my name is athena and what do you want.
me: i just want to ask you some questions.
Athena: ok what is your first question .
me:What goddess are you
Athena:i am goddess of wisdom and military victory.

9kaleb r said...

Kaleb: Hello what is your name
Poseidon: My name is Poseidon what is yours Young man.
Kaleb: My name is kaleb you are my favorite god and I think you are way cooler than Hades and Zeus. you are the best.
Poseidon: Why thank you, Do you want to come hang out some time.
Kaleb: well I can't breath under water so I can't but I would love to.
Poseidon: well that sucks. what I just remembered That I can put a potion on you so you can hang out with me.
Kaleb: yay when Tuesday that will be great see you then.

shyanne 9newkirk said...

Me: "Hi! What's your name?"
Hestia: "Hello! My name is Hestia,I am a famous god from Mt. Olympus.
Me:Wow that's awesome, I wish that I was a god.
Hestia: Well it is a very difficult job.
Me:What's so difficult about being a god? You get to rule everyone!

9parker w said...

Me: hello Prometheus my name is parker may I have an interview
Prometheus: yes

Me: is it true you gave fire to the geeks?

Prometheus: yes because I hated to see people be freezing and were roasting like pigs on mount olympous.

Zues: you are going back to chains.
*zap promethous is gone

9averyt said...

me: "Hi, whats your name?"
Demeter: "Hi there, my name is Demeter whats yours"
me " my name is Avery"
Demeter: "Oh that's cool"
me: "so, I was wondering why you have much food?"
Demeter: " I am the goddess of the harvest, corn ,and grain.
Me: " so do you make things grow every year?"
Demeter: "yes I do"
Me: " what else do you do?"
Demeter: "I am the goddess of of the earth, of agriculture

9Alison C said...

Me: Hi, my name is Alison and I will be interviewing you today.

Hera: Whatever, lets just get on with it.

Me: :(


Me: Okay. Okay. First question, are a god or goddess because you sure look like one.

Hera: I am a greek goddess.

Me: What are you the goddess of?

Hera: I am the greek goddess of marriage.

Me: Do you have to do any special tasks?

Hera: I have the special job to protect all of the married women and take special care of them.

Me: Since you are the goddess of marriage, are you married.

Me: Yes, I am married to the king and leader of greek gods, Zeus. Do not get him messed up with Mr. Klumper. It is hard to tell the difference.

9grace j said...

ME:"um hi whats your name?"
Me:that's a nice name
Cerberus:" grrrrrr" translation ( thank you whats yours?)
Me:" it is grace and you are very welcome. so what are you exactly?
Cerberus:"grrrr"( I am a three headed dog that guards the gates of the underworld so that no one can leave.
Me: thats all we have for today thANK YOU CERBERUS AND GOOD NIGHT!

9Reagan H said...

ME: Woah! I didn't even see you there! (I don't know how I couldn't you are huge!)

Hephaestus: I know I am pretty big... I need to back off the harpies they are high in fat.

ME: EEEEWWW! You like HARPIES?!?!?

Hephaestus: Yeah! They are really good once you have had it every day for 100,000 years. They aren't much but I have alot of traps so hunting them is NOT a problem.

ME: Yuck. So anyways... Who are you?

Hephaestus: I am Hephaestus god of fire and the forge. I make all of the amazing weapons for all of the famous gods such as Zeus' lighting bolt, Hades bident, Ares axe, and even Athena's sheild and sword.

ME: Oh cool! I like swords and knives. So where do you make all of your majestic weaponry?

Hephaestus: I actually make it in a big valcano.

ME: WOAH! How can you even withstand all of that heat?

Hephaestus:Well, I'm glad you asked. Withstanding heat is one of my special powers. You can throw me in a pit of lava and it will be just like swimming in water.

ME: I wish I could do that! Do you have any other Special Powers?

Hephaestus:Actually I do! I can make any weapon or defense mechanism I want.

ME: I really wish I was you

Hephaestus: Yeah... You don't want to be me because I get treated like junk because I am the only ugly god alive. Although I did somehow manage to hitch the most beautiful goddess around... Aphrodite.

ME: Yeah, she's really hot. Isn't she the goddess of love and beauty?

Hephaestus: Yup! Well, Nice talking to you I gotta run, Hermes just broke his wings on his shoes again. Hes way to hard on those things!

9Kira V said...

Me: Hello my name is Kira what is yours?
Pegasus: Well I don't have a specific name but I am a Pegasus.
Me:Wow that's really cool I have never met a real Pegasus before! So how was the ride over here?
Pegasus: It was great! the weather up in the sky was amazing!
Me: What do you mean up in the sky? Did you take a plane?
Pegasus: No, I flew here with my wings. Some people think I have a horn but that would be a unicorn.
Me: Flying everywhere sounds like fun! By the way I love your white fur.
Pegasus: Thanks! But it's nothing unusual. Most Pegasus' have white fur.
Me: Oh that's cool I didn't know that! So who is your favorite god?
Pegasus: Well, my favorite god is Zeus because well, uhhh, I serve him.
Me: Well that's cool! I bet he pays you pretty good.
Pegasus: Uhhh sure.......
Me: Well thanks for being here!

Fiona Wooten 9 said...

Me: Hi whats your name?

Artemis: Artemis, what's yours?

Me: My names Fiona.

Artemis: I've never heard that name before.

Me: what are you the goddess of?

Artemis: I'm the goddess of the moon and hunt.

Me: cool, I remember learning about you in school. You were my favorite goddess.

Artemis: thanks

-whispers- along with Athena and Aphrodite.

Artemis: what was that?

Me: nothing

Artemis: Oh

Me: Your brother is Apollo right?

Artemis: Yep, don't forget.... twin brother.

Me: right I almost forgot…………….

Artemis: Almost forgot what?

Me: you didn’t let me finish!

Artemis: Sorry. :( I didn’t let you finish what?

Me: sorry for yelling, … and I wanted to ask you some questions for a report. Are you willing to answer?

Artemis: of course I’ll answer your questions!

Me: ok, here are my questions. They are going to come fast. Ok?

Artemis: I’m ready!

Me: Who is you mother and father?

Artemis: My mothers name is Leto, and my fathers name is Zeus.

Me: -scribbles something on a notepad-

Me: Thank You, but I must go now.

Artemis: You are very welcome! It was nice meeting you!
Me: Bye

3Elisabeth Kluin said...

Me: Oh hi what is your name?
Centuar: Umm I am a Centuar
Me: Cool, but what are you?
Centuar: Well, I am half human half horse, what are you?
Me: I am a human, and could i ask you a couple questions?
Centuar: Oh, and sure why not!
Me:Ok So do you use any tools at all because you look like you are wearing armor.
Centuar: yes I mainly use the bow and arrows, but I also you a spear.
Me: Cool I use the bow also.
Centuar: Oh really lets see what you got!
Me: No, no you will beat me by a lot!
Centuar: I knew you would back down!
Me: Hey!
Me: Well I have one last question to ask you.
Centuar: sure what is it?
Me: Do you have any powers?
Centuar: Nope not really. I just use my bow and spear.( And sometimes hooves)
Me: Umm ok well thanks for answering my questions!
Centuar: Your welcome see you around!
Me: Bye!

9jaxon h said...

me: hi whats your name?
apollo:Hi my name Apollo. Whats yours?
me: Jaxon and do you have a sister or brother? I have four sisters.
apollo: Yes i have a twin sister named artemis.
me: What are you the god of?
apollo: I am the god of light i ride horses from the sun to the earth.
me: Is that it?
apollo: I am the god of music, archery i taught medicine to men, and the god of truth.