Friday, November 16, 2012

Creating an Egypt Photovisi

Example of an Egypt Photovisi
Creating is something that helps us learn the information because it makes it more meaningful. Topics of Egypt are not something we just need to memorize for a test, but use to create cool things! We are going to create a "photovisi" about Egypt. Photovisi is a tool that allows us to easily create a photo collage with text. We can insert pictures and information, similar to an infographic. The big difference between this and the infographics we made in class is the computer! We can find and use pictures off the internet to help us make a dynamite photovisi, or online infographic. Our goal today is to create, save and share our photovisi. 
Task: Create an Egypt Photovisi (online infographic). Your photovisi should show the major topics of Egypt that we have been disucssing.
Ideas for your photovisi:
-Things about the Nile River

-Things about Mummification (ex: show the 6 steps)
-Things about Egypt religion
-Vocab words
-Things about Pyramids

Details: You must have at LEAST 4 images on your photovisi. You can certainly have more though. For each photo you insert, you need to include a complete sentence of information about that picture. Short descriptions are better because they don't take up so much room. 
Saving: We will do this in class together. 

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