Friday, November 1, 2013

Egypt Pre-Test Results

We took a pre-test on Ancient Egypt to see what our prior knowledge is before we tackle this unit for the next four weeks. Ancient Egypt is interesting in that some of the information about this place is quite common, such as pyramids, mummification, the Nile river, etc. However, have we just heard about them? Or do we know about them? There is a difference. The Pre-Test accomplished its goal of shining a light on our prior knowledge of ancient Egypt. Here are some results:
Overall average: 46%
Top student individual score: 87% (very good!)
Number of questions that less than 50% of the students answered correctly: 25 (38 total questions)
Percentage of students who knew what mummification is: 94%
Topics of difficulty: specific steps of mummification, gods/goddesses of ancient Egypt, pharaohs, and the effect of Nile River.

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Tyten Larsen said...

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Without writing there would be no way to communicate and record stuff. Also scientist could not know about the past if they could not right.

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