Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Paleolithic Vs. Neolithic

What is the Paleolithic time period? What is the Neolithic time period? What's the difference? If we examine these two time periods of the Stone Age, we will see how things progressed from very primitive existing to a more sophisticated way of life.  We will examine these two time periods, discover the differences between them, and in doing so, understand the change from Hunter/Gatherer to Farmer.
Student Task: Use the Paleolithic Vs. Neolithic chart to discover the differences between the topics on your sheet. Thoroughly explain these differences (and similarities, if any) 
Future: There will be Thunder battles and a quiz on this material in the future. So Good Luck. 

WSG Badge Student task: Post a comment telling me FIVE (5) differences the Neolithic times has with the Paleolithic times. Post closes October 3rd. Good Luck


Kaylie4 Rockvam said...

Neolithic: mud brick house supported by wood. Sedentary - shepherds and farmers. Polished stone weapons. Military and religious leaders. Monarchy emerged. Paleolithic caves, huts, and tents for houses. Nomadic.chipped stone and wooden tools. Animal skins. Elders are powerful.

Mason Mortenson said...

Neolithic was during the New Stone Age and Paleolithic was during the old Stone Age.

3Ava W said...

One diffrence is that the Neolithic people built their dwellings out of mud bricks that were supported by timber, while the Paleolithic people live in mouths of caves,huts, or skin tents. Another diffrence is the Neolithic people made tools of polishe stone made sharper by grinding, while the Paleolithic made tools of chipped stone, wooden weapons, and light stone tools that were not sharpened. Neolithic wore animals skins and woven garmets. The Paleolitic wore only animal skins unlike the Neolithic. Paleolithic people made cave paintings, while the Neolithic people made wall paintings. Neolithic people used stone and baked clay as sculpture building materials. Paleolithic people used stone, mammoth ivory, and reindeer horn unlike the Neolithic people.

9Ayden m rockvam said...

Neolithic: Mud bricks supported by timber. They farmed in permanent settlements and raised/herded animals. Polished stone tools made sharperby grinding. Wall painting. They grew crops such as corn, wheat, and beans. Paleolithic: Mouthsof caves, huts, and skin tents. Were in groups up to so, tribal society, and hunters and gatherers. Chipped stone, wooden weapons , and stone tools that are not sharpened. Cave paintings. Hunted and gathered for their supply.

Xander Firestar 4 said...

Paleolithic is old stone, Neolithic is new stone. Paleolithic used caves, Neolithic used bricks and timber. Paleolithic used whatever they could find for tools, Neolithic used sharpened stones for tools. Paleolithic didn't have separate property, Neolithic did.
Paleolithic rulers we're oldest and strongest, Neolithic had family monarchy. Paleolithic people had shorter lifespans while Neolithic had longer. Paleolithic had better immune systems, Neolithic had worse immune systems.

3Kennedy N said...

TH neolithic time period is the newer stone age. THe paleolithic time period is older stone age . One difference is neolithic had better tools and paleolithic had lower life span.

Xander Firestar 4 said...

Neolithic has mud brick houses supported by wood.Paleolithic had caves, huts, and tents for houses. For sedentary there was shepherds and farmers. In Paleolithic times they practically relied only on animals. Paleolithic were Nomadic, Neolithic was not. Neolithic also had polished stone weapons. Paleolithic used chipped stone and wooden tools. Military and religious leaders were among leaders of Neolithic. Elders are powerful before the Cro-Magnon. Monarchy started happening. All they wore for clothing in the old stone age was animal skins. In the new stone age they used animal skins and they used woven garments.

4kady s said...

1:Neolithic had mud bricks and paleolithic has caves and huts.

2: Neolithic wore animal skins and woven garments and paleolithic wore animal skins.

3:Neolithic made cave paintings and paleolithic made wall paintings.

4:Neolithic means new and paleolithic means old.

5: Neolithic had polished stone weapons and paleolithic had chipped and wooden weapons