Monday, February 24, 2014

Welcome to "City-State" Week 2014

Ladies and Gentleman. Welcome to ancient Greece City-State Week 2014. All week, you will be working with the other members of your city-state to prepare for the Greek City-State Olympics to be held on Friday. This project has many layers, so be sure to pay attention. You will be working with other students, so be good, helpful, and productive group members. You will be making choices and decisions with your group members, so do that in a collaborative nature, not a fighting one. Get along. Listen to each other. Don't be a dictator and think it's your way every time. 
Project Outline:
Monday: Begin!
Tuesday: Work Day
Wednesday: Work Day
Thursday: Presentations 
Friday: Olympic Games

Project Resources: There are many helpful resources for you for this project. I have shared a "folder" with everyone through Google Drive. I have also made that folder available on WSG under "City-State Resources" on the top widget. You will also receive paper copies of helpful things as well. Don't lose stuff and use it to help you! 

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