Friday, September 19, 2014

Hunting Stone Age Animals!

The Stone Age is packed with amazing animals that are no longer around. Some of these animals have an out of this world look! Just think how crazy it would be if they still roamed earth. An animal way bigger than an Elephant? No way! Animals with horns and spikes coming out of their head? Totally cool! HaHa. We are going to discover some Stone Age animals. Some we have heard of like the Sabre Tooth Cat. Others, like the Glyptodon are new. Let's go hunting!

Here are some Websites to get you going. You can also simply Google search the animals to find out what they look like: 
Task: Describe what the animals look like on your sheet. 
Stone Age Animals
Stone Age animals (Good List!)

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alyssa womble p9 stone berry said...

that was hard for me I wanted to punch the computer. And it was fun but loves it @@@ cool