Wednesday, September 25, 2013

A Stone Age "Tackk"

Today in class we will be creating a website about the Stone Age. We will be doing this to show what we know and then be able to share that knowledge with our classmates (and the world!). So why a stone age website? Because creating a website/working with the internet is a life skill that we all need to be able to do. The world is not slowing down and the internet is not going away. We need to be confident working on the Internet and creating. Also, creating a website, as opposed to a poster, gives us many more options to truly show what we know and create a dynamic sharing creation. Who can draw a picture of Otzi? Not very many of us. But we can show Otzi by uploading a picture of him so we can actually see what he looks like, not try to decipher some below average drawing. We can add links to further our learning of the Stone Age. We can post interactive games, flashcards, videos. We can share these websites with each other and look at them anywhere, on any device, as long as there's internet (which is basically everywhere). 
Why a website? Because it's dynamic learning.

Task: Create a website about the Stone Age using the web tool Tackk.  
On your website, include the following:
-your first name and period number
-Topics: Show as many topics as you have time for. For each topic you show, include the topic name, information about the topic and perhaps a picture. We are starting with the basics for this project. (Topics to think about: Otzi, I Discover Fire, Neanderthals, Cro-Magnon, Cave Art, vocabulary words, hunting, information article)
Share: After you have completed your website, you will share the "link" by posting it to the class spreadsheet. Click here to Share Your Website.

In-Class activity. Preparing for the future when we have our own account. 


3 Paulina S said...

The Cro-magnon and the Neaderthal are in school. Mr. Klumper is passing a test around that is due at the end of the period. Who is more likly to get an 100%?

The cro magnon and the neanderthals are going to Asia for vacation. When they are their a war starts. It is to late to go back to Ston Age who will likily survive.

The Cro-magnon and the Neaderthals are both in the middle of a desert with just half a bison left for food and only 4 gallons of water. They will still be in the desert for 96 days who is going to survive?

4 Will L said...

Mr. Klumper, I can't get to my website to show my parents. Did the thing crash or something?

9Fiona W said...

Mr.Klumper please go to this website asap I made it about foxes and what they sound like

9Deagan H said...

I made a tackk today. Heres the link