Wednesday, October 2, 2013

World #2: Mesopotamia

The Stone Age is over, which means we are now headed to our second ancient world: Mesopotamia. This is a place with a funny name but loaded with important "stuff." Many "firsts" happened during Mesopotamia: first writing, first money, first law, first government, etc. Many things that began during Mesopotamia are still around today and things we depend on. Imagine life without writing or money? Imagine life without laws? It would be totally chaotic. Mesopotamia is the first civilization of the world. It is located in the middle east (present day Iraq). It's location is a desert so they had to be creative in how they farmed. Since it doesn't rain that much, they had to use the two major rivers to irrigate the fields. We will learn more about irrigation and the two major rivers throughout the unit.  So, without further delay, Welcome to Mesopotamia. 

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4Tyten L said...

1. Bricks, I think bricks are important because if we did not have brick we would have to build are houses out of sticks and straw. Then it would be easy for soldiers and robbers to brake in to are house. If we have brick we would be protected for bad weather soldiers and robbers.

2. Wheels, If we did not have the wheel we would have no transportation and we would have to walk every where.Irrigation was important fr farmers but if you did not have transportation the wheat would go bad.If we did not have the wheel there would be no chariot.

3.Rise of Kings, If we did not have kings people would break out in wars and no progress would be made.No one would would know how to read or write. But if we had a king all of that would not happen.

4. Ziggurat,If they did not have a ziggurat people would probably be sad because the cant go worship gods and pray.Without the ziggurat they would be vulnerable to a attack because the ziggurat is so big soldiers used it as a watch tower.The Mesopotamia people believed the powerful god lived in the sky that is why they built the ziggurat so high.

5.Development of Writing System,without a writing system archaeologist had a hard time knowing what happened back then.When they did not a writing system they had no way to talk or communicate with each other. When the Mesopotamia made a writing system they wrote down every thing and they were more organized.