Wednesday, October 22, 2014

The Fabulous Four Inventions of Mesopotamia

The Fabulous Four of Mesopotamia from Dan Klumper on Vimeo.
Mesopotamia, being the first civilization of the world, had the unique opportunity to invent many things. A lot of "firsts" occurred in Mesopotamia, which you will see in this third White Shirt Production called: "The Fabulous Four." What you will be watching is NOT how the inventions actually came to be, but, it will show you how important each one is. All four inventions of the Fabulous Four are used everyday in our world.
This video will help you start thinking about the fabulous four inventions of Mesopotamia as you begin your "Ask the Public" project. Watch this video, then start interviewing people! 
Student Task: Answer the following questions if you want that badge!
1. How does the video show money?
2. How does the video show irrigation?
3. How does the video show wheel?
4. What is the secret message during the writing section? 
5. Tell me one deleted scene. 


3Lauren V said...

This video showed that money was a very good and useful invention because, sometimes you can not trade any item for another item.
The video showed irrigation by making a small scale of a actual trench and reservoir in a cardboard box
The video showed a wheel and it's usefulness by pulling a wagon without wheels and that it would take a ton of effort to go a mere two feet.
It showed the usefulness of writing by showing you how hard it is to read Eye <3 waves 4 6 A+ instead of English or even cuneiform.
One of the deleted scenes was when Mr. Klumper was playing with Izzy's barbie dolls and got caught on tape, then went fleeing out of sight from the cameras.

Josie Mills period 3 Heat Lock said...

The money was used to get the barbie toilet. It showed irrigation when the plant was in the bucket and he poured the water in and the plant "grew". The video showed the wheel to help the wagon go faster. The wagon went faster when there was wheels than when there wasn't any wheels. The secret message was eye heart wave for six a+. One deleted scene was when you were playing with the barbies.

4 Kaylie Riverrun said...

When Mr. Klumper pays Izzy for the toilet
When Mr. Klumper digs a trench to the plant
When Mr.Klumper puts the wheels on the wagon for Izzy to ride in.
"The Fabulous Four:Money Wheel Irrigation writing
When Mr Klumper is playing with the Barbies

Just for fun( when Izzy pours water on his head)

6Rachel S said...

This video shows money by trying to trade something...but fails. When you try to use money, you will become more successful.
This video shows irrigation by trying to make a plant grow. It demonstrates a dead,dry, plant getting dried out even more. Then you dig a little ditch, connect it to the plant, pour water in the hole, and the plans grows!
This video shows the wheel by trying to drive a wagon, but it doesn't get very far. When he is sitting, he "gets the idea" of putting wheels on it. Then, followed by inspirational music, they were able to go faster.
I'm not really sure what the message is so I'm just going to guess... I like C's for 6 A+'s. One deleted scene is when Izzy pours water on Mr. Klumper's head��. That was pretty funny.

3Kennedy N said...

1. It shows money with barbies because izzy wouldn't trade with you so you had to pay.
2 It shows irrigation When you dig a trench in the dirt and after 1 min it comes to life.
3. It shows wheel when you try to pull Izzy in the wagon without the wheel, then the wheel hits you and you put it on the wagon.
4. I love water for sixth grade
5. Izzy knocking on the window and when you played with barbies

4olivia k said...

it shows money when you were wanting t trade with izzy. it shows irragation when you dig a trech in dirt to the dead plant and after 1 minute it becaome a big plant. It shows the wheel when you try to pull izzy in the cart without the wheel, then the wheel hits you and you get the idea to put it on the cart. the secret message is " I love Water for Sixth Grade" and one deleted scene is when you were playing with the barbies.

ThomasC 4 gilgaslam said...

money- you giving Izzy pennies for a barbie toilet
irrigation- you watering the dead plant to make it alive
wheel- you adding wheels to a wagon to pull Izzy
secret message- I love water for sixth grade
Deleted scene- You being caught playing with barbies

3HamHam Carson Johnke said... shows it by having Izzy not trade for the toilet but use penny's to buy it.
3.It shows it by not having wheels on the wagon but then he gets a wheel thrown at him and he puts it on the wagon. shows it by having a dead plant but then he pours water in and digs a trench.Then he waits a minute and you have a giant plant.
4.the message is I heart waves,numbers and 6 and A+. of the deleted scenes is when Izzy is trying to pull you in the wagon.

Brooklyn 3 Coinington said...

For money he gave his daughter Penney's
For irrigation they watered a stick and dug a trench to it
For wheel he pushed his daughter in a cart without the wheel and then with it.
For writing he saw the symbols on something.

Xander HamHam 4 said...

You try to trade but it doesn't work

you pour water on a dead plant and (in one minute :) it flourishes

wagon doesn't work as well, then it does with the wheel

I love water for sixth grade

you having water dumped on your head

3Josie M said...

It shows money when you traded pennies for a barbie toy. The video showed irrigation when the plant was dead and you put water in it and it came back alive. It shows the wheel when the wagon was going really slow and then you put wheels on it and it went faster. The secret message is eye heart wave 4 6 A plus. When you where doin the irrigation and Izzy was knocking on the door.