Thursday, September 27, 2012

If you study for the test, you could win this....

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Lynx Survival Bracelet
Students, I want you to study for the test. I so badly want you to study tonight that I am going to have a "giveaway" contest. You may not know this about me but I know how to make Survival Bracelets. I have seen many of you wearing them around school. I also wear one everyday. Perhaps you have noticed it. I think they are fun to make and fun to be creative with different colors. So, I am going to combined my bracelet making abilities with the Stone Age review.  So, here is the contest: If you post a comment to this blog post, your name will be entered into the drawing. One lucky student will win this one-of-a-kind Lynx Survival Bracelet tomorrow in class. Nobody in the entire school district has a bracelet like this, and it could be yours. All you have to do is study! 
To get your name entered in the contest, all you need to do is ONE of the following tasks:
1. Post a comment with all vocab words and definitions from the Stone Age work packet.
2. Tell me information about Otzi the Iceman
3. Tell me about the 4 theories on how Otzi may have died.
4. Tell me about the story "I Discover Fire"
5. Tell me the 3 theories on why neanderthals may have died out. 
6. Describe the characteristics of a neanderthal and a Cro-Magnon

Deadline: Friday, September 28th at 8:00 a.m.
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Good Luck and may the odds be ever in your favor!


6kendra k said...

ostid by humans, defeated by humans, and violent end.

8RobbieW said...

The 3 therios on why Neanderthals died out.
1.) They were ousted by Humans
2.) They Were defeated by climate
3.) They met a violant end

I personally think 2 because they were built for colder weather and it is very hot during our summer (including summers in Edmonton Alberta (I lived here when I was 5) and Nanaimo British Columbia (where I lived before I moved here) -Robbie

3 Savonne G. said...

Died in battle

6JavierA said...

4 theories of how Otzi died
1.suffered hypothermia
4.died in battle

6jackson f said...

im doing #1 utzi the iceman was found in 1991 buy these ice climbers then they took them to the intalin police. they thought it was a dull at first.and right before they were getting ready to start dr.henn comes in and siad this is no doll it is a 5,000 year old man.then from that day on they call him "otzi."his body was preserved by the ice.

3madisonm said...

Otzi was discovered in 1991 in the Alps some hikers found him preserved in the ice.Scientists Dr.Henn could tell what Otzis last meal was and that he had curly brown hair and was 5'2" and had a couple tattoos.When they found Otzi he was dry and had yellow skin he looked like a mummy.He was wearing leather pants,a jacket made from animal hides,a cape,also a fur cap to keep his head warm, and finally shoes that were stuffed with hay to keep his feet warm.Near by Otzi where they foun him were a couple artifacts such as a cape made of hay,a birch canister, a pouch filled with orangs sticks,rope and finally rocks, also around him were a quiver and arrows probably used to hunt with,an unstrung bow,a copper axe which copper is very valuable,and the last artifact is a backpack probably used to carrie small things. Otzi was the oldest living body ever found in the world.

6Nikkir said...

1)ousted by humans
2)defeated by climate

4sydney hayes6 said...

I chose number 2: Otzi was discovered in 1991 by some hikers in the alps. Italian Police thought that Otzi was a doll they try to get him out but damaged him so then they called a Arciolagest and said he was very old and was a iceman. Otzi was 5'2" and 45 years old he had long hair and beared, his last meal was meat bread and some tipe of green veggi.Otzi was very old about 5000 years old.

3Gunnar S said...

otzi was a neanderthal that was dicovered in the mountins in 1991 thay found a bow unstrung two complet arwos cape bage with rope.

4trey r said...

Neanderthal: Torch,Hand Ax,Club,Heavy Spear,Huge Noses(keeps body warm),Great knolwedge of Berries,Huge Molars,Very low Intelligence,Only Stone Tools,Very Strong Hands. Cro-Magnon:Smart, Copper Ax,Long Legs and Arms,Body Type for Warmer Climates,Average Strength,Bow and Arrow,Long range Spear,Knife

3 Jared C said...

hypothermia he could have died of hypothermia because he was in the alps. Robbed he could have been robbed by some one taking all his food and taking important weapons.Assinated he could have been stabed or a hit and run. Died in battle maybe coul have went into battle and got shot. I did 4 theories about how Otzi could have died.

3brads said...

I am doing number 3 here are my 4 ways. robbed assassinated died in battle and hypothermia.

3larryc said...

1.ROME, Italy (AP) — Researchers studying Iceman, the 5,000-year-old mummy found frozen in the Italian Alps, have come up with a new theory for how he died, saying he died from head trauma, not by bleeding to death from an arrow.

2.The 5,000 year old frozen mummy was said to have died from a lesion to an artery from an arrow. The other story says it was a blow to the head. Either way it looks like a murder or a terrible accident.

3.Some say a final blow to the head, not an arrow wound, killed Ötzi, the 5000 year old iceman found in the Italian alps, says a new study on the world's oldest and best-preserved mummy.

6 kate h said...

Otzi was found in 1991 and he had a cape, a tatto on his nee, a hat, and the the polese at first, they thought he was a doll!

4jenessa s said...

pre history the time period in wich there were no systems of writing. Archaeology study of artifacts. Archaeologist peaple who study artifacts. Arifact made by peaple long ago. Migrate Where they moved around. Glacier huge slow moving chunks of ice. Domesstice tame animals. Harvest gather crops when theay are ready. Agucultre the rising of plamts and animals of human use. Tecnology invested of usingbooks usend technology. Nomadfravel ground from place to place without a permant home. Carbon Dating a method of figuring out how old something is. Excavation site a place where archeologists dig for artifacts

6connork said...

Otiz was found in the Alps,in 1991, by some hikers that were hiking up the mountain,when they saw something in ice.Right away they called the italian police.The police thought it was a doll but they quickly discoverd it was a recent death. So they started to tring to break the ice and get him out with jack-hammmers, wich tore his clothing.Dr.henn showed up and told them to stop tring to get him out with the hammers, he knew he was ancient.He couold tell by his yellow skin and by ice.He was 5'2 brown curly hair tatoos on his body,teeth showed they have been worn out, and his last meal was wheat bread green herbs or veggies and meat too.He died at age of 45 years old,arrow show in his shoulder could have been why.

6nate k said...

Nate keegan
How Otzi may have died

1. Froze to death.

2. Otzi was robbed.

3. Otzi was assasinated.

4. Otzi died in battle.

8AlexT said...

Prehistory- When there was no writen language or writing system.

Archaeology- The study of artifacts

Archaeologist- A scientist that digs for and studies artifacts to figure out about how long ago the person that made that artifact lived.

Artifact- Something that was made by people long ago such as pottery and arrow heads.

Migrate- To move to a different place.

Glacier- A huge chunk of ice. When glaciers melted it made the ocean rise and it also made very good farming land.

Domesticate- To tame animals.

Harvest- To Gather crops when the are ready.

Agriculture- The raising of plants and animals for human use.

Technology- An invention or method of doing different things.

Nomad- Someone who doesn't have a perminent home and is always moving.

Carbondating- One of the methods used to figureout how old something is like an artifact.

Excavation Site- Where an archaeologist digs for artifacts.

Anthropology- Science that deals with origins and cultural developement.

Culture- The behaviers and beliefs of a social group of society.

Diverse- Something that is different or in a different form.

6 Ashley A said...

The first reasond Otzi died was he died in a battle.The second reason was he was robed.The third reason was he was assasinated.The forth reason was he died from hipathremia.=-!

3 McKenna G said...

The four theries for Otizs death are 1. The was assassinated 2. He was killed in battle 3. He froze to death 4. He was robbed

9Eric D said...

5. Ousted By Humans
Defeated by Climate
The Violent End

8Hailey B said...

I picked tell me info about Otzi the iceman. Here is some info about Otzi.
Otzi's body was found petrified. When they found him his left arm was crossed over his chest. scientists think there is 4 theories of how he died. When they found him they found three spots of blood one on his straw jacket and another on his axe\weapon and another spot on the ground next to him. Scientists tested the blood and the said it was from three DIFFERENT humans who nows they could of been from Neanderthals,cro-magnons or caveman. And that is some information about otzi the iceman!!!!!!!!!

9Brody O said...

Otzi was found in 1991 by two hikers in the alps. Otzi is estimated to be around 5,000 years old. Russian police thought that Otzi was a dummy and started jackhammering the ice around Otzi luckily Dr. Henn showed up and saved Otzi.

4CierrahT said...

2. Well, Otzi the iceman was 5,500 years old when he was found by scientists, and 57 years of age. He was frozen in ice when scientists found him, he was an amazing artifact for the scientists so they could study the Stone Age.

9RasheedH said...

Robbed, Assassinated, Froze and died in battle

colesiegfried3 said...

i am doing question 4 here it is. Rodded assited and died in battle, suffered hypothermia

4larsonj said...

Otzi was found in 1991, by hikers in the Alps. When Italian police can to investigate they started drill to get him out of the ice and took,torn, and losted mant of things we could have studied to find out more. Otzi lived about 5,500 years ago. When he was dicoverd he had some artifacts close by him. One was a birch canister with nothing in it, unsrtung boww with arrows already with arrow heads,cape for warmth,copper axe,empty backpack, cape for warmth,and a pounch with forinch stick,rope made of grass,and two flints. Otzi was a very important discovery because we can now use some of his artifacts to know what it was like 5,500 years ago. Hope I win,that you for the oppurtunity to win the survival braclet!

3 Jacob R said...

Otzi has four theories on his death.
1: he died of hypothermia. which is a possiblity because he was in the mountains.
2: he was robbed. Since there were nothing found in the birch canisters it is a possiblity
3: he was assassanated. Some one cold have stabbed him in the back.
4: he died in battle. he also could have battled with someone and died from it.

8 cade p said...

otzi was found in ice in the alpalation mountaion in 1991 by two hikers two italian police men thou he was a doll but them realised he was real so they called thee smart people and the one smart person was dr.henn and that is a little about otzi and now he is called otzi the iceman for a reason

3Marlie T said...

1. Outstead by Humans
2. Defeated by Climate
3. A violent end

9SydneyR said...

My comment is the 4 theories on how Otzi died.
1. Hypothermia killed him.
2. Died in battle/froze to death.
3. Robbed and possibly killed.
4. Assassinated by a mean rude person.

9amanda w said...

Robbery, Assassinated, Froze to death, Died in battle

8ruthk said...

Ousted by humans
defeated by climate
violent end

6 Mallory P. said...

Neandrathals- Big noses, slalky body, cant throw and not smart.

Cro-Magnon- smart, long legs, long arms, able to throw and regular size noses.:)

8stephaniek said...

Caracteristics of a neanderthal and a cro-magnon

big nose-keeps body warm
great knowledge
huge molars
very low intellegence
only stone tools
very strong hands
hand axe
heavy spear

copper axe
long legs and arms
body type for warmer climates
average strength as Neanderthal

8annah said...

Cro magnon smart long arms and legs bodies made for warm weather
Neaderathal stinky short not smart big hands and feet facial hair big noses and big molars

6EmilyE said...

Otzi the Iceman was living about 5,500 years ago. He was just found in the Alps in 1991 by some hikers on the border of Austria and Hungary. The police thought it was a doll, but soon discovered it was real. Dr.Henn arrives on the scene and also discovers it's ancient. Otzi is then taken to a muesem to be studied.

9kaylaw said...

Im doing #2, Otzi the iceman was founded in 1991. Two hikers found him when they were hiking. They just thought it was just a doll, But it was not. So that is some of the things i know about Otzi.

{kayla Wolfe}

8NevaehM said...

Facts about Otzi...

1.He was found in 1991.
2.He carried with him an unstrung bow and arrows with a quiver.
3.He also found with a cape, an empty birch canister, a pouch containing a rope made of grass, two flints probably used to make fire, copper ax, and an empty backpack.
4.Otzi was found on a mountain between the borders of Austria and Hungary.

3Colleen R said...

hypothermia robbed died in a battle

8constancec said...

prehistory.when there was no system of writing.
archaeology. study of artifacts.
archeologist.people who study artifacts.
artifact.teach us about prehistory.
migrate.when people move place to place.
glacier.a huge sheet of ice. tame animals.
harvest.gather crops when ready.
agriculture.raising of plants and animals for human use.
technology.the time period which is now.
nomad.when they travel place to place.
carbon dating.helps us learn what type of tools they used.
excavation site.they get everything set up and prepare to dig.

4Kiley M said...

NEANDERTHALS: They have a great knowledge on berries have huge molars and very low intelligence they only had stone tools such as a torch, hand axe, club, and a heavy spear for jabbing things since they cant throw the spears

CRO-MAGNONS: They are smart have super long legs and arms a body type for warmer weather we have and average strength and we had the copper axe CRO-MAGNON WEAPONS: copper axe bow and arrow spear long range and a knife

8saraL said...

4 theories why Otzi may have died
robbery-Otzi had a verry valuble axe so he might have been killed then robbed.
Died in battle
They found other peoples blood around Otzi.
assanated-Otzi could have been assanated and had his axe taken away so it kinda goes with robbed.
Died of hypothermia-Otzi was found without his shoes on so he could have taken them off when the affects of hypothermia started to kick in because you accually feel warmer right before you die.

3Colleen R said...

excavation site
a place where archaeologists dig for artifacts

carbon dating
a method of figuring out how old something is

a person without a permanent home

the way humans produce the things they use

farming and producing off the land

to gather

to tame

a huge, slow moving piece of ice

to move from one place to another

a object made by people long ago

a person who studies the past by analyzing artifacts

the study of the past through the things that remain such as artifacts

time period without any systems of writing

8franka said...

sufferd hypothermia

was robbed


died in battle

8colep said...

1991 two hikers in the alps found a dead body. Italian police think it's a doll , quickly discover that is real. Otzis clothing was leather pants,jacket animal hides,cap,fur cap .

drews6 said...

I am doing 4 theories about how otzi may have died. He may have died of Suffering Hypothermia,was Robbed,was Assassinated,and Died in a Battle. (Mr.Klumper Rocks!!!)

6danielles said...

The chapter of discovering fire is about Joney is with this tribe and ther trying to kill Irish elk. The fist time they hunted two people got killed. then the second hunt was succseful because the figured out how to keep the torches lit with pine ressin.


6jordanh said...

otzi may have died by robbery,froze ,asassinated or died in battle.

4ryleigh j said...

Otzi died of a battle, hypothermia, assinated, robbed.

6GraceW said...

Four possibilities of why Otzi may have died are, he suffered hypothermia.(froze to death), was robbed, assassinated or, died in battle. We really don't know which one happened, but all three are likely. His body was froze in the ice when they found him.

8wyattk said...

1.He was robed.
2. He was assassinated.
3. He froze to death.
4. Died in battle.

6ashleym said...

Otzi the ice man was found in the Alps in the year 1991. the hikers that found him called the police. they thought that it was a recent death so they started to chip away the ice damaging most of his clothing items and other things on him.

9Issy D said...

Harvest- to gather
nomad- a person without a permanent home
prehistory- time period without any systems of writing
evacuation site- a place where archaeologists dig for artifacts
agriculture- farming and producing off the land
carbon dating- a method of figuring out how old something is
archaeologist- a person who studies the past by analyzing artifacts
archaeology- the study of the past through the things that remain such as artifacts
technology- the way humans produce the things they use
migrate- to move from one place to another
domesticate- to tame
artifact- an object made by people long ago
glacier- a huge, slow moving piece of ice
Otzi was preserved in ice when they found him. He was known as the ice man. Otzi lived over 5,500 years ago. Otzi was found in the Alps by some hikers. There were 4 theorys to Otzi's death. 1. hypothermia 2. robbed 3. assassinated and 4. killed in battle. Otzi is important because he shows us what people looked like long ago. He wore a straw cape to protect him from the elements, a hand ax made of copper (which was very valuable), birch canisters for carrying extra arrowhead or other small items, a bow unstrung which meant it was not ready for use, some arrows in a quiver which were made with branches and stone arrowheads, pants made out of animal skins to protect him from the cold and animal hide boots stuffed with hay for warmth.
If you've been paying attention (which I know you have) you'll see I already named the 4 theorys.
I Discover Fire is about a boy named Johnny who has to go back in time to all the ancient worlds to try and save a tiger. The thing is he can't get out unless he completes all the tasks in each ancient world and saves the tiger. If he completes a tacks he gets a golden coin and moves on to the next ancient world. If he misses his task he has to stay in that ancient world until he dies. ok I just messed that up i will tell you about the chapter know. He is now in the stone age and meets the neanderthals. They then decide to hunt. They chase the gigantic elks up to a cliff and then their torches go out. Oh no. Now they have become the hunted as they run for their lives back the way they came. Two neanderthals (dunga and bunga) died as the elks ripped them to shreds. (lol) When the others reach safety they are all sad for the deaths. Zunga got a bad wound and the girl goes straight to work with some pine resin to patch it up. She then throws it into the fire and the fire billows up. Johnny can not believe that the did not notice that this is what would make the fire stay lit. He showed them and they were ecstatic. They went right back to hunting. and now they succeeded. Johnny grabs the golden coin and was off.
Here are tree theories on how the neanderthals died out. 1. ousted by humans The humans were really smart but the neanderthals were not. 2. defeated by climate They wore really thin clothing so the cold weather got them freezing. 3. a violent end The neanderthals were hungry and research shows that spears where thrown into ribs of other neanderthals.
Cro-magon: smart, long limbs, body built for warmer climates, average strength.
Neanderthal: short, stalky, low intelligence, big hands and feet, lots of facial hair, big molars, huge noses. I coiuld not decide on witch one to do so I did them all! ;)

3 Julia a said...

Was robbed. Died in battle. Hypothermia. Assassinated

4maryn d said...

The 3 theorieson why neanderthals might have died out

1.A violent end
2. Outsted by Humans
3.Defeated by climate

6 ColinS said...

3 ways neanderthals could have died out.
1.Ousted by humans.
2.Deafeated by climate.
3.A violent end.

8jasminel said...

1. Hypothermia. 2. Robbed 3. Assassinated. 4. Killed in battle

4Rose K said...

A Neanderthal is short, stalky, has lots of facial hair, huge molars, huge nose, and has low intelligence.
A Cro-magnon is smart, has long limbs, is built to be in warmer climates, and has average strength.

4tatiana Q said...

prehistory-is when there was no systems of writing
archaeology-is the study of artifacts
archaeoligist- who study the artifacts
artifacts-excavation sites or objects
migrate-study of artifacts or human movement
Glacier-is when earth is covered with ice
domesticate-is to tame animals
Harvest- is to gather crops when they are ready
agriculture-is the raising of plant and animals for human use
technology-items they usedd in other words technology of the timr period
nomad-they traveld around place to place whithout a permanet home
carbon DATING- learning when it was used and how old it was when it died
Excavation site- places were archaeoligist go to uncover artifacts.

9Rachel D said...

I chose to do #4: I Discover Fire.

The chapter I Discover Fire is about Johnny Rawten and the first part of his quest. Johnny goes back in time to the Stone Age and has to help the Neanderthals improve their best resource, fire. Johnny goes on a hunt with them, but it fails the Neanderthals fire burns out when they get close to a waterfall. The Neanderthals way to hunt is to scare the Giant Irish Elk off of a cliff. After the hunt Jonny discovers that pine resin, is a highly flammable and sticky substance, it keeps the fire burning even in damp conditions. They try to hunt again with the pine resin on their torches. This hunt secedes!! The Neanderthals get some elk to keep them going. Johnny finds the coin he needs to get him to Mesopotamia, his next destination. Johnny says his good-byes to the tribe and leaves.

4ZacharyIbberson said...

Im awnsering Q2;

-Otzi the iceman is approximatly 5,500 years old (The oldest body ever found). He had many things on him like a unstrung bow, he had a cape, and alot of tatoos. He awlso about 45 years old. Thats old for those days. One thing that some people tink he was robbed was because of a copper hand ax. He also had a pouch some arrows in a quiver and finally a birch canster.

8Sterling O said...

The four theories Otzi may have died are assasination, robbery, died in battle or hypothermia

4tristans said...

the four therioes about otzi died is from hypothermia is where you suffer from cold weather and get sick. was robbed he might have been robbed of his clothes then found really poor ones. was assassinated andd was killed then was found in the ice. died in battle from getting killed from an neaderthal.

9DylanK said...

froze to death
died in battle

6Rileyo said...

The main reasons why Otzi died was he got hiprotheria, second was assasinated, third was died in battle, fourth is robbed.

Allison R. 6 said...

The 3 theories on why the Neanderthals may have died out.
1. Ousted by humans
2. Defeated by climate
3. A violent end

9cullen h said...

Otzi may have died from being assassinated or robbed.Hypothermia because of the cold weather and not so warm clothes. In battle could of died my a saber-toothed tiger or mammoth

3Nicole H. said...

neanderthals have short and stocky legs, and they are not human beings. Also, the neanderthals cant throw spears because they were not built like the Cro-Magnon's were. Cro-Magnon's are human beings and they CAN throw a spear. their bodys ARE build like our body's

9dylans said...

Robbed,assassinated,died in battle, Hypothermia

8CadenR said...

I am doing the info on how Otzi died. 1. Hipothirmia. Otzi was in the Alps and might of froze to death. 2. Died in battle. Otzi might have been in the Alps when another clan (group) attacked Otzi's clan. 3. Assassinated. Otzi may have been a religios leader and someone wanted to kill him. 4. Robbed. Some one could of wanted Otzi's stuff such as a hand ax, backpack, belt pouch, bow, quiver and arrows, or whattever was in the birtch canister.

8Blaine .S said...

( 4thing that Otzi died)

1 He frozed to death
2 he was asaennated
3 He died in battle
4 He was robbed

3Jorie Z said...

6. Neanderthal: short, stocky, big nose, hairy, huge molars, strong hands.
Cro-magnon: long legs and arms, smart, average strength,

3 Savonne G. said...

He could've been robbed, died of hypothermia, assassinated or died in battle.

alanna pd.6 said...

froze to death
a ritual sacrafice
died in a battle
shot accidentaly by a hunter
victim of a murder
victim of robbery
victim of power play

by alanna brekhus pd. 6

8EthanR said...

Violent end
Ousted by humans
Defeated by climate

3 jacob M said...

neanderthal huge noses keepbody warm,great knowledge of berries,huge molars,very slow intelligance,only stone tools, very strong hands,torch,the weapans they have torch,hand axe, club,hevy spear.

cro-magnon smart,copper axe,long legs and arms,body typ warmer climat,averge strangth,spear,weapans they have copper axe,bow and arrow,spear long range,knife

amanda said...

i think otzi died from being so cold in the alps and otzi didnt discover fire or he could have died in a battle he was in or he didnt have enough resourses to keep him alive.

4Alyssa D said...

The story/chapter is about a boy named Jouhny Rawten. Jouhny time travels back to the stone age. And he needs to help the Neanderthals figure out how to keep fire going in damp or moist air. Johnys two friends named Dunga and Bunga died in the first hunt. The other tribe members were injured. Munga the girl was not allowed to go on the hunts. She would fix up the wounds with resin . Johny found out that resin made fire keep on burning, johny showed the others. On the second hunt there fire didn't go out and they killed lots of Irish elk. They were so happy. Johny had completed his first mission now Jouhny needed to do the scond mission.

6danielles said...

Educate Andy
in the stone age there used to be people called the nanderthal and they hunt irish elk.

9caden johnson said...

Why did the Neanderthals die out
a violent end
ousted by humans
defeated by climate

9 Andrew R said...

A violent end.
Ousted by humans.
Defeated by climate.

9max nancy said...

3. I am gonna tell you the 4 theories on how Otzi may have died.

Suffered Hypothermia

Was Robbed


Died in Battle

8gracie h said...

The neathdals died out because mabye of weather they might of froze to death

8rileyp said...

Cro-magnons have long legs and long arms, they are very smart, they usually are skinny, they use the copper axe,and there body type is for warmer climates!!

Neanderthals have huge noses(which helps keep you warm cause of how much air they take in)They have a great knowledge of berries,so that if they have no meat they always know what type of berries are good for them and what kind of berries are not good for them, they have huge molars, they have very low intelligence cause they didn't have any sources of books or writing sources, and lastly they use torches for light and to scare away animals off the cliff, they used the hand axe to chop or cut up bones or meat, they used the club,and the heavy spear!!!

4matthew j said...

Huge Noses: keeps body warm

neanderthalsa had,-Great knowledge of berries

-Huge Molars

-Very low intelligence

-Only stone tools

-Very strong hands
there wepons conisted of a Torch
,Hand Axe,
Heavy spear. the cromagnons charecteristics were -Smart

-Copper Axe

-Long legs and arms

-Body type for warmer climates

-average strength
there wepons were
Copper Axe,Bow and Arrow,Spear long range,Knife

4kylak said...

-appearance of people 5,500 years ago: 5’2”, brown curly hair. Recently got a haircut.

-tatoos on body: ankle, lower back, kneecap=not for decoration.

-teeth: showed wear=ate grains/breads

-Last Meal: wheat bread, green herbs or veggies, and meat were found in his colon.

-45 years old

6Brooke L said...

1991: two hikers in the Alps find a dead body

--Saw a small head and shoulders sticking out of the ice

---Small hole in the back of the head

Border of Austria and Italy

4sydneyh6 said...

Otzi was found in 1991 in the alps by some hikers. He was about 45 years old and 5'2" when he died. The police thought that he was a doll but finealy some one smart showed up and said this doll is not a doll , it is a ancient iceman. So they took Otzi to a lab and studied him and his last meal was meat bread and some type of veggie. Otzi is a very old person about 5000 years old.

3 Sierra C. said...

otsi is the oldest body found and i believe he is 2000 years old and he could have been robbed or assassinated or died of hypothermia or died in battle.

8david finn said...

Otzi the ice man did not have very many things. He had some tools called irron pick axe, torch, club, heavey spear. Otzi the ice mandid not hav very warm close on

6micahm said...

a cro-magnon has long legs and arms it allso has a full sholder so it can thro a spear. A neanderthal has a big nose, thick hands and not a full sholder.

6 ThomasC. said...

4 theories on Otzi
1. ousted by humans
2. assassinated
3. robbed
4. Suffered hypothermia

9tylers said...


huge noses kepps body warm
great knowledge of berries
huge molars
very low intelligence
only stone tools
very strong hands
heavy spear, club, hand axe and torch

cro magnon

smart copper axe
long limbs
body type is for warmer climate
adverage strength
copper axe
bow and arrow
spear long range

4michael v said...

4 thoerys
froze to dead
died in battle

Pd.6 starts with an a ends with a b. said...

I'm otzie Uhuhuhuhuuuuuhuhhuhuhuhuhuhuhuhu

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