Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Giant Book of Mesopotamia

Welcome to the "Giant Book" project. We have covered many important topics of Mesopotamia. Yet, there are a few that we still haven't covered. The Giant Book will allow us to bring everything we have learned together, yet still learn a few new things. Now, the Giant Book is not something that one can tackle alone. This must be done in a group because the Giant Book is far too vast for one individual. You will use this blog post for direction in completing your Giant Book. 

The Giant Book Details

Links that will help you with your Giant Book:
People of Mesopotamia PPT
Epic of Gilgamesh PowerPoint
Religion Prezi (gods/goddesses)
I Invent Farming story
Map of Mesopotamia
Events of Mesopotamia overview
Irrigation sketch
Stone Age Review 

Timeline:Wednesday: Begin Giant Book
Thursday: Continue to work on Giant Book
Friday: Finish Giant Book

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3Elisabeth K said...

I saw the picture of your shirt. That is one awesome shirt! The tiger is just like the front of your book!