Monday, October 28, 2013

A World Without......

Mesopotamia was the first civilization of the world. Because of this, they had the opportunity to invent or start many important things, things that we use all the time in our world. Many of the inventions or discoveries are things we use everyday and don't even realize that those things came from Mesopotamia. For this blog assignment, I want you to think about a world without Mesopotamia inventions. To help you get started, I will give you some of the main inventions from Mesopotamia that are most commonly used in our world. Think about a world without these things. What would it be like? In order to get all 15 extra credit points, you need to thoroughly describe the world without these 6 items. How would things be different? What would be different? How would we make up for not having these things?

DUE: Friday, November 1st, 2013. 11:59 p.m.
Points: 15 extra credit points


3Elisabeth KLuin said...

Laws: If there were no laws the people would be running around crazy like and not know any rules at all.
Writing: If there was not writing system there would be no track of any sort of life. It would be very hard for us today.
Wheel: if there was no such thing as a wheel there would be no cars today. It would be very hard travel for us humans and could have us get in much more danger.
Money: If there was no money people would have to trade there most important items to them and would maybe loose everything.
Books: if there was no such thing as a book we would be bored ALOT. With books we can take ourselves on an adventure but with out them there would be nothing good really.
Bricks: If there were no such thing as bricks, we could all be dead now. Bricks help us shelter our animals and us. Bricks are very important and we are very lucky to have such things as bricks.

3hannah h said...

Without laws our world would be disaster first we would destroy everything there would be more people being murdered people would text and drive more often people would. Our world would not be a world it would be so messy, bloddy, unhappy, it just would not be the same, and most importantly we all would be in great danger to the things happening around us.

Without writting there would be no laws to keep us safe, no books to read and book to learn right from wrong, and you would not know how to speak you would sound like baugah bandusghn geisn. Okay maybe not like that but probaly and you would not have a cell phone to write with to communicate.

without the wheel would not be able to go any where andeven if we did it would take for ever and we could not have warmth in the winter when you would go to your grandmas or something like that. you would freeze to death walking somewhere in the winter to get to your destination. whithout the wheel to make it simple you would not get any where.

imagine a world without money. you would not be able to buy your own food,buy a house to keep you warm, and buy water to live. money is what we use for everything to buy food, water, and etc... we nned money to buy the things we need most lets say you are sarving to death how are you gonna get food the answer is you arent because you dont have any money to buy the food.

what do you do when your bored? the answer is read a world with out book is like a world withoutcolor and joy i mean thats what i think. without books you would not know one word, a b c or would not be able to talk and you want to talk to your friends without talking to them how would you plan something.

without briks you would not have a warm shelter. you would have no protection no home no warmth and you need warmth so you dont die of hypothermia. i mean every one wants to live forever but you cant but onething that let you live for awhile is a shelter imagine there is a war where do you hid behid briks or in a home.

9Hunter M. said...

It is pretty much impossible to live in this world without these 6 things. I'll start with LAWS. If we didn't have laws, this world would be disasterful. Everyone would be stealing, killing, and robbing things. The Mesopotamians were pretty genius to come up with laws. Next is WRITING. They were also genius for coming up with writing. How would we be able to communicate without it because it is pretty hard to do it with your body motions. Next is the WHEEL. The wheel was once again very important. You could travel faster, and it also brought the chariot along, and the chariot helped carry crops way faster, but wouldn't have been successful without the wheel. Next is MONEY. Money is important because you are able to buy stuff and you don't have to always EXCHANGE everything. If you were wealthy with money, you are able to get a lot of stuff you want. Next are BOOKS. I think books are important because you are able to gain knowledge about the world or it could just be fun to read. Just think though, without writing, where would books come in. And last but not least, BRICKS. Brooks could do a lot of things such as, save you from being harmed, keeping bad weather out, and keeping wild life out. Bricks are also easy to make because all you need is mud and straw which are not hard to find at all.

3Macy H said...

A world without laws would be different because without them no one would really be alive because people wouldn't know how to act and and if you don't know how to act none of us would be here.
We can't really make up for it without them because everyone would would no be here so in that case we cant make up for it.
A world without laws would be very, very bad.

Without writing there would be no laws because writing is how people would know how to talk and so writing is very, very important. It would be different because no one everyone would be silent and food wouldn't have labels so you would have to guess what food your getting.Without writing there would be no communicating exept grunting and hand guestures.

Without he wheel we couldn't get to very many places fast unless you ran but if someone was 1,000 miles away walking would take you a LOT of days. without the wheel we would walk everywhere and than it very many people would be obese because the wheel is where obesity started.A world without it would be fine but there wouldn't people couldn't get to someone fast if they needed help.

A world without money would be kinda bring and what would you trade for food if you just ate food and didn't have anything left to trade? Without money you might have had to trade a big sack of leaves for a gallon of milk that would last you a day or two (depending on the size of your family?). A world without money would be bad because if you didn't have anything to trade you would probably die.

Without books people wouldn't know anything about there ancesters and if you were in danger or anything about the past really. We could probably make up for a world without books but it would be very difficult. A world without books might be bad but we could find a new way to do something.

Without bricks no one would have houses that are safe and no building that are sturdy. without bricks your house could get robbed or the building you live in could get robbed. without bricks no one would have good houses to live in and a safe place to go if there were a tornado.

3Ariel E said...

If the world did not have Mesopotamia
There would be no world because Mesopotamia is the world.

4Colter E said...

Laws:The world would be terrible without laws, people would steal, speed in cars and so on, you cant substitute for that.

Writing:Our world wouldn't have any learning system, no one could read, no one would learn anything, and in all subjects you have to read! You would probably have to make up by pictures.

Wheel:A world without the wheel would be tough, people would have to walk everywhere, without the wheel their would be any cars, it allowed people to be more mobile, walking would be an OK substitute.

Money:A world without money would be hard, I mean that you would have to trade, say you just got a new chariot, you would have to trade that for some food eventually, trading would work for a substitute, but not a very good one.

Books:A world without books again connecting to writing no education, besides what would be entertainment outside of TV? A make up for it could be pictures again, same concept as writing.

Bricks:A world without bricks would be hard, no support for houses, no brick walls, no big buildings and so on. Wood would be a good make up for it.

9Quinn G said...

The world would be terrible if these inventions' didn't exist.

The Wheel: The wheel helped us transport stuff and us faster. Without the it would take longer to reach certain destinations.

Writing: How would we record our thoughts and information.

Books: Without writing or books nobody in the future would know about the past.

Money: We would have to go back to trading items.

Bricks: Our houses would be less sturdier and can easily break down.

Laws: Without laws the world would be in chaos. We would be mugged the minute we walked out our house.

3Paulina S said...

It would be vary dengrous. Without laws people would rob and steal alos kill people, ecause they would not get punishment. Without writing we would not no anything about Mesopotamia and it would be harder to go to school and work. Without the wheel people would have to walk to a place if they want to get their. Without money we would have to trade for something if we want it. without books people could not read and learn, also have entertaining. Without bricks our houses would not be that strong, why are schools biult with bricks? To make kids and other people safe when a storm comes.

6Jeremy S said...

Laws:Without laws it would be chaos because you could kill people, steal, do bad things, and the united states would fall.
Writing: Without writing there would be no way to write and store knowledge.
Wheel: we would be traveling all over and get tired because we would have to walk, are food would also go bad to.
Money: Without money we would always be trading stuff and we would lose and gain, what would you rather have(tell me on monday ).
books: without books we would have no way to learn and store knowledge.
brick:without bricks we would have no way to protect our selfs.

9colton h said...

The world would be a mess we wouldn't be able to get around there world it would also be bad because there would be no laws to keep us safe are buildings would be week without bricks and we would be dead without irrigation there would be no speaking or wrighting without cuneiform.

8jacob c said...

laws-without laws there would be stealing and crimes.We could avoid crime and stealing by figuring out how to work as a community.

writing/books-without writing or reading there would be no knowledge and communication would be limited.We could avoid this by learning to write with paint on walls or stone (like Neanderthals)without books we would have to rely on conversations with people to learn.

Wheel-Without the wheel travel would be very difficult. We would avoid this by using animals or feet.

Money-Without money we would have to no way of buying food or clothing. We would have to learn how to trade for items or do jobs for people to get items.

Bricks-Without bricks we would have no safe place to live or to store stuff in.We would have to use other materials(wood,straw).

9cody u said...

There would be no cars or anything that goes with wheels there would be no transportation system other than walking. We would have any communication system if there was no writing. We would have no knowledge at all. Without laws there would be chaos everywhere. There would be little to nothing left of the human race. Without money we would just have to trade stuff to one another. We would not be able to just go out and by something for example say you need so wheat you would have to trade something for the wheat. Without books there would be no knowledge. Say if you needed to know how to build a Lego set you would have to read an instruction booklet. Without bricks there would be no strong structures. What if there was a tornado and you needed protection you probably go into a brick building back then for protection.

3Cassidy H said...

It would be alot different without the wheel becuase if we did nit have the wheel we would not be able to go any where.
It would be different without the writting system because we would not know how to spell words.
It would be different without money because if we did not have money we would not be able to buy anything and we would starve.
It would be different without books because then we would not know how to read.
It would be different without bricks cause without bricks we would not be able to build anything or make weapons.
It would be different without laws because without laws a lot of people would be dead and there would be a lot of robbery.

3Landon S said...

Without these inventions, things would always be stolen. We might have kept building unstable houses with logs and we would still be trading. We would be alot less smart without writing and books. We would ride boats down canals or walk most likely with out the wheel.

Abby Bastian said...

Laws: Without laws, we would be in a town full of thief's and psychos. People will be in hiding their whole lives! Trying to hide their precious items. I think it would be a world where no one would want to live.

Writing: Without writing, no one would be smart. I wouldn’t even be able to write this! There would be no books, no diaries/journals, and we wouldn’t even know what the pilgrims did. If we didn’t have this it would be a HUGE loss.

Wheel: Without the wheel we wouldn’t get around that fast. We would walk on and on, with a car, we would get there in 10 min! No bikes, no scooters, no cars, trains, buses, and no wagons! What will we push 3 year olds in? A wagon, and no wheel= no wagon.

Money: Without money, we would be trading. Which I guess is okay, but I don’t want to give up my favorite sleeping toy (that may or may not exist) for a really cute outfit. I just like money because you get to earn it and it’s fun to save up.

Books: Okay I admit I L-O-V-E LOVE books! A world without books? I would go crazy! I’d be sitting at home doing nothing. We probably wouldn’t know anything about our ancestors without them writing in journals which is like a book. We would be lost, not knowing what happened with our ancestors.

Bricks: Without bricks, we would be sitting outside with no coolness/heat, no electricity, and nothing to guard us. Someone could just go to our possessions and take our stuff. So I think bricks help us survive. No bricks will be very, very bad.

6avak said...

Without bricks we wouldn't have evolved them into the housing tools we have today.

Without books we wouldn't be able to reach other people far away easy with stories, letters, facts, ect.

Without money you would have to trade things to get things. With money you can keep your stuff and get new things.

Without the wheel we wouldn't be able to transfer goods or people from place to place. We would have to carry things yourself and walk great distances our selves.

without writing we wouldn't have a language because we would have to talk to each other to understand how to read. we also wouldn't keep track of things or keep journals and records.

Without laws no one would listen to each other and it would be total chaos. No one would grow food, filter water ,ect.

3Brianna P said...

What would our would be like?
Laws- Our world would be super dangerous if present day people could do what ever they please like steal or vandalism.

Writing- How would we document anything or write anything. There wouldn't be any books to read and learn from.

Wheel- People would not be able to go long distances because they would have to walk. It would take FOREVER to get anywhere. If it takes hours to get somewhere in a car think about walking there.

Money- People would have nothing to trade for goods and would have to give up a maybe prized possession. Money is great so we can keep items and not have to trading them.

Books- People would not be able to learn from textbooks and read about different things that happened in the past. People would not be as smart as today.

Bricks- If we didn't have bricks our houses would be useless because they would fall apart if a storm or high winds came in and blew it down. They help build strong structures for people to have shelter and live in.
That would be our world without the following. Doesn't sound fun.

8Grace w said...

A world without laws would be very uncivilized. Without laws how could we be civilized?!?!? It would be horrible. A world without writing would be confusing. It would make non-verbal communication a whole lot harder. a world without wheels would make transportation a lot slower. it wouldn't be all bad though because maybe it would encourage more people to be active. A world without Money would be a win one lose one world. All we would do is trade. I don't know about you but I'd rather gain and not lose than gain something and have to give something in return. A world without books would be... well, I guess reading does help with knowledge so it would make the world less smart. It would also make life more boring. (for me anyways) A world without bricks would be HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!! ;) (get it?) It would make you and your things less safe. Bricks create safe places to be or store things. A world without them would be dangerous!!!!!
These are my thoughts about a world without Laws, Writing, Wheel, Money, Books, and Bricks!!!

9avery t said...

Without laws there would be illegal things like stealing.
Without writing there would be no form of language and not be able to read.
Without the wheel there would be no form of transportation and we would have to walk everywhere.
Without money you would not be able to buy the things you want.
Without books you would not learn anything.
Without bricks there would be no houses to live in.

Taylor 9cline said...

Without laws people would be doing illegal things like stealing.
Without writing we would not really be able to communicate with each other and we would not be able to read.
Without the wheel we would have to walk every where and there is no form of transportation
Without money we would have to trade our things for other things. Just think you would give up your things.
Without books we would not be able to read.
Without bricks we would not have shelter we would be living in tents not protected very well.

9Caden N said...

Without laws, writing, wheel, money, books and bricks.

Without laws people would be out of control. People could get away with murder, robbing banks, and speeding. People would have to be responsible to take care of themselves.

Without writing, there would be no history because there would be no words. Without words there would be no stories. People would have to draw things.

Without the wheel,people could not drive because there was no wheel. We couldn't transport things to other places unless you carried them.We would have to walk to different places.

Without money, we would have to trade things to get new things. It would be difficult without money.

Without books,people wouldn't know anything. If there was no books we would have to write on the wall.

Without bricks,we could not make our houes stronger from the strong winds. Houses would be made out of mud and logs instead.

3Keely K said...

Our world without a wheel would be very difficult, not impossible but difficult. Without a wheel it would be harder to get from place to place, people wouldn't be able to travel or transfer things like bricks to a new town. Let's say I wanted to travel to Nebraska, it would take a lot longer on foot than it would on wheel. A world with out a wheel just plainly wouldn't be right.

Having a world without writing wouldn't be as bad as a world without a wheel but it would be a little challenging. If we didn't have writing not a lot of people would be able to communicate, we wouldn't be able to send letters to lets say somebody across the world. I mean jut think, texting isn't the most important thing but if writing wasn't invented nobody could text, send e-mails, or even make blogs. Lots and lots of things happened between the time of the invention of writing to texting but being logical it makes more sense like this.

Having a world without laws wouldn't be bad for some people but for the ones like me, I prefer to be safe than sorry. If we didn't have laws anybody could do anything they wanted, not saying people don't do that today, but it would be extremely un-safe, it's just that simple. Think if we didn't have laws, like for the speed limit. During school hours, the speed limit on Holy BLVD. is 15 miles per hour. If we didn't have laws for that then people could be going 30 miles per hour or even worse. Yes, some people would be smart enough and think, " Oh, school zone= slow down". But some people wouldn't even think at all, those people would probably be thinking about other things like parties or other un-important things. Laws are here for mine and your safety, not everyone follows them, but there just putting themselves out there, worrying about anything else but their own safety. If there was no laws, there would be no need for law enforcement as there would be no laws to enforce. Planning on not following laws is just planning for a disaster to come for your own safety. It's logic, laws= your own safety.

9Noah L said...

Laws-Without laws, people would be running around doing crimes without a care in the world.

Writing-Without writing, people couldn't communicate, and Mr. Sturgeon wouldn't have a job.

wheel- Without the wheel, people wouldn't be able to get places fast.

Money-Without money, people would go around stealing things all the time.

Books-Without books,Ancient Quest wouldn't exist, and Mrs. Schwebach wouldn't have a job.

Bricks- Without bricks, some buildings wouldn't exist.

3madison n said...

without laws not that many people would be alive right know what would different is that someone would be getting killed every single day more like 5 or 6 people but it would be bad how would we make up for this i think every store should have a security system that would check for guns

without writing there would be no school to learn things it would be different because u really could not do anything without writing we would make up for it with like talking u could not even write anything

without the wheel u could not travel u would have to walk and it would be hard walking in the snow it would be different just walking everywhere and not in a bus or a car it we would make it up with walking i geuss

without money we could not buy anything and it would be hard to find food because someone would probly take all the food and store it it would be different without money u would not be able to make a house we would not be good without money

without books u could not get smarter and without writing u could not make a book it would be different not being able to read a book we would have to make up for it by making up some kind of secret laungue

without bricks u would not have a shelter and house to live in it would be different not being able to live in a house we would probly have to make it up by straW THAT WOULD BE WEIRD

sam l 6 said...

laws there would be total chaos.
writing no books no learning.
wheel no driving walking.
money every thing free no business.
books no books no learning.
Bricks no bricks no houses steady.