Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Our Ancient Quest Begins...

It is time to begin our Ancient Quest. Three years ago, I wanted to find a novel that my students could read that would be entertaining, exciting, but yet still teach them about the ancient worlds we study. I could not find such book, so I decided to write my own. I created Johnny Rawten, who is the main character in my books. In book 1, called "Johnny Rawten," he is a 6th grader who discovers that he has the ability to time travel to the ancient world. Throughout 6th grade, he has amazing adventures. At the end of 6th grade, he is faced with a choice: time travel again or go to the spring dance with his girlfriend. He chooses the dance, which he regrets immediately for he lost he chance at another adventure. Johnny spends the next 5 years desperately searching for another time warp portal. No matter how hard he tries, he can not find another time warp portal to go back to the ancient world, that is, however, until he is presented with, the Ancient Quest....
Accept the Quest and enter the Ancient Quest Official Website

Prologue: Johnny Rawten Returns
Chapter 1: I am Challenged


RileyS. said...

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makia manke p9 said...

the stone age
there are saber tooth cat and all kinds of animals.


mesopotamia is called the middle east.

ancient chain

shi huangdi who was crazy and he wanted to live forever so he drink mercury.

ancient india

in india they have flat house

ancient greece

ancient Greece also introduced to the world Democracy

ancient rome

ancient Rome is Gladiators and their arena, called the Colosseum.

medieval times

The Medieval Times is full of excitement and danger. Knights, castles, Kings, Queens

6hannahc said...

I like your book so far Mr.Klumper its funny and you read really fast at least faster then me!!!!!!!!!! HaHaHa:))))))))((((((((: hahahaha!!!


period 4, Gracelyn D. said...

Stone Age
Human being called Neanderthals and why they died out after the arrival of the Cro-Mgnon.
Its a method known as irrigation, which allows you to control when and how much water your crops get.
Ancient Egypt
The ancient Egyptians used the Nile to irrigate their crops.
Ancient China
It was ruled by dynasties, which are families that hold all the power.
Ancient India
They built homes out of stronger material, adding drainage system, garbage system, flat roofs, and constructing homes in a grind format, which made it easier to get around.
Ancient Greece
The gods Zeus, or Medusa who could turn anyone into stone with her glare, or Athena who was born out of Zeus's forehead as a full grown woman.
Ancient Rome
Gladiator would train endlessly, preparing for their shot in the Colosseum, in which they would fight to death against other gladiators, animals, or both.
Medieval Times
People who believe in Islam are called Muslims and they fought the Christians in a very bloody was called the Crusades.