Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Ancient Quest Chapter 3: I Invent Farming

We have reached chapter 3 of the book Ancient Quest. Chapter 3 is titled "I Invent Farming" and we once again join Johnny on his ancient quest, back to the ancient worlds, to accomplish tasks. Johnny has to complete one task in each of the 8 ancient worlds he will visit. So far, he has only gained one golden coin. He did that in the Stone Age by helping the people there discover and improve fire. Now, Johnny has arrived in Mesopotamia, where he will struggle to survive and to accomplish his task. The desert of Mesopotamia is a scorching, white-hot section of earth that will push Johnny to the limits. Will Johnny figure out what his task is and succeed? Let's go...
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3ariel said...

In I invent farming he finds out that its better to be pashent then try to rush it and if you rush it then not rushing it

6Henry H said...

1.Irrigation: irrigation was the way they watered crops in the desert. they did this by digging ditches and when the Tigris and Euphrates rivers overflowed it would water the crops. It is important because without there would be no crops.
2.Chariot: The chariot was there way of travel.It was a two wheeled cart that was pulled by a horse. It was important because it speeded up the transportation so they could get places faster.
3 The code of Hammurabi: The code of Hammurabi was a set of 282 laws.They were established by king Hammurabi.It is important because without it there would be chaos.
4 .Rise of the kings: The rise of the kings was when there were kings in Mesopotamia. The kings were needed to unite the people. Without it nothing could get done.
5. Development of the writing system:The development of the writing system was when they invented a form of writing.There writing was wedge shaped marks on a clay tablet.That was called a cuneiform.It is important because without there would be no form of communication and we would not have proof of what happened back then.