Friday, March 22, 2013

BlueMan is Stranded on an Island

BlueMan is stranded on an island, but he's happy about it. He is finally free of Mustache. Or is he? Check out this latest BlueMan comic and see what our adorable dork BlueMan is up to next!


9louisk said...

how did blueman get on the island?
Maybe he floated on his mustache also.
Why does blueman like Mustaches mustache if he has one of his own?
Where'd blueman get the materials to buil that house?

9loreta h said...

1 circus maximus is for chariot racing
2gladiaror is a professinal fighter
3 aquedict carries water to rome
4 rome built the colosseim
5 rome had a public bath

Aaron Beaner said...

hey mr.klumper

3Sean F said...

hi everyone, I miss everybody at school. Tell Bob the Janitor I said Hi. I have been sick for so long on Friday a trip to the emergency room we found out that my appendix burst (its in my stomach). Saturday I had to have a surgery and in like 2 months i will have to have another surgery and get my appendix removed. :) see you soon!