Friday, September 7, 2012

Scrapbook Cover Design

The Ancient World Scrapbook project is something that we will be working on all year. It is a project that will help us remember all the wonders of the ancient world because we will have a place to keep everything we have learned. We will add to it as we go from place to place, so at the end of the year, we will have produced a quality product about the ancient world. A product that we can look through and remember and remind ourselves of all the things we learned about. Since this scrapbook project is a big deal, we are going all out with the cover. That means getting to print in COLOR! Since we will be using these scrapbooks a lot, we will be looking at the covers a lot, so we want to have something we are proud of and like looking at. So, today you will have a chance to design and print your scrapbook cover.  Before you can begin, you MUST look at the design studio link below and follow it closely for requirements and ideas. 


8constancec said...

Some people called the Vikings as vicious and vile.They say that the Vikings terrorized northwestern Europe for 200 years.The word Viking came form something called Old Norse. My ansistors were Vikings!

9maxnancy said...

My Ancient world is Ancient India my topic is Aryan. The Aryans came from central Asia. The Aryans were nomads. They raised livestock, rode chariots, and loved to gamble. They had no sophisticated government. They grouped in clans, and were ruled by warrior chiefs called rajas. Their history is one of constant war amongst themselves, between the various clans. They seem interesting to me and I want to learn muck more about them