Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Deadliest Warrior: Cro-Magnon Vs. Neanderthal

So who is the best warrior? Who is the best at surviving? What advantages does the Neanderthal have? What advantages does the Cro-Magnon have? After analyzing the characteristics of the Cro-Magnon and the Neanderthal, we can see that in some circumstances, the Neanderthal is better equipped. But in others, the Cro-Magnon is better equipped. Let's share some scenarios to help us practice figuring out who would "win" a certain scenario.

Student Task: Write a scenario dealing with the Cro-Magnon and Neadnerthal in which we have to figure out who would be better prepared for that situation. In other words, who would "win" your scenario? 
Post closes: October 3rd. Midnight.


4Kaylie Rockvam said...

a Cro-magnon and a neandertahl are hunting an Irish Elk. Wich one would outrun the Elk faster - cro-magnon or neanderthal?

The answer is: the cromagnon will outrun the Elk faster because of his longer arms and legs.

3Kennedy N said...

My scenario what be who would most likely surive in a battle. THe answer would be cro magon because they can go long distance and neanderthal can only be up close.

4Thomas C Lightsaber said...

there is a wild bison in the distance that you want to hunt. You cant approach the bison so you have to throw something at it.

Cro-magnon would "win" because they have thinner shoulders which could throw better

3Ava W said...

Who would win if they had to move there whole group and they had to communicate to tell thier detaled plans who would win?

Xander Firestar 4 said...

Who would win in a battle on giant totem poles 30 feet apart? Cro-Magnon, they have long range weapons, unlike the Neanderthals.

4kady s said...

The scenario I choose is stranded in the middle of a winter storm. The Neanderthals have a little advantage because their bodies' are made to keep them warm especially their big noses. Cro-Magnons are more like humans and are used to warmer climates so they have a disadvantage. The Neanderthals have a disadvantage to because they relied on one thing and that is meat and most animals would be hibernating. Cro-Magnon have the advantage here because they relied on more than one food source like plants and meat. Overall I think Neanderthals would survive because even though most animals hibernate during a winter storm they have big noses to keep them warm so they could probably go into the storm and hunt.