Sunday, March 29, 2015

Gladiator's of Ancient Rome

You will be gathering information to make a Gladiator "Trading Card." Your task in the computer lab is to complete all four steps below. 

1. Name of Gladiator Popular Roman Names
2. Type of Gladiator. You must pick a gladiator and write down 3 facts about that type of gladiator. ("Type of Gladiator" is on the right column on the research link below)
3. Favorite weapon. Select one or two weapons that your gladiator uses and describe what they are. (Type of weapons link is on the left column called "gladiator weapons")
4. Armor: select TWO pieces of armor your gladiator wears. (armor link is on the left column and is called "Roman Gladiator armor.")

DUE DATE: Gladiator card DUE Thursday, April 2nd
Points: 40 (20 for front, 20 for back)

Friday, March 27, 2015

Ancient Rome: "You Are There"

You are about to enter Ancient Rome. What better way to get introduced to Rome than by time traveling back to this ancient world and seeing it for yourself! You have one goal: survive. You will be faced with many options and decisions. Read through the scenarios carefully, put deep thought into what you decide, for you and you alone with face the consequences! Do you have the stamina and courage to survive one day in Ancient Rome? 
 Once you click the link with your mouse, you will be transported back in time to a place of glorious wonderment. A place of many, many amazing things. I will not say what those amazing things are, however, because I am not going to give you even one clue! The adventure is up to you. The decisions are yours to make. The fate is yours to have. You are in ancient Rome. I bid you good luck, my honorable and courageous young warrior.  
Task #1: Play the game "Ancient Rome: You Are There" and fill out your score sheet. COMPLETE SENTENCES!!
Task #2: Post a comment explaining 5 things you learned about Ancient Rome by playing the game.  COMPLETE SENTENCES.

DUE DATE: Tuesday, March 31st. Midnight. 
Points: 40 points. (20 for game sheet, 20 for blog post)

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Blueman Goes to a Restaurant

Students, can you find the ancient Greece facts hidden within the nonesense of the Blueman and his arch nemesis, Mustache? Blueman is an odd fellow who doesn't like people much, especially Mustache. However, besides being obsessed with Mustache's mustache, he does throw out a few helpful words now and then. Good Luck! Task: Post a comment with all the ancient Greece facts from the Blueman comic. Good Luck!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Wax Museum 2015 "Program Cover Contest"

The Wax Museum Program is a very important item to the big night. It helps the audience find who they are looking for, and also lets people know who is all in our Wax Museum. One of the first things the people will see when they enter the Wax Museum is the cover of the Program, so we need to have a good one! If you think you can design a great Wax Museum program cover, please submit an entry. Click above for details. 
Thank you. 

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

WSG Live! Ancient Greece

Olympus: The Realm of Freedom has been a blockbuster world. It all ends on Wednesday. Who will be left standing with the Sceptre of Olympus? To prepare for your final task (test), let's do some review together! WSG Live! is back on Water for Sixth Grade because the technical difficulties have been fixed.  
Click "comments" and start commenting! 

TIME: 7:00-7:30

See you there! 

2015 Ancient Greece Study Guide

Monday, March 16, 2015

2015 Olympic Results

The 2015 Olympic Games have come to a close. Here are the results from our Epic day. Congrats to the winners and to the non-winners, thank you for your efforts.