Friday, September 6, 2013

When did these Ancient Worlds Happen? (Crazy Izzy)

Watch this video to see when these ancient worlds happened. Be sure to check out the "deleted Scenes" at the end to see how crazy Izzy truly is.


8Grace said...

She's adorable!!!

4Matthew A said...

I like the Ancient Quest book pretty good!!!

4Ally F said...

Stone Age- People in Stone age did not have white teeth. Some animals that roamed Stone age are the saber tooth cat the Wholly mammoth and the giant ground sloth.

Mesopotamia- Today known as the Middle East which includes Iraq, Saudi, Arabia, and Iran. Mesopotamia used a method known as irrigation which allows you to control when and how much water your crops get.

Ancient Egypt- Ancient Egypt has pyramids but they were actually just tomes. The most important thing in Egypt is the Nile River. If the Nile River didn't exist Egypt would not exist. The Nile River was used to irrigate their crops.

Ancient China- Ancient China was ruled by dynasties which are families that hold all the power. Shang, Zhou, Qin, and Han are some of the dynasties.

Ancient India- They started building homes out of stronger material, adding drainage system, garbage system, flat roofs, and constructing homes in a grid format which made it easier to get around. Buddhism was started by a guy named Siddhartha Gautama and Hinduism which has no founder.

Ancient Greece- the kings of gods are Zeus or Medsa Greece also introduced to the world, Democracy which is a form of government in which the people rule.

Ancient Rome- Rome is a Gladiators and their arena called the coliseum. Gladiators were all sorts of people slaves, criminals, or volunteers. They would train endlessly preparing for their shot.

Medieval Times- the Medieval Times is full of excitement and danger. Knights, castles, kings, Queens it's all here. The most deadly and horrific topic of the Medieval Times is the Bubonic Plague which was nicknamed the Black Death.

9Kaleb R said...

The Stone Age is 10,000 b.c. and has been made in to such movies as 10,000 B.C. an Ice age.

Mesopotamia is now known as the Middle East an includes Iraq, Saudi Arabia and Iran.

Ancient Egypt is known for its pyramids, but did you know that the pyramids are actually tombs.

Ancient China was ruled by dynasties.

In Ancient India they started to make buildings out of stronger material.

Ancient Greece has is like Greek mythology witch is the beliefs of gods and goddesses.

Ancient Rome is known for gladiators and arenas.

The Medieval Times has the Knights, Castles,Kings and Queens, it all in the Medieval Times

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