Sunday, March 27, 2011

Blog Book #5: Circus Maximus

The name Circus Maximus is a leading misleading. It wasn't quite a circus like we think of when we hear the word Circus. It wasn't a bunch of fun and games with clowns, elephants, trapeez artists, etc. Though fun was had at the Circus Maximus, there were times of high intensity. The Circus Maximus served as the arena for chariot racing. This was a very popular thing in ancient Rome and though people who raced chariots were safer than gladiators, chariot racing could turn very dangerous. People were killed every so often during crashes. Unlike racing today, these chariot racers, or "charioteers" had no protective suits or seat belts. Instead, they were in the wide open chariots, with no protection against crashes. In your blog book, you will complete the second "hand notes" by filling it out with Circus Maximus notes. Just like you did with the Pantheon, write one fact in each of the five fingers, then a 3-4 sentence summary in the middle of the palm. Use the link to read about the Circus Maximus.
Click Here to read about the Circus Maximus.

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