Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Welcome to Ancient Greece

Ancient Greece has arrived. And with it, many fascinating things, especially Greek Mythology. Thanks to movies and books, Greek Mythology has become quite popular (Percy Jackson, Rick Riordan). We will definitely be covering Greek Mythology but we will also take a look at the city-states of ancient Greece, government such as Democracy, and the Olympics. Greek Mythology will, however, be our focus much of the time in this unit. We will learn about the gods/goddess, the Titans, the monster children like Medusa and Pegasus. We will read about hero's and myths. It is all fascinating stuff that I think you will enjoy learning about. The ancient Greece unit will feature some new ideas and activities from the past units we've studied. Buckle up, hold on, and watch out for Zeus's thunderbolt: ancient Greece here we come!


9SydneyR said...

One word, WOW! Zeus can be frightening! Why so much fighting? It's so dramatic every time somebody gets hurt! :) But it's entertaining. At least you don't show blood in there as much. Otherwise it's entertaining.

3Nicole H. said...

I hated the part at the end when he gets stabs in the shoulder. I mean it's just disgusting. But everything else is really cool. ;)