Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Study Tool: The Theory on why Otzi Died

Otzi the Iceman died in the Alps over 5,000 years ago. We know that. But what we don't know, is how did Otzi died. We may never know for sure, but through artifacts and other clues, we have some theories to discuss. The video above will help you get a visual on what the four theories are and some highlights about each theory. Perhaps this will help you remember! 
Student Task: Give a brief summary of each of the four theories on how Otzi may have died. 
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9 Ayden m rock am said...

Hypothermia: They said he was in the alps. He could have got lost in the alps and froze to death. He also had dry yellow skin. Robbery: He might of have been a Shepard. The robbers killed otzi then stole the sheep. Assasination: Otzi may have been assassinated because he had marks on his wrist which might have made him a religious leader. Someone could have killed him because of otzi's decision. Died in battle: He could have died in battle. Their we're four different blood type on him so maybe there was a war and he died while saving others possibly.

MoonKai 8 Laura K. said...

Theory 1,Hypothermia:Scientist believe that otzi the iceman may have died from freezing to death because he had a yellowish skin color that was preserved in the ice.Also Otzi was found in a place where temperatures can change very Quickly.

Theory 2, robbery: Another possibility is that Otzi was robbed for his sheep because in Alps it was common for shepherds to be in that area of the mountains to graze.

theory 3, assassination: another way that Otzi may have died was because he was assassinated because he may have been a religious leader or someone else who was very important. Some fact that prove this are the strange tattoos found on his body.

theory 4, died in battle: Otzi may have died in battle because during that time there was tribal war that he may have fought in. Also otzi was found with weapons such as bow and arrows and a copper ax. Some other reasons was because he was found with 4 different types of blood on his material.

4Kaylie Rockvam said...

Hypothermia: Otzi may have died of hypothermia becuase he was found with no shoes on.

Assassination: Otzi might have been assassinated for religius beliefs.

Died in battle: Otzi might have died in battle because there was 4 different DNA's on some of Otzi's belongings.

Robbery: Otzi may have died because of robbery for something valuable that he had.

3Kennedy N said...

hypothermia-Otzi could have died from hypothermia because cold temps and was found without shoes.
Robbed- It could be robbery because pollen was found in stomach and many people were sherherds
Assassination- He had tattoos and he was stabbed in the back it might have been relgios.
Died in battle- Found 4 dna samples and had 2 arrows. There is a arrow in his shoulder and hole in head.

4AbbyFinch Firestar said...

Died in battle: He had 4 different blood types on him when he was found so he couldve been carrying a friend or had sommeone elses blood on him that he killed. Assasination: He had mysterious tattoos so he couldve been a leader or a religous person. Maybe people didnt like that or what he was doing because of it so they killed him. Robbed: He couldve been a shepherd. Someone may have killed him for that wanting his sheep. Hypothermia: He was found with dry yellow skin so he couldve died of the quick weather change and coldness

3Ava W said...

Robbed-He had pollen in his stomache when he died. they may have killed him because they wanted his sheep. Assasination-He had strange tatoos on his body. He could have been a religous leader that all people did not agree with him so they killed him. Hypothermia-He had dry yellow skin that had been preserved like a mummies. He was found with his shoes off, which when you have hypothermia you often feel warm. Died in battle-He had four diffrent indiviguals blood on him and his belongings. There was and arrowhead in his right shoulderblade.

8philip Harris rockvam said...

Good video

Xander Firestar 4 said...

He might have died of hypothermia, he had dry yellow skin and temperature in the Alps changes quickly. Another theory is robbery, it was common to lead sheep through the Alps. It also could have been assassination, because he had tattoos that might have pointed to religious or spiritual leadership. The last theory is in battle, he had 4 different types of blood on the things he had with him.

4kady s said...

Hypothermia: He was found with no clothes on so maybe Otzi took off his clothing when he felt a warm sensation coming on. Robbed: Otzi had pollen in his stomach this pollen is found in trees on the path where shepherds lead the sheep. Died in battle: Otzi had 4 different blood types on him so he could have carried wounded people to safely or he could have killed him. Assassination: Otzi had 3 different tattoos witch meant he could have been a religious leader and maybe he got in an argument with someone and got murdered.