Friday, March 15, 2013

2013 Wax Museum Charity Candidates

The Wax Museum 2013 is a little over one month away, which means it is time to select the charity we will donate the money to. During the Wax Museum, our "wax statues" will come to life when coins are dropped into their bucket. Once the coins hit the bottom of the container, the "statue" will come to life and tell all about their life. That money is then collected and donated. This is not the only reason we do the Wax Museum. However, it is an important part. This aspect of the Wax Museum project makes it more than just a school project. It makes it a dynamic opportunity for the students of BVMS to be a part of something that does good for someone else. For the Wax Museum, we are not working for simply a grade, we are working to put on a good show and help someone/something in need. Each year, the 6th grade students vote on the charity to receive the Wax Museum donation. The charity that wins our vote will be very happy. This is an important decision because it is a sizable amount of money that will be donated. With that said, look through the list and do a little research on the charities that you are not familiar with. Be an informed voter on Monday. 
2013 Wax Museum Charity Candidates
Wounded Warrior Project
Make-A-Wish Foundation
Humane Society
Children's Inn
Brandon Food Pantry
Special Olympics
Ronald McDonald House
Red Cross
Kids Against Hunger
Josiah McGee

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