Monday, November 5, 2012

Egypt Prior Knowledge & Fact Search

Ancient Egypt has begun and we are going to dive right in. Our first activity of ancient Egypt is going to bring us to books. Not the textbook, but Library books. One advantage Egypt has over Mesopotamia is that there are tons of good library books about ancient Egypt. I'm not talking about chapter books, but books with a lot of pictures! So, this week, we are going to be using both the internet and those library books to help us get introduced to ancient Egypt. Monday we will be using the library books for our "Fact Search" activity. After Monday, you can use the Ancient Egypt website list on WSG. 
TASK #1: For this blog post, tell me something you already know about Ancient Egypt. I would bet that we know way more about Egypt before beginning than we knew about Mesopotamia before beginning that unit. So, post a comment telling me something you already know about Egypt! I want to know what we already know before we start tackling some topics. 
Task #2: Use the Egypt Website list to help you complete your Ancient Egypt Fact Search activity. VERY IMPORTANT: Make sure you use complete sentences in the Fact Search. 

DUE Dates
Fact Search: Friday (30 points)
Prior Knowledge Comment: Friday (optional)


3 Jacob R said...

I know that:
and Geb,
are all gods.

Sekhmet, are goddesses.

3 Julia A said...

I already new about pyramids. And nothing else really.

9SydneyR said...

I knew about the great pyramid of Giza, mummification and how it works, hieroglyphics, the Nile river, I obviously knew about the pharaoh and the best known pharaoh who was in the most known tomb; I can't describe it well, I hope you know what i mean, but that's the thing I mostly know. That's all I know at the top of my head.

6EmilyE said...

I knew about the pyramids, mummies, pharaohs, and hieroglyphics from reading the Kane Chronicles.

8samk said...

Ra is the sun god. Oris is god of death. and Hourus is king of the gods.Irs is the name of a Greek and Eygption god.

4Carterl said...

Im so board is anyone out there and if your looking to find more facts about gods and goddesses read the Red Pyramid and may other books from the Kane Chronicles