Sunday, October 26, 2014

Tackk Challenge: Mesopotamia Website

You have your own email address. These email addressees are going to open up a lot of possibilities for us in learning about the ancient world. Today, we are going to take our email address and create an account with so we can make a permanent website. With our own account, you will be able to work on your website anywhere that has internet. If all members of your Ziggurat submit a completed Tackk Website, you will earn the Tackk Badge.
50 Realm Points per individual. Use the checklist to make sure you have what you need.
Click HERE to make a Tackk Website

Tackk Checklist:
_____ Title of website
_____ Your name
_____ Text (words)
_____ Video (see YouTube playlist below)
_____ Picture with captions
_____ Button linking to another Mesopotamia site

Tackk Content Options (5 items required for Badge):
_____ Vocab Words (at least 8)
_____ Irrigation
_____ Cuneiform
_____ Bricks
_____ Code of Hammurabi
_____ Money
_____ Geography (describing the Map)
_____ Ziggurat
_____ Wheel
_____ Epic of Gilgamesh
_____ Difference between Farming and Hunting
_____ "I Invent Farming" story
_____ gods and goddesses (link below)
_____ Map of Mesopotamia

Tackk Resources
YouTube Video Playlist (videos about Mesopotamia you can use)
The Blueman
Events Document
Mesopotamia Artifacts
Build a Ziggurat Game (Might not work in school)
Online Flashcards
gods and goddesses

Blackout: November 6th (end of the Realm)
Realm Points: 50/individual
Badge: Tackk Badge if all members complete in the ziggurat

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