Monday, March 12, 2012

Ancient Rome: "You Are There"

Vini. Vedi. Vici. Translated, that means "I came, I saw, I conquered." Hopefully, that is what you will be saying after you complete the Ancient Rome adventure: "You Are There." You traveled back to the Stone Age with one goal: to survive. You faced many challenges and obstacles throughout your time there. You faced many decisions that shaped your adventure. Now, you must use what you learned from that experience because you are going back to the ancient world. This time, though, it will not be neanderthals and sabre tooth cats to deal with, but the Roman Empire. Can you survive? Can you make good decisions that allow you to be successful? You have two objectives: 1. complete the game with positive points. 2. Reach the maximum amount of points which is: 110 points
This WSG Entertainment production will test your decision making abilities and push you to the limit. Johnny Rawten gets to time warp to every civilization. But he can not help you with this one. You are on your own, with only your wits as your weapon. Good Luck!

HERE to play the game: Ancient Rome: You Are There

Want to be a "You Are There" expert? Then answer the bonus questions below with a comment.
Bonus Questions
#1. What type of food do patricians eat?
#2. What is a Eques gladiator?
#3. Where do charioteers race their chariots?
#4. What is the Forum?
#5. What is the Pantheon used for?

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