Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Creating an experience: Wax Museum 2014

There are many reasons why we do the Wax Museum. Through this project, we can work on research skills, reading, writing, speaking, listening, and learning. Those are all wonderful things to work on but the number 1 reason we
do the Wax Museum is to make a difference. It is the experience of affecting someone's life that drives this project and what drives me. Through the Wax Museum, we have the opportunity to do something really good for someone else. We do not work just for a letter grade, we work to make an impact, like in Pedro's life. Through last year's Wax Museum, we were able to help make Pedro's wish come true. He flew to New York to watch a New York Giants football game. Something really cool for a kid who deserves it. This year, we have a chance to continue the legacy of the Wax Museum and continue doing good things in the lives of others. It will be an experience you will not forget.  

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