Monday, November 26, 2012

Egypt Online Quiz

This is our final week of ancient Egypt. On Friday, we will be taking a test. On Wednesday, we will be competing in the Egypt Shoot-Out. For both of these items, you need to prepare. Please complete this Egypt Online Quiz by Thursday, November 29th-Midnight. Going through this online quiz will help you get prepared for the Shoot-Out game and for the Egypt test. 

Take Egypt Online Quiz

VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you sign your name correctly. (class period) (first name) (last initial). For Example: 3Dan K
DUE Date: Thursday, November 29th, Midnight

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8Caden R said...

As i was going back and forth through tabs i accidently hit the X on the quiz and i tried again but it corrected it and i got a 100% just in case it says a very low number like 60%