Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Introducing....the Blueman....in Volantis

Student Task: Meet Blueman, a rather interesting fellow. Post a comment sharing about what you can find in the comic that relates to the Stone Age. There are FOUR Stone Age related items in the comic. Good Luck! #WSGBadge
Closes: October 3rd, 2014. Midnight.


4Kaylie Rockvam said...

1) They mention "Neanderthal"

2)They mention "Otzi"

3) They mention "Pine Resin"

4)They mention the vocab word "Migrate"

Are thos the things you are looking for?

4AbbyFinch Firestar said...

Blueman thought Mustache was a Neanderthal beacuase he had a big hair, bushy facial hair, and has low intelligence. Blueman told Mustache to migrate which means to go far away. Mustache told Blue that he reminds him of Otzi the Iceman. He also said that Blueman was like a Cro-Magnon because he had a bow and arrrow. Then, like in AQ, Mustache used pine resin to keep a fire going in the rain.

8lukethornhill said...

1: bow and arrow
2: migrate
3: pine resin
4: Otzi
5: Cro magnon
6: neanratal
7: fire

9halle w said...

It talks about cro magnon Neanderthals otzi and the pine resin that helps the fire stay light

MoonKai 8 Laura K. said...

The blue man has one arm stuck across his body like otzi.

Mustache uses resign to start a fire in the rain.

mustache has lots of hair like a Neanderthal.

the blue man has a bow and arrow like the cor Manon

Melissajacobsonperiod3 said...

He is like the Paleolithic he has long arms and he has a bigger brain than the neathrals and he is a human.

3Ava K said...

It talks about how they used pine resin to keep the fire going. It tells how old Otzi was when he died, and what gender he was. The Neanderthals and Cro-Magnons. That Cro-Magnons were early humans and they used bow an arows. Cro-Magnons looked more like the Blue Man (humans) than the Neanderthals did.

Xander Firestar 4 said...

Actually there are five: Neanderthals had low intelligence, bushy hair, and facial hair. Otzi the iceman had a messed up left arm, was 5,500 years old, was 45 when he died, and was a male. Migrate means move from one spot to another. Cro-Magnon had bows and arrows. Pine resin improves fire to keep it going better.

4kady s said...

The first thing related was Neanderthals. The blue man said to mustache he looked like a Neanderthal because he had low intelligence, has bushy hair and has a lot of facial hair. The second related thing was that mustache said blue man was Otzi the ice man because blue man was laying down with his left shoulder bending across his body. The third thing that was related was mustache called blue man a Cro- Magnon because he had a bow and arrow. The fourth thing related was mustache made fire by using Pine Resin.