Thursday, November 8, 2012

Experience the King Tut Museum and see a REAL MUMMY

Four years ago, we had the opportunity to take a field trip to Watertown, SD to visit the King Tut Museum. This is a traveling museum, so it is no longer at Watertown (otherwise we would go again!). So, I thought I would share this video so you could experience the King Tut museum even though we can't actually go there.  In the video, you will see many, many artifacts from Ancient Egypt. These artifacts are exact replicas, which means that they weren't actually from the ancient times, but created to look exactly like what they would have looked like. However, there are a few items that are REAL, like the mummified body you will see at the end. So, sit back and enjoy the video as you experience the wonders of Ancient Egypt.  

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9SydneyR said...

Oh! This is cool! I wish I could go to this museum! I wonder if that thing really is a time machine. It would be cool if it was real! King Tut is kind of creepy as to right now in the present. He is all black and a little bloody. But the blood's dry. I think that is cool you got to see that Mr. Klumper!