Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Menagerie of Memories

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I do not have a classroom anymore. Instead, I have a cubicle at the headquarters of the Sioux Falls school district. One thing I really liked to do is make my classroom unique, an extension of myself. I liked decorating it in a cool way and making it a place where kids felt a strong creative vibe. I loved my room last year with the my throne desk, nintendo controller back wall, and Mario scene. So without a classroom, I decide that I better try to apply the same concept to my cubicle. Even though I will not be in my cubicle much, I still want it to show who I am, a place that reminds me of the past and future. 
So, I brought with me some artifacts that have great meaning in my life. The picture above shows what artifacts made the cut and joined me in Sioux Falls. Can you figure out what the artifacts are? Some are school related, some are life related. But all of them mean a great deal to me. You could call them my favorite things, actually. It's my Menagerie of Memories. And I would like to show it to  you. 
Perhaps I'll post the answers soon..

-Dan Klumper


khufu said...

Period 9 group name highgarden First name Kaleb Last name Recob.
I miss you so much even though i couldnt see you at the middle school id try to go to the intermediate school if you were there, It sucks that you left and i wish you were the football coach. My fingers fine and i can play football this year!!! just wanted to leave a little message after doing all my eighth grade homework. And guesses for the relics i only know like four that you always showed off but i forgot the names so sorry miss you. Bye.

Anonymous said...

7 Dragonstone Tony Bertrand (your favorite student from there, obviously)
I haven't checked this all summer, and when I do, I see this. It's very saddening, but I'm glad to know you're going to keep updating us on things, and I'm glad to see people will keep updated on you. Anyway, from what I can see, there are pops (are those what those Game of Thrones toy things are called?), a Game of Thrones figurine, an Augustana Vikings mousepad, your laptop, obviously, a miniature Ronald Reagan statuette, a football player figurine, a fake NES controller, and something showing your graduation from Augustana.

7TonyDragonstone said...

Rip in pepperoni. I just typed up this huge paragraph saying how I and everybody else are going to miss you, along with naming all of the items on your desk, but my sister's laptop crashed. Whoopsies.
Anyway, there are Game of Thrones pops(?), a Game of Thrones statuette, a football player figurine, Vikings mousepad, your laptop, thing showing your graduation from Augustana, a Ronald Reagan statuette, family photo, and a fake NES controller.
7 Dragonstone Tony

Ice girl said...

Hi Mr.Klumper i miss you
you were the best and my fav teacher

3 "Highgarden" Lauren V.E. said...

First of all, just had to say hi! Second of all, cubicles are very cramped looking. 3. The Dragon and Direwolf, which Highgarden coveted for most of Hazerstros, Axel Bonebreaker, who a kid DID touch when you were gone, mini replica of a nintendo controller, JFK statuette, and "The Tiger", and lastly a stick with the names of the 12 Greek gods.Mine has "Hephaestus" spelled wrong :P Bye!

"If it lives on in memory, it still exists." - My quote!

Andrew Betanzo oldcastle said...

I really like the Nintendo controller you got their

K. In a good Moody said...

Is ee a picture of your family, JFK, aww, a tiger! There's a greek gods scepter, a lego nintendo, the Dragon , The direwolf, a flag, a picture of hands. It looks like there's a ninja, your polka dot nametag, and Axle Bonebreaker form Norway.

Andrew Betanzo (old castle) said...

I saw you at the night of World's Fair. As soon as world's fair was over, I spent that night remembering all the good moments throughout the Realm. Realm=Never forgert