Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Rome Detective

In "Ancient Rome: You Are There" your goal was to survive the day. Now, you are back in ancient Rome but you have a different objective: to become an ancient Rome detective and solve these clues. It is your job to identify the 10 suspects and bring them to justice. These people/things have been out pillaging the country side, so it is your job to find them to stop their destruction. Follow the instructions on the Rome Detective PowerPoint. You will record your findings in your work packet. Good Luck, detective. 
Extend the Learning: Once you have figured out all of the 10 suspects, select 3 of them and write a 4-5 sentence paragraph for each topic you selected, providing more detail/explanation of that topic. This brief research project is a Common Core State Standard. You will post a comment with your 3 paragraphs. 
VERY IMPORTANT: We will be having a standard check on Friday over "Ancient Rome: You Are There," Rome detective, and Ancient Quest Ch. 8. You will be able to use your work packet so make sure you complete the activities. 

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6Javiera said...

Julius Caesar-Julius Caesar was a great general and leader of Rome. During his lifetime he held about every important title in the Roman Republic. Also he reorganized the army. Another thing he improved was the way the provinces were governed.

Punic wars-