Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Giant Book of Mesopotamia

Welcome to the "Giant Book" project. We have covered many important topics of Mesopotamia. Yet, there are a few that we still haven't covered. The Giant Book will allow us to bring everything we have learned together, yet still learn a few new things. Now, the Giant Book is not something that one can tackle alone. This must be done in a group because the Giant Book is far too vast for one individual. You will use this blog post for direction in completing your Giant Book. 

The Giant Book Details

Links that will help you with your Giant Book:
People of Mesopotamia PPT
Epic of Gilgamesh PowerPoint
Religion Prezi (gods/goddesses)
I Invent Farming story
Map of Mesopotamia
Events of Mesopotamia overview
Irrigation sketch
Stone Age Review 

Blackout: November 6th (End of the Realm)

Giant Book Badge: 450 or Higher
Total: 600 Realm points
100 Skyward points

Blueman Teaches the Class

Check out the newest Blueman comic and see what he's up to!
WSG Badge Student Task: List the 3 things about Mesopotamia contained in the Blueman Comic.
Blackout: November 6th (end of the Realm)

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tackk Challenge: Mesopotamia Website

You have your own email address. These email addressees are going to open up a lot of possibilities for us in learning about the ancient world. Today, we are going to take our email address and create an account with Tackk.com so we can make a permanent website. With our own account, you will be able to work on your website anywhere that has internet. If all members of your Ziggurat submit a completed Tackk Website, you will earn the Tackk Badge.
50 Realm Points per individual. Use the checklist to make sure you have what you need.
Click HERE to make a Tackk Website

Tackk Checklist:
_____ Title of website
_____ Your name
_____ Text (words)
_____ Video (see YouTube playlist below)
_____ Picture with captions
_____ Button linking to another Mesopotamia site

Tackk Content Options (5 items required for Badge):
_____ Vocab Words (at least 8)
_____ Irrigation
_____ Cuneiform
_____ Bricks
_____ Code of Hammurabi
_____ Money
_____ Geography (describing the Map)
_____ Ziggurat
_____ Wheel
_____ Epic of Gilgamesh
_____ Difference between Farming and Hunting
_____ "I Invent Farming" story
_____ gods and goddesses (link below)
_____ Map of Mesopotamia

Tackk Resources
YouTube Video Playlist (videos about Mesopotamia you can use)
The Blueman
Events Document
Mesopotamia Artifacts
Build a Ziggurat Game (Might not work in school)
Online Flashcards
gods and goddesses

Blackout: November 6th (end of the Realm)
Realm Points: 50/individual
Badge: Tackk Badge if all members complete in the ziggurat

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Fabulous Four Inventions of Mesopotamia

The Fabulous Four of Mesopotamia from Dan Klumper on Vimeo.
Mesopotamia, being the first civilization of the world, had the unique opportunity to invent many things. A lot of "firsts" occurred in Mesopotamia, which you will see in this third White Shirt Production called: "The Fabulous Four." What you will be watching is NOT how the inventions actually came to be, but, it will show you how important each one is. All four inventions of the Fabulous Four are used everyday in our world.
This video will help you start thinking about the fabulous four inventions of Mesopotamia as you begin your "Ask the Public" project. Watch this video, then start interviewing people! 
Student Task: Answer the following questions if you want that badge!
1. How does the video show money?
2. How does the video show irrigation?
3. How does the video show wheel?
4. What is the secret message during the writing section? 
5. Tell me one deleted scene. 

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Interactive Map of Mesopotamia

Use this interactive Map to review the major points of the Map of Mesopotamia. Hover over the map to reveal certain "tags" on the map. Think you can figure out what each "tag" is? Think about it and then put the mouse over the tag to see if you are correct. 
Student Task: Answer the following questions.
1. What are the four bodies of water that surround Mesopotamia?
2. What is the name of the desert? 
3. What are the two major rivers of Mesopotamia?
4. Which is further EAST: Zagros Mountains or Arabian Desert?
5. Which is further SOUTH: Sumer or Akkad?
Blackout: November 6th.

Monday, October 20, 2014

Ancient Quest: Chapter 3: "I Invent Farming"

We have reached chapter 3 of the book Ancient Quest. Chapter 3 is titled "I Invent Farming" and we once again join Johnny on his ancient quest, back to the ancient worlds, to accomplish tasks. Johnny has to complete one task in each of the 8 ancient worlds he will visit. So far, he has only gained one golden coin. He did that in the Stone Age by helping the people there discover and improve fire. Now, Johnny has arrived in Mesopotamia, where he will struggle to survive and to accomplish his task. The desert of Mesopotamia is a scorching, white-hot section of earth that will push Johnny to the limits. Will Johnny figure out what his task is and succeed? Let's go...
Read: Chapter 3: I Invent Farming

Student Task: How does Johnny Invent Farming? Explain the challenge Johnny is facing, how he comes up with the idea to use the rivers, and the result of his efforts. 

Sunday, October 19, 2014

Artifact Dig Wrap up

In class, we entered an excavation site in hopes of finding some clues or artifacts about Mesopotamia. With these artifacts, our goal was to learn about this time period, which happens to be the first civilization of the world. So, did we accomplish our goal and learn something about Mesopotamia through the artifacts we found? Use the resource above to answer the following questions. 
Student Task: Answer the following questions using the above resource.
1. Tell me one crop that they grew in their fields.
2. Tell me three animals that they had/used.
3. What did they write on? 
4. What did they invent to move around?
5. What do the football cards represent? 
6. What was one type of game they played? 
7. What did they use to hunt or fight with in war? 
8. What material did they use to build buildings? 

WSG Badge: Black out: End of Realm. (Nov. 5th)

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mesopotamia Scavenger Hunt

Let's take a little trip around Mesopotamia to gather some information about what this place is like. In your work packet, complete the Mesopotamia Scavenger Hunt by using the links below. 
Scavenger Hunt Badge (Magnifying Glass).
Individual. 50 Realm points (Realm only)
Black Out Date: November 5th

Map of Mesopotamia
Babylon and Assyria
Classes of People
Religion of Mesopotamia

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Welcome to Ziggantium: Realm of the Fertile Crescent

Welcome to the Realm of the Fertile Crescent. Volantis was a world full of lush green grass, forests, prairie. You shall find no such comfort in Ziggantium as you will battle the scorching desert, the poisonous SandSnake, and the other Ziggurats. This is a world full of dry, hot sand, of thirst, of secrets. To survive in Ziggantium, you must control the rivers, for the power lies in the Water….

Monday, October 6, 2014

Final Results of Volantis

The Realm has closed on Volantis. Before we make our way to the next, new world, let's pause a moment and reflect on the Realm of Fire and Stone. Here are the final results. I would like to congratulate all the winners, but also everybody for putting forth a good effort. I think we are off to a good start so when I look to the future to the worlds yet to learn about, I am excited to take you there. I am excited to see what happens with new badges, new cards, new activities, and most of all, new LEARNING. Rest up, my little Realmers, for this vacation will soon be over, because our new world awaits.