Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Rock the Vote: Obama or Romney?

Unless you've been living under a rock the past 6 months, you know that it is Election year, which means on November 6th, the citizens of the United States will elect a president. There are two outcomes of November 6th: Barack Obama will be reelected as President of the United States and serve his second term, or former Governor Mitt Romney will be elected president of the United States. You are in 6th grade, which means you can not vote on November 6th. However, that doesn't mean you can't get involved! In my class, we aren't going to wait for November 6th to find out who wins the Presidency. We are going to find out this week. Before you cast your vote, you must figure out who you want as president. Don't just pick who your parents want! Think for yourself! I have provided a link to help you see where Obama and Romney stand on the issue...

Click Here to see where Obama and Romney stand on key issues

Click Here for a good comparison between Obama and Romney

Click Here to take an online quiz to see who you agree

Click Here to VOTE
(Poll closes Friday at midnight)


9SydneyR said...

Woah! I'm 86% Jill Stein, 79% Obama, 54% Rocky Anderson, 9% Mitt Romney, 50% Iowa Voters, and 56% American Voters! I never knew all that!

9SydneyR said...

I vote Obama because before he was elected, I think our country was a mess! Not literally a mess but, You know what I mean. I trust he's a good president and I think Romney seems fishy or suspicious if you hadn't noticed. Don't just take my vote you're the one who can. It's just my opinion.

9 Andrew R said...

This is how I sided.

Mitt Romney = 92%

Virgil Goode = 77%

Gary Johnson = 52%

Barack Obama = 31%

South Dakota Voters = 44%

American Voters = 45%

Republican Party = 95%

Libertarian Party = 46%

Democrat Party = 36%

Green Party = 3%

I think the "I Side With..." website is cool. Everyone should do this!!! :)

8CadenR said...

I get confused by who i want to vote. :P


8gracie h said...

I am 85% Mitt Romney I hope that Mitt Romney wins the election! And I am republican I never knew that that! Go Mitt Romney I hope he wins the election!

6anab n said...

i got 62 percent for obama and why kick barack out when he just got this country back together