Monday, September 9, 2013

Surviving the Stone Age

The Stone Age is an uncivilized place. It is a place of wild beasts, neanderthals  and danger. Today we will be time traveling back to the Stone Age with one goal: to survive. In order to survive the Stone Age, you must make decisions, good decisions. As you experience living in the Stone Age, you will be faced with decisions that you must make. Each decision will have consequences, either good or bad. Each good decision will earn you points. Each bad decision will take points away. It is your goal to make it to the end of your Stone Age experience with a positive amount of points. If you do this, you have survived and conquered the Stone Age. If you end the game with negative points, well, then the Stone Age was too tough. 
Good luck to you as you experience your first time traveling adventure!
Task: Play the game Stone Age: You Are There. Keep track of your progress on your score sheet. You must track decisions made, consequences, and your points. You MUST use COMPLETE SENTENCES.
Answer these Questions in a Comment Box:
1. List 3 animals from this game.
2. What is found in caves that helps us learn about the Stone Age?
3. What is the best method of hunting the Irish Elk?
4. What tool is most effective in cutting through rough animal hide?
5. Describe a neanderthal. (3 things).

To answer these questions, you may have to go back through the game and find the information. 


3Ashley M said...

Elk,mammoth,sabre tooth tiger
Pictures by neanderthals
Chasing off the cliff
A rock and making it into a hand ax
Not very smart,doesnt have the food that we have,trying to survive each day

3caleb k said...

Giant ground sloth elk saber tooth cat
Old paintings of them
Chasing it off a cliff
Hand ax
An old person who is gross and survives each day

3Keely K said...

Sloth, mammoth, and Sabor Tooth

Old painting that were made by the neathandrels

To chase them off of a cliff

A hand axe would be the best

The were the old types of humans who were trying to survive each day.

3brandon d said...

Giant sloth,elk,sabor tooth.

An old painting made by the Netherlands

Chase them of a cliff

A hand axe

The old type of humans who tried to survive

3Cassidy H said...

1. Sabor tooth,bear,Irish elk

2.Painting in the cave of Lascaux

3. Chasing the elk of the cliff

4.Make a hand axe out of a sharp rock

5.They can not communicate with language,they don't know how to talk,they can't talk.

3Landon S said...

There were Irish elk, sabre toothed cat, and wholly mammoth. The cave paintings of people hunting. To chase the elk off a cliff. An axe made out of a sharp rock. Neanderthals were a primitive species of human that had to hunt to get all their food and lived in the Stone Age.

3Calvin S said...

3Calvin S
Saber tooth cat , saber tooth tiger, and Irish Elk
Cave art
Chasing them off a cliff
An axe
They grunt and And snort to communicate,they make motions with their hands and head, they cannot read or right

3Brianna P said...

- Sabor tooth tiger& Mammoth& rabbit
-pictures or paintings on the cave walls
-The best way is to push it off the cliff so it will fall to its death.
- The hand ax is the best because its so sharp that it slices right through the hide of the animal.
- Neanderthals are a kind of species that have small brains, they only grunt and snort, and they have huge heads and foreheads, they are dirty and stinky, larger hands and feet, and they slump over when they walk.

Marcus nacelle P.D. 3 said...

1sabortooth tiger, mammoth, elk


3chase the elk off the cliff

4 hand ax


3 Abby w said...

1. Mammoth tiger elk
2. Cave art
3. Chasing elk off the cliff
4. Hand axe
5. Type of human specie, can't communicate,

3Hannah H said...

Three animals from the game are Sabre Tooth, Mammoth, and Neanderthal.

A thing that are found in caves that can help us learn about the past are paintings.

The best method is to chase the Irish elk of the cliff because there is noway it will survive.

The best tool is to make a hand ax out of a sharp rock because it can cut right through the hide.

The Neanderthals have small brains and they aren't that smart

4Will L said...

Sabertooth tiger, Mamouth, and Irish Elk.
Paintings on the walls.
Chasing it off a cliff.
The hand ax.
They have small Brains, they grunt a lot, there main goal is to survive.

4Emily W said...

1. Saber tooth tiger, Elk, Buffalo
2. Paintings
3. Chasing it off a cliff
4. A handmade axe
5. Not very smart, they hunt, extinct

4Tyten L said...

1. Saber Tooth Tiger,Mammoth,and a Giant Irishe Elk.
2. Books and drawings.
3. Chasing it off a cliff.
4. Axe
5. They can't talk,they are like cave men,and they are very weird.

4cole s said...

1.elk, savor tooth tiger, and a mammoth.

2.Panting and artifacts of how they do things and how they hunted . the elk of of the very steep cliff.

4.A hand held axe.

5. They are way different from normal humans , when you try to talk they just say a lot of weird stuff, and they are manly cave men

Horner 4macy said...

The 3 animals are - tiger - mammoth - elk.
Pictures painted on the cave wall .
The best way to hunt an elk is to chase it off a cliff.
Homemade ax is the best to get through a rough hide.
Uses noises and movements to talk
Aren't actually human they are short and squatty

4ashlie l said...

1. Irish Elk, A rabbit, and a bird of th animals that there were in the Stone Age
3 chasing it off of a cliff
4.making a hand ax
5. Don't speak English, Netherlands are wired and aren't very helpful when it comes to finding evidence

4zacb said...

Giant Groud Sloth, mammoth, and saber tooth cat
Chase off cliff
Hand ax
1.cant speak2.small brains 3. Hunt in groups

4maddie m said...

1 Saber tooth, mammoth, elk
2 paintings
3 chasing it off a cliff
4 hand ax

4Hannah J said...

LIST THREE ANIMALS FROM THE GAME: sloth, saber toothed tiger, wooly mammoth

WHAT IS FOUND IN THE CAVES THAT HELP US LEARN ABPUT THE STONE AGE: The drawings help us by telling what has happened or what they may come up to in the ancient world.

WHAT IS THE BEST METHOD FOR HUNTING THE ELK: The best way (according to the game) is to chase it or let it chase you off a cliff. (Like I said according to the game)

WHAT TOOL IS THE MOST EFFECTIVE IN CUTTING THROUGH ROUGH ANIMAL HIDE: the best way to cut through animal hide is to make a sharp edged ax out of stone
DESCRIBE A NEANDERTHAL (three things): it is an exotic and extinct human species.

4Nick R said...

Three animals I saw were a Wolly Mammoth, Saber Tooth Tiger, and a Giant Elk.

A cave that will help us learn about the Stone Age would be The Cave of Lascaux.

The best way to hunt the Giant Elk is to run him off of a cliff.

The tool to cut through a bisons meat is to use a hand ax.

Three things I learned about the Neanderthal is that you can't understand what they are saying.

4Lizzi B. said...

1. Mammoth
2. Saber Tooth Tiger
3. Elk
4. Cave Art
5. Chasing it off of a cliff.
6. Spear
7. Pea sized brained
8. Different species
9. Short and stalky
10. Long hair
11. Head, hands, and feet are big.

4Matt A said...

Q. list three animals from this game
Animals: Saber Tooth, Elk, and Mammoths.
Q. What is found in the caves that
helps us learn about the Stone Age?
What is found in caves: The drawings
on the walls of the cave help the people
learn about the Stone Age.
Q. What is the best method of hunting Elk?
Method: By chasing the Elk off the cliff.
Q. What tool was the the best for cutting
the hide?
Tool: The axe was.
Q. Describe a neanderthal.
Neanderthal: They are stupid, can not help you out, and can't talk.

6Grace M said...

Three animals are a giant sloth, a saber tooth tiger, and an Irish elk.
Drawings of how the Stone Age people lived.
The best method is to chase it off of a cliff with fire.
The most effective tool is the hand ax.
The Neanderthal is very stupid, slouched over, and has very long matted hair.

6Payton D said...

1. Sabre tooth tiger,Irish elk, and mammoth

2. Cave art that shows how they hunted

3. Chasing it off a cliff

4. A hand ax

5. They grunt, they don't speak a language, and they are like cavemen

6Madi A said...

Animals ~Irish Elk , Saber tooth tiger ,and rabbit
Paintings are found in caves
To chase the Irish Elk off the cliff .
To make a hand ax
Don't speak English , don't help with problems , huge heads and huge feet

6gavin t said...

1.The saber toothed cat
The Irish elk
The giant ground sloth
2.They help us learn about what they did back then
3. Chasing it off a cliff
4. A hand ax

6Gavin R said...

Saber tooth, sloth, Irish elk. 2 cave art of different species 3 chase it off a cliff 4 hand axe 5 it only grunts and snorts. They hunt in groups. They travel in groups

Anonymous said...

1. Irish Elk, rabbit, bird. 2. Pictures, and fossils. 3. Chase It of a cliff. 4. Hand ax. 5. Stupid, can't talk, weird

Eli said...

A mamoth, a saber toothed tiger, and an elk.
Paintings by an old Indian tribe.
Running Irish elk of a cliff.

6Jeremy S said...

There animals from the game are saber tooth, mammoths, and Neanderthals.

Pictures found in caves help us learn about the Stone Age.

The best way of hunting the Irish elk is chasing it off a cliff.

The best way of cutting Irish elk meat is with a handmade axe.

Neanderthals are dumb, hairy, and usually wack everything with a club even other Neanderthals

6sam l said...

Wolly mammoth saber tooth tiger Irish elk.
Running off a cliff
A hand axe
Dont have power full brains they talk diffrent ooh ooh

4Emily W said...

1.saber tooth tiger, elk, mammoth
2.paintings it off a cliff
4.hand ax

6white Riley said...

Mammoth sabor tooth elk cave paintings chase it off a cliff.
A hand axe using a rock

6sophie v said...

3 animals are, the Saber Tooth Tiger, the Irish Elk and the Mammoth. The animals in the cave are the Saber Tooth Tiger and the Giant Ground Sloth. The best way to hunt

6Madi A said...

Rabbit,Irish Elk and saber tooth tiger
Chase them off the cliff
Hand made ax
Big head , big feet and they grunt

6Avery M said...

1. Saber tooth, rabbit, Irish elk
2. Painting's
3. Chase the elk off a cliff.
4. Make a hand ax from a sharp rock.
5. They grunt, they snort, and their weird looking people.

7trey b said...

Wholly Mammoth, Irish Elk, Saber Tooth Tiger,

The artifacts

Chase it off

Hand Axe

Different language, dirty and stinky,long dirty beards

6grant g said...

Some animals are saber tooth cat, wooly mammoth, Irish elk. Cave paintings were found in caves , right now they help us learn. The most effective way is chasing it of a cliff because it's hide is really thick so spears wouldn't do a thing. A good tool for cutting would be a hand axe made from a sharp rock. Neanderthals were dirty, stinky, short, and squatty.

7Micah b said...

1.Mammoth,Saber tooth tiger,Irish elk
3.chaseing it of a cliff
4.hand ax
5.Early aged humans,not very smart sometimes,good hunters.

Kobi terpstra 7p said...

Elk, woolly mammoth, saber tooth cat

The artifacts

Scaring it off a cliff

Hand axe

A type of human species but different than us,can not communicate with a language,they grunt and snort.

6grant p said...

For animals there are saber tooth tigers, wooly mammoths, and Elks. In the caves are paintings. The most effective way to kill an elk is chase it off a cliff. The best way to cut through the hide is with a hand axe. A Neanderthal is stupid, a long beard, and long beard.

Alyssa ontjes said...

1 savor tooth tiger 2 elk 3 ground sloth
Indian paintings
Push the Irish elk off a cliff
Hand ax made from rock

Sam duin said...

Mammoth saber tooth Irish elk
Cave art
Chase them off a cliff
A hand axe
There not smart, they stink, they have bad breath

6kate l said...

1.elk, mammoth and saber tooth
3.chasing of cliff
4.hand ax out of sharp rock
5.short, gross, no communication

8 said...

1 Saber tooth tiger, elk mammoth
2. On the wall their are carvings that show you how to hunt
3.Chase the elk of a cliff
4.A hand made ax
5. you can't understand them, they are human, and the can't write!

Grayson Christenson said...

Saber tooth cat wholly mammoth Irish elk.
Art showing how Netherlands hunt
To chase it off a cliff
Hand ax
Bad teeth bad brain smell bad

Abby Bastian said...

1. Sabor Tooth Tiger, Mammoth, and Irish Elk.
2. Artifact and paintings on cave walls.
3. To chase them off a cliff.
4. Sharp axe out of a rock.
5. Stupid, doesn't speak any language, and smells bad.

8jacob c said...

1. Mammoth,sabra tooth tiger,Irish elk.
2.Cave paintings
3.pushing them off cliffs.
4.hand ax
5.they are very dumb,do not follow them,they live in cold climite.

8kylie F said...

1. saber tooth tiger, elk, mammoth
2. Their are carvings that show you how to hunt
3. Chase them off a cliff
4. Hand made ax
5. Can't speak normal, look like us, can't write

Darrell t8 said...

1.Sabre tooth tiger,Wolly mammoth,and Irish elk.
2.Cave art. it off a cliff.
4.Hand axe.
5.Pea sized brain,died out, and not so smart.

9hunter marso said...

Saber tooth, mammoth , and an Irish Elk.

Paintings of the Stone Age .

Chasing it off the cliff.

The hand ax.

Not very smart, Caveman, and they are very very weird with the way that they talk.

9Jaxon H said...

There was a mammoth sabre tooth cat and an Irish elk. There was drawings of the animals. To chase it off the cliff. To make a hand ax from rock. They were amazed with my choice and almost all of them got hurt plu we chased off the cliff then.

9Austin S said...

Saber tooth cat elk and a wooly mammoth. Painting that showed how they hunted. Chasing the elk off a cliff. A hand axe. Neanderthals are dirty and stinky, they basically speak a different language, and they are very annoying and weird...

9Reagan H said...

Q1:Name 3animals from this game.

A1: The wholly mammoth, bird, and rabbit.

Q2:What is found in caves that help us learn about the Stone Age?

A2:Drawings of how they lived and what they hunted etc.

Q3:What is the best method of hunting the Irish elk?

A3:the best method is pushing it off a cliff.

Q4:What tool is most effective in cutting through animal hide?

A4:the most effective tool is the hand ax.

Q5:Describe a Neanderthal.

A5: Neanderthals or Neandertals are an extinct species or subspecies of the genus Homo which is closely related to modern humans.

9Brittney R said...

The three animals from this game that I noticed was an elk, a savor tooth tiger, and a rabbit. In caves there are drawings about how they hunted and about some more thing that they did that is why caves help us learn abot the Stone Age. The best method for hunting the Irish elk is to chase it off a cliff because if you throw spears at it it probably die unless you throw a lot of them and a cliff is high so he would most likely die. The most effective tool for cutting through rough animal Hyde is to make a hand ax. A Neanderthal is a type of human species but they are different then us they talk a different language that is really hard to understand and they have long dirty beards and they are not that smart.

9Quinn G said...

There was the saber tooth tiger the sloth and a elk. It shows you how the cave man hunted. Chasing it off a cliff because it has every tough skin so weapons couldn't kill it. A hand axe can cut its skin easily. They are dumb smelly people who speak a language people wouldn't understand.

9maia a said...

Three animals are saber tooth tiger and a wooly mammoth and elk. The drawings on the cave walls can tell you what animals are In the Stone Age . The best way to kill the irish elk is to chase it off a cliff and Carey it back up. The best tool is a hand ax made out of a sharp rock attach to a stick. A neandetha can't talk and can't under stand you so your coversashun would be like this "can you help me"? Oooo gaa waaaa grrrrr "what" and so on and the thred reason they won't help you the will be confused and same with you so don't trust a neandetha .

9Kira V said...

3 animals from this game are: wholly mammoth, saber tooth tiger, and the great Irish elk. Paintings are what is found in caves that help us learn about the Stone Age. The best way to hunt an Irish elk is to chase it off a cliff because it can't survive a 100 foot drop. The best tool for cutting through rough animal hide is a hand ax. Neanderthals had pea-sized brains and could not communicate like us so they grunted and they had long dirty hair.

9fiona w said...

3 animals are saber tooth tiger,mammoth,and Irish elk. The best method to kill the Irish elk is to chase it off the cliff. The best tool for cutting rough animal hide is a Hand ax. The caves help us find out what the did, how they hunted and what animals they saw. Neanderthals had tiny brains, they have huge head and huge foreheads bigger than their feet

Brett cady said...

One of the anamals is Irish elk,Mammoth and a sabre tooth cat.

Their is paintings that help us learn about Stone Age.

The best method is to chase it of a cliff.

To make a hand ax out of a sharp rock.

A Neanderthal is a person with a pea sized brain,but with your normal sized human brain,you can figure things out and make good decisions.

jacy said...

hey this is jacy and i love your videos thanks

3Elisabeth K said...

1. mammoth, ground sloth, and a saber tooth cat.
2. Cave art
3. Chasing the elk off a cliff
4. The most helpful tool is a hand axe.
5. They had big noses. A thick skull. And last but not least They hand stronger arms and legs then human beings.

6White riley said...

Animals such as the saber tooth cat, the wholly mammoth, and the giant ground sloth roamed earth during stone age.
Mesopotamia means “land between two rivers” which is exactly where this place was right between the Tigris and Euphrates.
If the Nile didn’t exist, Egypt wouldn’t exist either. The great wall was built for protection.
In ancient India they began building homes out of stronger material, adding drainage system, garbage system, flat roofs, and constructing homes in a grid format, which made it easier to get around.
Cerberus is a three headed dog whose job was to guard the gates of the underworld.
Gladiators were all sorts of people, slaves, criminals, or volunteers.
Knights, castles, Kings, Queens are in Medieval Times.

4Dabria B said...

1. Elk, Ground Sloth, and Savor Tooth Tiger
2. Cave Art
3. Chase the Elk off a cliff.
4. The most helpful tool is hand axe.
5.Big noses, Thick forehead, and Sharp teeth