Sunday, March 17, 2013

2013 Wax Museum Cover Contest Details

Each year, I hold a contest to see who can design the coolest/best cover for the Wax Museum program. The Wax Museum program is a very valuable item during the Wax Museum. First, it gives me a chance to thank some special people that help us with this project and show the steps of this project. It also provides a list of all the students and their characters so people can see who is all in the Wax Museum. Even more important, the program shows people where they can find each character. This is an essential element to the big night because without the program, people would be wandering around aimlessly trying to find certain characters. The first thing people see when they pick up a program is the cover, so that is why we have got to make something cool for people to look at. Click the Link below to read the details of the Wax Museum Program Cover contest.

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