Friday, February 8, 2013

Ancient Greece Cornucopia

Ancient Greece is a unique civilization. No major river and no desert make this unit far different than the previous units. Ancient Greece also has Greek Mythology, which makes it highly interesting. Before we dive into Greek Mythology, we are going to experience the Greece Cornucopia. If you have seen the Hunger Games, you know that a cornucopia is a big horn-type structure that has many different things inside. So, for our Greece cornucopia, there will be many different topics to discuss. To do the discussion today, we are going to use one of my favorite tech tools: "todaysmeet" which allows us to "chat" with each other instantly. We will be able to help each other, share with each other, and teach each other. Since we have just started Greece, we might not know too much about it, so, we are going to have to use some website to help us with information. Use the websites on the right side of the blog to help you find information. 
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