Monday, March 25, 2013

Blog Book #4: Pantheon

One of the most lasting buildings of the Roman Empire is the Pantheon. With its distinct look of the pillars in the front and the dome on top, the Pantheon has been a tourist hot spot in Rome for years. One of the most intriguing aspect of the Pantheon is the hole, called an oculus, at the top which lets in sunlight and is the only light source in the building. The pantheon was a place for worship for the ancient Romans. Below, you will find two articles to help you with your Pantheon blog book activity. For the Pantheon, we will be using the "hand" method.

Hand Method: In your blog book on the "Pantheon" page, you will fill out the Hand. Each finger will have a specific piece of information in it. The middle of the hand (the palm) will be a 3 sentence summary. Make sure you write in COMPLETE SENTENCES. See below for details:
Pointer Finger: Who ordered the Pantheon to be built?
Middle Finger:  What material was used to build the Pantheon?
Ring Finger: What is the hole in the roof called AND what it its purpose?
Pinky Finger: What does the word "pantheon" mean?
Thumb: How did the Romans build the dome part of the Pantheon? (hint: something to do with the thickness of the walls)
The Palm: Explain what the Pantheon was used for. (2-3 sentences)

Click here or here to find articles on the Pantheon that will help you fill out your "hand" notes.

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