Tuesday, November 13, 2012

International Connections begins with a GIVEAWAY

It is time to begin International Connections: South Korea. Now, I know that we could simply read a book or find a website and learn about any country in the world, but it wouldn't be as meaningful, we wouldn't feel a very strong connection to that place. So instead, we are going to be learning about South Korea for students who actually live and go to school there. International Connections is a program I set up to help my students learn about life outside of the walls of Brandon, SD. Too often, we get so focused on our own lives and forget that there is a huge, interesting world around us. I want to take off our tunnel vision goggles and experience other places! What does this have to do with Social studies, you ask? Well, this is a great opportunity for us to learn, to discover new things, to ask insightful questions, to grow as a person and become more worldly. I am very excited for our connection to South Korea because I think we will discover that things are much different than here in Brandon, SD. 
Our new friends from South Korea go to school at the International School in Jeju, South Korea. Their teacher's name is Mr. Ates. They learn about ancient civilizations and use Water for Sixth Grade, just like us. To start our connection, we are going to ask each other questions. So, our first task is to think of some questions that we want to ask our new friends in South Korea. 
TASK: I want you to post some question ideas for our new friends in South Korea. Questions could include things about their school and their life. 
GIVEAWAY: If you post a comment with at least 3 questions to ask the students in South Korea, your name will be entered into the drawing for the Special Edition USA/South Korea Survival Bracelets. 
You have until 8:00 a.m. Wednesday morning to get your name in the drawing. 


6 Abby R said...

Do the kids in South Korea have to wear school uniform??

6EmilyE said...

1. What is your type of releigion, and are you allowed to express it at school?

2. What are your sports that your school offers?

3. Have you ever heard of a survival bracelet?

6ashley a said...

How long is your school day

Do you where uniforms

madisonm said...

Do you like having mandatory study halls every day?

What do you like most about the ancient worlds?

Is it hard speaking Korean?

3raymondg said...

1.what is your favorite food?
2.Would you move if you had the chance?
3.what is your favorite sport?

4maryn d said...

1. What do you do in your free time?

2. Do you play any sports?

3. What is your favorite subject in school?

4. Do you like school?

5. How many brothers and sisters do you have?

6. What is your favorite color?

4tristans said...

do you guys have any rain or very dry climate. what do you guys do for entertainment and what do you guys do for special holidays.

3brads said...

what are your favorite hobbies. What sports do you play.
Do you like to have study hall extra hours.

4carterl said...

1. Is school hard out their?
2. What is your favorite sport?
3. What do you like to do in your free time?

6Jackson F said...

Do guys watch NFL football down there of NBA basketball?

6kendra k said...

What do you have for lunch?
Do you have school uniforms?
What is your favorite class?
What is your favorite color?

Tellinghuisen 4 said...

What sports are popular in Korea?

Do you really have that much homework that you need that long of a study hall?

Do you guys get any free time on a school day?

4ZachIbberson said...

1. Since you have to learn 2 languages, is it hard to know what language someone is speaking all the time?
2.Do all your teachers speek korean when they teach? Do they speek mostly english? Or do half speek in korean and the other half speek english?
3.Is it stressfull to go to school so long?

6connork said...

how many people are there in your classroom?

6nikkir said...

1)whats it like in south korea with school,sports and family life.
2)what type of clothing do they where.

3carter o said...

1-what do you where to school?
2-what are you hobbies?
3-what sports do you like?

4sydney6 said...

I would like to ask them do the girls have mainly short or long hair? Is their mall big do they have a mall do they have a Clares wich is a store? Are there french fries and hambergers their how about tacos.Whats water for sixth grade in korean? Have you herd about that raper Psy?
I know these Questions are crazie but its what i wonder about.

8 cade p said...

1 what kind of lunches do you have
2 what do you do in yor free time
3 what kind of stores are there

Marlie T said...

1. Do they switch classes like we do or do they stay in the same class?

2. Does the school grades only go to 8th or higher or lower?

3. What ancient world are they studying right now?

4jenessa s said...

I would like to ask them if they play softball or volleyball. I also want to ask them what ther favirate subject is in school.

4jazmynl said...

Do you like being at school for a long time?

Whats your favorite subject?

Do you like pizza?

Whats your favorite hobby to do in your free time?

Have you relatives fought in a war or battle?

Do you play sports?

6Zach D said...

What kind of foods do you guys have there.

What do you guys do in you life.

Do you have any bad weather down there.

9DylanK said...

What their government was like? How did school go through the day? What was your thought on the hit Gangnum Style?

9caden j said...

why was gangam style created?

What types of food do you eat?

If you don't have any work do you still have to go to the study hall from 6:30 to 9:00?

9DylanK said...

What their government was like? How did school go through the day? What was your thought on the hit Gangnum Style?

9Tylers said...

We were told that yo guys have a 3 hour long study hall each night. If all of your work is done do you still have to go? What does your flag mean?

9Issy D said...

1. Do The students have to switch classes or do the stay in the same class?
2. What are some rules the students and teachers have to follow?
3. Do you have lots of homework?
4. Do you get vacations?
5. When you back to school for that thing, how does that work? :)

9dylans said...

What are you learning about in social studies.

9kaylaw said...

When you have the study hall do you have to still go if you don't have anything to do?

Is it frustrating going back to school to have this big study hall after school?

9dylans said...

How many classes do u have in one day at school or do you have one.

9JordynnS said...

How do you celebrate birthdays? What kind of foods or drinks do you recommend to us? Can you speak more than 1 language?

9harvisonj said...

1. do most of you guys like the song with the south karian rapper with the song called Gangnam style. I do!!!

2. What's your favorite ancient world

3 .Do you like social studies

8Hailey B said...

What is your school mascot?

8Auch Anthony (Bear) said...

What do you have for wildlife in South Korea?

Whats your main religion in South Korea?

What do learn in Korea that is different thani in America.

6Mallory P. said...

What do you like to do in your free time?

4Rose K said...

1. What is your night study hall like?
2. What kinds of things do you do on weekends?
3. Do you like having a study hall at night?

8stephaniekessler said...

-How many people are in your class?

-Who are some famous dancers, singers and actors?

-What are some sports that you play?

-What are your subjects in school?

8ruthk said...

How big are your classes?
What kind of food do you eat?

4CierrahT said...

Do you get a lot of days off of school?

What is the most fun thing you ever did in school?

What is your favorite subject?

9 Andrew R said...

What type of food do you eat?

What does your school look like?

Do you learn the same things as us?

9amanda w said...

What is your favorite thing in school?

Where would you go if you could go anywere in the world?

What do you do in your free time?

6GraceW said...

Do you have to wear uniforms for school?

8constancec. said...

1.do you think your rules are fair for your school?
2.Are there any sports that we may not know?
3.Are there any games that are really fun to play that we could play?

jasminel8 said...

how did you descover water for sixth grade

what are you learning

what your favorite school lunch

3jacob m said...

1.how is the scool at southkorea
2.what drugs are not allowed in south korea
3. how ald do you have to be able to start working

6 Allison R. said...

What's your favorite hobby?

3 Sierra C. said...

I think that we should ask them how many sports they are allowed to play or also we could ask what they do during their mandatory study hall or we could ask if they have recess over there because we dont.

4Alyssa D said...

What is it like at the study hall?
What's your favorite place to go to?
What's it like outside is it the same as here or is it different

6nate k said...

I think we should ask them if they play basketball in South Korea.

8 frank a said...

what is your daily life like?
how long is your christmas break?
how many kids go to your school?
how many kids are in your class?

4ryleigh j said...

What kind of animals around there?

Do you have four seasons like winter, summer, spring, and fall?

What kind of food do you eat?

What do you call your leader?

What kind of jobs are there?

Do you have pets?

8constancec. said...

1.dose your social studies teacher have his or her own website?
2.Would you ever want to go to the U.S?
3.Do you think that Learning a new language is hard?

3 McKenna G said...

1What are your major sports that you do

6Jonathan M said...

How dose having uniforms like. How do you like your study hall after school. Are you tierd after school.

3Jorie Z said...

1. What kind of sports do you play?
2. What kind of food do you eat?
3. Do you like having mandatory study hall?

9Rachel D. said...

1.What ancient world are you studying?

2. How many students are in a regular class?

3. What are some extra curricular activities you can do after or during school?

4. What is you favorite ancient world so far?

*Can't wait to see who wins!(Kinda hope it's me!)*

9Max nancy said...

I would like to ask the students in Tokyo if they enjoy coming back to school and doing a study hall.

8wyattk said...

what is school like and is it nice to have study hall after super?

4kiley m said...

1.what time do you guys have lunch
2.what do you guys think was are will be the coolest ancient civilization
3.what different foods do you guys have there
4.what different cultures do you have in your guys class

3 Nicole H. said...

what is your family like ? what do you do in South Kora? Is it hot there in South Kora?

alanna brekhus pd.6 said...

do you wear uniforms?
is it hard to speak english for you?
do you know the song gangnam style?
d oyou like your teachers?

9kayla w said...

I would love to ask them if they like to come back to school for the study hall?

8annah said...

1. how many middle schools are in your district.2. whats school like their. 3. whts your life like.

Drew S.6 said...

We could say hi whats your name and whats your school like and say whATS your favorite sport.

6kateh said...

These are my questions: Be Honest do you like school?
What are your favorite foods, why do you like them?
Do you think you will like it here in Brandon SD?

4KevinH said...

Do you like the long study hall because i don't like study hall?

3tiav said...

1.what do you build your shcool with

2.is worck hard or easy

how many meals do you get

6jordanh said...

what is the main sport in your country.

3gunnar s said...

how meny kids do you have. what are you lerning abought. what time do you get in school and out of school

3Colleen R said...

Do you like having study hall at night?

How many kids go to your school?
What is your life like? Is it easy or difficult?

Do you like your teachers?

What time do you start school and and?

Do you have a dress code?

What do you do on the weekends?

6 colinS said...

1.Who is the oldest kid in your class.
2.Who is the youngest kid in your class.
3.How long has your school been standing.

3tiav said...

1.what things do you need to build your school

2.is work hard or easy

3.how many meals do you get

6Brooke L said...

Do you get alot of homework in one day?

8Colep said...

In or school what do you speak english or korea or both . What times do you go to school. What games do you play.

4lindwurm amanda said...

is your study hall fun or not?
do you have a lot of teachers or not?

4kylak said...

What is the classes over all favorite color
What is school like in south koera
hve you guys looked at wsg

6Thomas C. said...

What city are they in? sincerely H4teh6

3 McKenna G said...

2 favorite subjects in school.
3 what do you do when your not at school

8gracie h said...

What kinds of lunches do you have do you get multiple choices?
Does it ever get cold in Korea or is it always warm?
Does it ever snow in Korea?
What kind of food do you eat do you get it from the ocean or from the farming?

8EthanR said...

A question for them is, What type of sports do you play.Whats is your favorite food.

9SydneyR said...

1. What are all the languages you can speak besides English of Korea?
2. Can there be some extreme weather or temperatures there?
3. In your city/town what pet is the most popular in your opinion?

8Nevaeh M said...

What kind of food do you eat?

Do you have slippers?

Are your houses suitable?

4Michael v said...

are any of you in Destination Imagination, what are your first thoughts of USA, whats your climate like in your area.

9Eric D said...

1. Do you have soda in South Korea?
2. Do you practice Martial Arts there?
3. What is your school like?

6anab n said...

1.in south korea who's your big celebrity like justin bieber in south dakota?

2.whats lunch like in south korea?

3.do you graduate at a older age or younger?

4.if you could only have school for 8 hours a day what would you do during your spare time?

4tyjon d said...

is your homework hard in south korea?

8saral said...

what is your favorite activity at school?

6Jackson F said...

Do you guys have feild trips?

Do you guys have a trampoline?

Do you guys know what an iPod is?