Monday, September 10, 2012

Stone Age: You Are There

Today you have a unique opportunity. Today you will experience the Stone Age. You will not be reading about it, you will not be watching a video about it, you will not be doing worksheets about it, and you will not be listening to me talk about it. True, those are all ways you can learn about something, but today, you will be learning about the Stone Age by actually going there. That's right. You will warp back in time and spend one day in the Stone Age. While you are there, you have two goals: Learn about this wild and uncivilized place and survive. Throughout your day in the Stone Age, you will have to make decisions on what you are going to do. The decisions you make will have consequences-some good, some bad. But it is up to you to make them, and deal with the outcome. With that said, let's get on to our task below...

Task #1: Play the game "Stone Age: You Are There." Throughout your experience, you will record your journey on your "score sheet." Keep track of your decisions, consequences and point total. At the end, ask yourself, "How did my day in the Stone Age go?" then tell me about it on your sheet. YOU MUST USE COMPLETE SENTENCES.

BONUS QUESTIONS: (post a comment with your answers. In-class activity. You may have to go back and find the answers in the game) 

1. List 3 animals from this game.
2. What is found in caves that helps us learn about the Stone Age?
3. What is the best method of hunting the Irish Elk?
4. What tool is most effective in cutting through rough animal hide?
5. Describe a neanderthal. (3 things).

Task #2: Replay the game making different decisions. Fill out another score sheet.
Task #3: Read about the Stone Age. With these two links: Mr. Donn's Early Humans and Prehistoric Humans at Kidspast.

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