Monday, September 16, 2013

Ancient Quest Chapter 2: I Discover Fire

Johnny has accepted his ancient quest and is now ready to begin. He finds himself in the Stone Age for his first task, but as Johnny enters this dangerous and uncivilized place, he has no idea what his task actually is. Last time he was here, he saw some weird looking animals and some strange looking people, but as far as actually doing something here, Johnny has no idea. Can Johnny figure out what his task is and actually complete it? Or will this ancient quest end in the first world? Johnny is in the Stone Age. He's ready. Are you? 

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4 Riley p said...

I think Otzi was robbed..... because copper axe's were rare and there was an arrow in his shoulder. He also had a hole in the back of his head. So that means he could have been pushed or hit over the head with a rock? Or both.

9Fiona W said...

I love your book so far Mr.Klumper! I think its so cool that one of my teachers wrote a book! I cant wait to order both of your books! :)