Thursday, October 16, 2014

Mesopotamia Scavenger Hunt

Let's take a little trip around Mesopotamia to gather some information about what this place is like. In your work packet, complete the Mesopotamia Scavenger Hunt by using the links below. 
Scavenger Hunt Badge (Magnifying Glass).
Individual. 50 Realm points (Realm only)
Black Out Date: November 5th

Map of Mesopotamia
Babylon and Assyria
Classes of People
Religion of Mesopotamia


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The Wheel
It appears to be such a simply invention. The wheel totally changed how people lived and worked in Mesopotamia. The wheel made so many more things possible. In a farming community like Mesopotamia, it allowed the people to transport their crops using the wheels, which meant it was a lot easier to get the crops to the storage bins and into the towns. Picture a huge load of wheat. It would be very difficult to move that load of wheat without the wheel. Yes, irrigation is important to the people of Mesopotamia and to growing crops

The people of Mesopotamia started a system of money to get what they lacked. During Mesopotamia, trading was a major method in getting something that you wanted. However, people began to want to be able to get things without having to give up something. Imagine if there was no money in our world.

The chariot allowed the people of Mesopotamia to be much more mobile. These event was a huge step forward in progressing as a civilization. The chariot is a two wheeled cart that is pulled by a horse. This allowed the people of Mesopotamia to move around and travel much easier and faster.

The people of Mesopotamia developed a new way to construct buildings. They used bricks. To make these bricks, the people used mud and straw. They would mix these two ingredients together and let them dry in the scorching sun. This would produce a very hard, durable brick. As a result of this invention, the people were able to build buildings that were very strong. Also, this invention allowed the people to easily make buildings because there was a lot of mud and straw in the area. This was an extremely important event in Mesopotamia because people were able to protect themselves.

The creation of the Ziggurat is a major event in the history of Mesopotamia. A ziggurat is a pyramid shaped building used to worship the gods. This building is a symbolic structure that has had a lasting impression. It is still studied and viewed today, over 4,000 years later. This building gave the people of Mesopotamia a place to worship, which was a major step towards creating a civilization. It was a symbol for the people of Mesopotamia to believe it. The people believed that the most powerful god lived in the sky. They built the ziggurat.