Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Interactive Map of Mesopotamia

Use this interactive Map to review the major points of the Map of Mesopotamia. Hover over the map to reveal certain "tags" on the map. Think you can figure out what each "tag" is? Think about it and then put the mouse over the tag to see if you are correct. 
Student Task: Answer the following questions.
1. What are the four bodies of water that surround Mesopotamia?
2. What is the name of the desert? 
3. What are the two major rivers of Mesopotamia?
4. Which is further EAST: Zagros Mountains or Arabian Desert?
5. Which is further SOUTH: Sumer or Akkad?
Blackout: November 6th.


4AbbyFinch Sandsquall said...

1. Red Sea, Meditteranean Sea, Persian Gulf, and Caspian Sea

2. Arabian Desert (not dessert)

3. Tigris River, and Euphrates River

4. Zagros Mountains

5. Sumer

9Halle W said...

Caspian sea, Persian gulf, red sea, Mediterranean sea.
Arabian Desert
Euphrates river, Tigris River
Zagros mountains

4 Kaylie Riverrun said...

Mediteranian Sea,Caspian sea,Red sea,Persian Gulf
Arabian Desert
Euphrates River and Tigris River
Zagros Mountains

Xander HamHam 4 said...

Mediterranean sea, red sea, Persian Gulf, and Caspian sea.
Arabian desert.
Euphrates and Tigris
Zagros mountains.

4paige k said...

1.Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Persian Gulf,and Caspian Sea
2.Arabian Desert
3.Euphrates River and the Tigris River
4.Arabian Desert

6Rachel S said...

1: Mediterranean Sea, Caspian Sea, Persian gulf, red sea.
2: Arabian desert
3: Euphrates river, and Tigris river
4: zagros mountains
5: Sumer

3Lauren V said...

1.The Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea, Caspian Sea, and the Persian Gulf.
2.The name of the desert is the Arabian Desert.
3. The two major rivers of Mesopotamia are the Tigris and Euphrates rivers.
4.Zagros mountains.
5. Sumer
Hi Mr. Klumper!

8luke ham ham said...

1. Mediterranean sea, Red sea, Caspian sea, and Persian gulf.
2. Arabian Desert
3. Euphrates river and Tigris river
4. Zagros Mountains
5. Sumer

4olivia k said...

the red sea, the caspian sea, the persian gulf, the meditterainian. arabian desert. euphrates and tigris. zagros mountains. sumer.

6Jayzen S said...

1. Akkad is farther down south. 2.Aribian Desert 3. Euphrates river Tigris river 4. Zagros Mountains Red sea Caspian sea Mediterian sea Persian gulf

ThomasC 4 gilgaslam said...

4 bodies of water- Caspian sea, Mediterranean sea, Red sea, Persian gulf
Desert name- Arabian desert
Two rivers- Euphrates and Tigris
Farther East- Zagros Mountains
Farther South- Sumer

4Riverrun Alexander Sohl said...

1 Caspian Sea, Persian Gulf, Red Sea, and Red Sea.

2 The Arabian Desert.

3 The Tigris and the Euphrates

4 The Zagros Mountains.

5 Sumer

3HamHam Carson Johnke said...

1.Persian Gulf,Red Sea,Mediterranean Sea, and Caspian Sea
2.Arabian Desert
3. Zagros Mountains

8madelyn e said...

1. REd sea, caspian sea, persian gulf, maditerranean sea

2. the arabian dessert

3.euphuates and tigris

4.zagros mountains


Calista 6Heatlock Thompson said...

1. Mediterranean, Caspian, and Red Sea and the Persian gulf
2. Arabian desert
3. Tigris and Euphrates
4. Zagros Mountains
5. Sumer

Brooklyn 3 Coinington said...

3 Tigris and Euphrates
1 red sea, Persian gulf, Mediterranean sea, Caspian sea.
2 Arabian
4 Zagros mountains
5 Sumer

Xander HamHam 4 said...

Persian gulf Red sea Caspian sea Mediterranean

Arabian desert

Euphrates Tigris

Zagros Mountains