Monday, March 25, 2013

Gladiator Trading Cards

Welcome to the Arena. Lebron James? No. Kobe Bryant? No. Joe Mauer? No. In ancient Rome, these people are nobody. These people are nothing special. For the Roman world, the Gladiator reigned supreme as the "top-dog" in the athletic arena. The gladiator was the super star. What happens to star athletes when they lose? The answer: NOTHING. If a gladiator lost, what would happen to them? The answer: death. The stakes were much higher for the gladiator than the sports stars of today. The gladiator of the Colosseum in Rome fought for freedom and for their life. A popular hobby is to collect trading cards of sports super stars. What if there were gladiator trading cards? Wouldn't that be interesting? Well, there haven't been any gladiator trading cards dug up by archaeologists, so it appears it is up to us to make some. So, let us begin and make Gladiator trading cards.
*Read the Instructions on the details of this assignment.

*Website to help you research: Gladiator Index

*Examples from last year: Click Here

DUE: Tuesday, April 2nd.  

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